exterior brick panel siding wall panel VD100401-VDC109

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Product Description:

Vida faux brick wall panel is an ideal way to create the look and beauty of brick without the time, cost and long installation process of actual brick. Vida faux brick wall panel can enchance many types of residential and commerical projects. Easy to clean and easy to install. We can offer wall panels with many colors that look great and can dramatically turn your home or building around overnight wherever you are.


Specifications of Brick Wall Panel:




Brick (with embossed patterns)





Edge Type


Production Time




Overall Dimensions

112 cm wide*41.5cm high*2.2cm thick

Coverage Dimensions

100cm wide*38.5cm high

Brick Dimensions

19cm wide*6.5cm high


0.4592sq. m


Approx 3.0kg/sq. m

Exterior Use

Weather proof, near zero UV degradation

Main Accessories

Start strip, decorative strip, exterior corner, interior corner

Needed for installation

Nails for all plus plastic fasteners for start strip


Free sample, but freight collect


1. The weight are approximate, sometimes the raw material and the formulation differs.

2. For samples, we can at most offer one piece per design. We can cut small pieces if needed.

3. We have color chart for you to choose color. It may have a slight color difference for different batch.

4. Besides polypropylene, we have added some other special chemical accessory materials

to enhance wall panels with a very good weather resisting property (+60°C to -50°C)

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Q:Curtain wall seam problem
There is no provision. 15mm for the common size. See the structure to determine the form, the general value of 18-16mm plastic. This is the empirical value, construction factor. Can be agreed with the Party. Of course, if it is not a regular curtain wall, you can do 3mm, but this is basically not a curtain wall, and need to consider many factors.
Q:how to make curtain wall behind bed?
In my client's bed room, we ran curtain rods the whole length at the ceiling line and then hung rod-pocket curtains on them for a gathered look. Is that what you mean? A second rod or weights at the bottom keep them tight.
Q:peeing and spraying/walls/curtains/counters help?
Has he been neutered? If not, neuturing will likely solve the issue. Also, have you brought another cat or pet into the home? He could be stressing out. You can purchase a pheremone spray (there is a brand called Feliway) and either spray in around the home where he is spraying (at his level) or there is a diffuser that you plug into the wall. These scents are similar to their own and provide a bit of a comfort for them. However, if he has just randomally started this behavior, you should really talk with your vet about it. It could be a health concern. Do you know for sure that it is spraying and not urinating? I ask because it can be difficult to tell the difference sometimes. If he suddenly starts urinating all over, he may have a urinary infection, kidney stones, etc. My cat has had those and they can be very painful for them.
Q:How to use 3Dmax to draw glass curtain wall?
Modeling: Make a BOX like a glass curtain wall, move a little forward (slightly above the curtain wall), then adjust the number of BOX segments, give it material, render it into a grid.
Q:what color curtains would go with beige walls and a brown & blue colored room?
You should look for curtains that contain all of the colors in your room, beige brown and blue. You don't need to include the brown if it is the color of the furniture. Wood is a total neutral that only needs to match other woods in the room, and even then does not need to be an exact match. If you have a digital camera take a picture of each color, and print out a picture to take with you when you are shopping. Compare the printed picture to the wall or fabric color for accuracy before you go. This is the best way to match colors; your memory can play tricks on you, or become confused by the colors in the store. Another color can be in the curtain as long as you match the colors already in your room. If your bed spread or comforter is a print, look for solid or striped curtains. Don't try to mix prints if you are not experienced. This is usually only done successfully when prints were created to go together. Do not choose a solid beige for the curtains unless you want the window to fade into the background of the wall. Better to choose a solid brown or blue that matches a color already in the room. Don't allow color to be concentrated in one part of the room. If your bed is all in brown, and the only blue is in a chair, having brown curtains will make the chair look out of place, and having blue curtains will divide your room in two. Decorating is about giving the eye a place to rest briefly while providing continuity of color.
Q:I have two separate windows with a wall between...curtains?
Q:I have pink curtains, what do I color my walls?
It depends on your style, the room and the rest of your house: If your house is neutral, then you may want to opt for a soft cream. (stick to flat paints on any of these colors if you live in an older home because they will hide imperfections better). If you like trendy, pink and chocolate brown are a good combo. It is best to go with a shade that best matches the tone of the pink (the lightness or darkness / color saturation). If you like a little more adult look, try a light charcoal gray. It will make the room look more tailored. This may not be the best option if you have a lot of frilly items in your room because it is a little more refined. Also, may not be the best choice if the room is dark to begin with. Finally, if you would like to go a little more adventurous, try a Tiffany box blue or aqua. It could go anywhere from classic Miami chic to cutting edge depending on the shade you choose and your furniture and accessories. If you go this route and you want to make it more modern than retro, find some darker saturated pink and blue/aqua accessories to scatter around the room such as vases or art pieces. No matter what you choose, have fun with it. Afterall, it is just paint, so you can easily change it up. Good luck! :)
Q:burgundy walls, what color curtains?
Burgundy Curtains
Q:What color of walls and curtains?
Love okorder.com and have their color experts suggest some great colors for you. They will virtually paint your walls with their paint color suggestions to give you an idea on how it will look. My favorite part is that they give you specific paint color names and brands that would work in your setting. Awesome, Awesome Service!!!
Q:I hve a dark grey sofa and would appreciate if someone wld suggest what colour curtains and walls wld go best?
I would go for a mid to light tone color, also depends on what grey it is dark or light. try light green, or blue, you can also do orange or red

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