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The 3CX-14 is a product of JCB’s efficient design philosophy, responding to today’s rising fuel prices and environmental concerns with class-leading efficiency and low running costs. In short, we’ve applied innovative technologies to squeeze the absolute maximum out of every drop of fuel on the 3CX-14.

The result? In typical roading, loading, excavating and idle cycles, the 3CX-14 backhoe loader, equipped with a powerful 74hp (55kW) EcoMAX engine, delivers significant fuel saving, plus lower emissions and noise levels. And, with extended periods between fill ups, you benefit from a longer, more productive working day.

But the efficiency (and other) benefits certainly don’t end there on a 3CX-14.

  • An upgraded engine and fuel filter prevents engine wear and extends our EcoMAX engine’s working life.

  • Daily under hood checks are a thing of the past with the JCB 3CX 14 – all engine checks are done automatically by the CANBUS electronics engine management system.

  • Most T4 Final engines use a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and (DEF) - EcoMAX 74hp doesn't.

  • For an even more efficient backhoe experience, JCB’s new multi-functional instrument control panel can provide the 3CX’s current and average fuel consumption, as well as unlikely service faults and critical faults.

  • The plastic fuel tank on a JCB 3CX-14 is completely rustproof to prevent rust forming in the tank, which protects the fuel injection system. The single-piece composite cab floor is also rustproof, with molded water channels.

  • The JCB 3CX-14 is designed to enable fatigue-free, productive day-long working. The cab is rubber-mounted and isolated for low noise and vibration.

  • A JCB 3CX-14 cab is inspired by the automotive industry for familiarity. An example is the 14 heat and AC vents and a heated front windshield.

  • Manual excavator controls offer simple to use control over the excavator and gives the operator excellent feel to the hydraulic system.

  • For more comfort and less material spillage, the 3CX-14’s Smoothride System (SRS) minimizes bounce during travel. You can quickly reset your shovel to the digging position with our return-to-dig feature too.

  • High back-off brakes reduce viscous drag during roading and re-handling, which improves economy by up to 1%.

  • The optional handheld tool circuit means you can increase versatility by using your 3CX-14 as a power source for handheld tools, such as drills, breakers, cutters and even water pumps.

  • JCB 3CX backhoe loaders are quiet places to work, both inside and out – particularly the 74hp (55kW) models, which are the quietest in the industry.

  • Controls on the 3CX-14 feature an LCD panel detailing machine hours, service information fuel level and system warnings. A 360° view aids comfort, productivity and safety.

  • Our innovative scoop design one-piece rear windscreen allows JCB 3CX-14 operators to see right into the trench when excavating.



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