Faux Stone Siding, Upgrade to Vinyl Siding VD100501-VDC115

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Product Description:

Vida faux brick wall panel is an ideal way to create the look and beauty of brick without the time, cost and long installation process of actual brick. Vida faux brick wall panel can enchance many types of residential and commerical projects. Easy to clean and easy to install. We can offer wall panels with many colors that look great and can dramatically turn your home or building around overnight wherever you are.


Specifications of Brick Wall Panel:




Stone (with embossed patterns)





Edge Type


Production Time




Overall Dimensions

113.5 cm wide*49.5cm high

Coverage Dimensions

100cm wide*46.5cm high


0.5618sq. m


Approx 3.0kg/sq. m

Exterior Use

Weather proof, near zero UV degradation

Main Accessories

Start strip, decorative strip, exterior corner, interior corner

Needed for installation

Nails for all plus plastic fasteners for start strip


Free sample, but freight collect


1. The weight are approximate, sometimes the raw material and the formulation differs.

2. For samples, we can at most offer one piece per design. We can cut small pieces if needed.

3. We have color chart for you to choose color. It may have a slight color difference for different batch.

4. Besides polypropylene, we have added some other special chemical accessory materials

to enhance wall panels with a very good weather resisting property (+60°C to -50°C)

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Q:Is the building curtain wall designer useful?
This certificate is still not popular, the demand is not much staff, curtain wall design needs to focus on the decoration design units, and very few staff. Mostly supporting the design to do interior and exterior designers to test the. It is generally not recommended to examine this certificate separately.
Q:Glass curtain wall construction to pay attention to what?
1. The characteristics of the open seal stone system 1.1 stone plate between the joints left l0mm gap, horizontal and vertical, beautiful and practical joints with no glue treatment, to avoid the appearance of plastic sealant yellow rubber metamorphism, dust pollution, impact Outside the finishes. 1.2 stone back with 1.5mm single-layer fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum or 3mm thick composite aluminum plate as a waterproof baffle layer, plywood connection with gray weathering adhesive sealing treatment. 1.3 waterproof baffle layer of aluminum plate to strengthen the horizontal fixed to prevent vibration noise, vertical column and aluminum plate with a screw connection to prevent loose. 1.4 Stone in the form of drilling holes, rather than the use of the usual gap openings, this approach is conducive to reducing the formation of stress due to the formation of the gap, reducing the loss rate of stone. 2. Principle of the stone stone curtain wall hanging hanging technology using column cone drill and special equipment in the back of the stone drilling, and can make the bottom of the hole, can ensure accurate drilling depth size. The bolt (Figure 1) is not swollen in the conical borehole without expansion force and is diffused at the specified torque, and the expansion ring is opened and filled at the bottom of the hole to form a convex combination (Figure 2). The anchor is fixed on the back and can not be seen from the outside. Installation of the wall on the wall and the mantle of the corner of the welding, back bolt with a bolt and the mullion connection, through the back bolt to the stone fixed on the horizontal frame.
Q:tan walls, black furniture, what color curtains?
I'd go with a matching or slightly darker shade of green and work some of that tan in if you can find a good print. A contrasting color in addition to the green, such as yellow or blue would give the room a laid-back, happy feel. You could get throw pillows in solid colors and tie it all together.
Q:Unit-style curtain wall male and female pillars between the gap filled with what material
Monolithic curtain wall from the system on the early part of the use of external visual frame structure system to meet the aesthetic requirements of the architect to achieve a completely transparent effect, with the country on the curtain wall products from the use of security requirements increasingly high , The original hidden frame structure system is far from meeting the requirements of the safety structure, so as to gradually design the use of the frame structure system, especially on March 4, 2017 "on further strengthening the glass curtain wall safety protection notice [ ) 38], "the safety of the construction of the curtain wall from the government to give a legal requirement.
Q:what color walls and curtains go good with chocolate colored comforter?
Find a really helpful site below with a color wheel and multiple ideas for both the curtains and the wall color. I would not paint a chocolate accent wall with all the browns you already have and woods. But you could if that is what you want but I am afraid it will make the room look very dark. But one way of making the room work is doing it with the same color. Take paint samples home to look at them in the light the paint or fabric will be in.
Q:What walls/floor will match with these curtains?
Hardwood floors. Not sure what colour walls though. Maybe white, but if not white something dark that would go. I wouldn't build your whole house design on curtains. You always can find a nice set of curtains as great as those!
Q:What color curtains goes with sky blue colored walls?
Almost any pastel would look nice. Pale lavender is worth a try. White is always good. As for green, it really depends on the shade of green. If it is a clear green, white would be lovely. If it is a warm green, off-white would be good. With either, you could use a print with that color in it.
Q:Can I use wall curtains to cover wood paneling?
Are you renting or buying? I would think this makes a difference to what option you choose. Personally, I don't think curtains on 3 walls would look nice. If you did decide on this option you would have to use curtain rails and make sure the fixings go in to the wall 'behind' the panelling. Or with the weight of the curtains, they would just fall off, leaving holes behind. If you are renting, you would have to check that your Landlord was ok with you doing this. A better option would be to paint over all the panels. You can use any colour you like and apply with a roller. Preperation would be the key to a good finish. You would either have to give all the walls a light sand, or use liquid sand. Which is easy. You wipe on, wipe off, allow to dry and then paint over. If the panelling is completely flat, you could wallpaper over it. Using the correct adhesive. If you have 'grooves' in the panelling, then wallpaper won't work. You would have to cover the panelling in either plasterboard or sheets of plywood first. But again, any fixings would have to go into the wall behind. Is it an option to remove the panelling? Often, panelling has been put up to cover damaged walls. To hide a, 'multitude of sins'. So, you don't know what you might find underneath!!! And it depends how the panelling has been put up. Usually wooden battens are put on the wall first, to fix the panelling too. If it was me, I'd just paint over the whole lot! And maybe have a feature wallpaper on the 4th. wall.
Q:Where to hang curtain tie backs on wall?
You could do this a couple of ways. You could just get window hardware that takes the place of a tieback, that matches your drapery hardware and the curtain/drape just hooks over that rather than using an actual tieback. To use your tieback, you need a hook that will hold the two ends. Depending on how you want the curtains/drapes to fall and the fullness of them will depend on where you put the hook - further out from the window if very full. Yes, generally you would just leave the tieback there, hanging out, until you use them again. Usually though, where you place the hook will allow the drapes/curtains to cover the tieback when not in use (as well as the hook).
Q:What curtains go with red walls?
Black and red sound good. I would not put up curtains in the kitchen as they can get greasy and need a lot of cleaning. What about a simple roll blind for the kitchen window. Grey would be a good colour as it would tie in the colour of the dinning room and be a lighter colour to match the black and red. Red walls would make the kitchen appear smaller so why not just have a nice grey for the walls with a red feature wall?

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