Long Life Span Exterior wall Fiber Cement Board Cladding

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Long Life Span Exterior wall Fiber Cement  Board Cladding fiber cement siding production line (fiber cement board), whose equipment and technology was fully invested from abroad, has the production capacity is 2.8 million m2 annually. The production line is high automaticity and steady. The process includes extrusion molding, autoclaved curing, finish machining, drying, painting and packing. All performances meet with worldwide standard. The products include two series: hollow fiber cement siding (K series) and solid fiber cement siding (S series).

Long Life Span Exterior wall Fiber Cement  Board Cladding Beautiful fiber cement siding is a new type wallboard which is both functional and decorative. It is made from cement and wooden fiber, no asbestos and harmful substance. BNBM fiber cement siding is widely used for cladding of commercial and residential buildings.

1,Environmental-friendly: Long Life Span Exterior wall Fiber Cement  Board Cladding

CNBM fiber cement siding do not contain either asbestos or formaldehyde, which hazardous to human health.

2, Advantages and Features: Long Life Span Exterior wall Fiber Cement  Board Cladding

Various Decoration and Rich Color: The variety of decoration and color can be freely combined, which provide rich color and choices for architects.

3,Flexible Connection: Long Life Span Exterior wall Fiber Cement  Board Cladding

CNBM fiber cement siding adopt clips to connect boards and wall. These connections are flexible together with main structure of building and won’t be cracked, when earthquake happens. That makes our board to be good choice in earthquake zone.

4; Weather Resistance and Mechanical Performance: Long Life Span Exterior wall Fiber Cement  Board Cladding

CNBM fiber cement siding has a heavy density and excellent mechanical performance, weather and freezing resistance, excellent dimensional stability

5,Excellent Insulation and Fireproof Performance: Long Life Span Exterior wall Fiber Cement  Board Cladding

CNBM fiber cement siding is a first cladding choice for composite wall system, which has excellent insulation and fireproof performance. These performances make our board to be a good choice to be used in steel-structure and wooden-structure villages, general infrastructures, factory buildings and tunnels.

6,Economy: Long Life Span Exterior wall Fiber Cement  Board Cladding

Composite wall system is 40mm---60mm thinner than traditional concrete wall system. Meanwhile, because composite wall system is much lighter, reduce the loads of structure of buildings and cost.

7,Solutions: Long Life Span Exterior wall Fiber Cement  Board Cladding

CNBM fiber cement siding can be used not only as independent cladding, but also as a part of insulation to form composite wall system. It is widely used in commercial and residential buildings. Also, because of its excellent performance in light weight and high strength, sound insulation, fireproof, quake-proof, moisture proof etc., it can be widely used in city underground constructions as tunnel, subway etc..

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Q:Glass curtain wall construction to pay attention to what?
Sealing material, glass and glass between the use of weathering silicone rubber seal, glass and metal structure between the use of structural silicone adhesive. Building point glass technology sealant only from the sealing effect, do not have to calculate the strength. In the use of glue and contact materials must be carried out before the compatibility test, performance testing qualified, and used within the validity period, strictly abide by the operating procedures to ensure the quality of construction.
Q:Stone curtain wall less than 30 meters need to do lightning protection
Need to do, the stone hanging in the keel steel frame need to do a good job lightning protection grounding and do the connection at the junction of the lower part of the framework and the foundation of the foundation to connect the ground connection, the top of the building with lightning rod or lightning protection The Stone curtain wall lightning protection device is in the curtain wall structure should be installed from top to bottom lightning protection device, and should be connected with the main structure of the lightning protection device; installation of the wire should be in the material surface of the protective film to remove the parts to connect; Lightning protection device design and installation should be approved by the architectural design unit.
Q:Hanging curtains on walls?
Tension rods that are adjustable, i found mine at Lowe's, I divided my 2 girls room this way. I hung a curtain panel as a room divider, over a closet, in a doorway . Use 2 rods, , to create a canopy effect. Capped ends. 2 clearance. 3/4 rod diameter. I used one close to the ceiling to drape over to look as a canopy bed.
Q:Wall dry hanging stone design did not require protection is also done protection
Stone wall of the external walls of dry hanging, is the need for stone in the wall before the protection. Specific reasons, requirements and instructions are as follows: 1, especially the outdoor stone, must be done 6 oily protection. Because the stone pores easily into the water, oil, etc., is easy to be leaked, it will produce water marks on the surface, affecting the entire visual effects. 2, special protective agent can penetrate the stone inside to form a protective layer, with a waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-rust, anti-oil, weathering, anti-aging, Naisuan Jian, tea stains, cola, soy sauce caused by stains The effect, and can effectively control the production of white, and does not damage the original permeability of stone, usually cleaning work can only be achieved with water wipe effect. 3, dry hanging stone ~ to do the best time to protect, is the board polishing, cutting, edging, chamfering, slot (or hole) are finished, the stone after the dry no wet time. 4, stone protection is to take some protective agent to brush, spray, Tu, roll, shower and soaking and other methods to make the protective agent evenly distributed in the stone surface or penetrate into the stone to form a protection, so that the stone has a waterproof, Acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, anti-freeze-thaw, anti-biological erosion and other functions, so as to achieve the improvement of stone life and decorative performance effect. Do the work of protection, are generally stone suppliers to complete.
Q:curtains on the wall?
Ikea has the best (and longest) curtains, and plenty of flowy materials as well. They also have great hardware no matter whether they are going on a wall, over a window, or across a room. They're not expensive, but they're not always dirt cheap either. But I would definitely check it out - if there's one in your area, best to go there in person. If not, check it out onlilne.
Q:Glass curtain wall design, construction how to tender together?
Curtain wall design, construction to separate tender First look for curtain wall design consultants only to find a curtain wall consultants to design a tender map The construction unit can offer the same under the same conditions are mainly architectural drawings of the drawings do not generally cover the wall of the detailed drawings OKorder side of the super high walls of the curtain wall is basically Curtain wall consultant: Hong Kong joint venture background of OKorder Huahui curtain wall Technology Consultants Limited accounted for the majority of the market Foreign investment, such as Ouya Na, forward, technical good curtain wall technical adviser Curtain wall construction: Great Jin Yuejiang River Sanxin accounted for most of the market
Q:Three types of lightning protection building curtain wall how many meters do lightning protection
Norms and there is no provisions of the curtain wall is necessary to do lightning, but all the provisions of the third class of mine building buildings, it is necessary according to the provisions of the third type of mine structures to do the relevant lightning protection measures.
Q:What color bedsheets and curtains go with peach walls?
I would go with another neutral color, such as a cream, or maybe a light brown, like mocha.
Q:how do i hang a curtain rod anchored into plaster walls.?
They sell drywall anchors that mushroom behind the drywall. These will not cause the wall to crumble.
Q:Artsy shower curtain, now what color for walls?
Without an image, it's hard to say--what color are the eyes? I think you might be safe in choosing white or another neutral color, perhaps even gray. You don't want colors competing with each other, especially in a small space, and I think if you choose something neutral, it would allow your wonderful shower curtain to really take center stage. I'd consider the gray, myself, but not just any old gray. Look at many of them, and get just the right depth of color to show off your shower curtain without making your bath look like a dungeon.

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