CLW5160ZYST4 compression garbage truck,perfect

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Vehicle Name:Compression garbage truckVehicle Category:Special Purpose Vehicle
Chinese Brand:Cheng LiweiEnglish brand :
Notice batch :247Exemption:No
EngineEngine ManufacturerDisplacement (ml)Power (kw)
Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.
Dongfeng Nanchong Automobile Co., Ltd.
FAW Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory
Engine brand :Fuel type:NG (mm)
Dimensions:8470,8320,8170,8020 × 2490 × 3250 (mm)Compartment Size :× × (mm)
The total mass :15900 (Kg)Payload:0
Curb weight:8705 (Kg)Rated Quality:7000 (Kg)
Quality Trailer :(kg)Semitrailer saddle :
Rated capacity :( People )Cab seats :( People )
Approach / departure angle :20/12, 20/13 ()Front / rear overhang :1430/2540, 1430/2390 (mm)
Axle load:5900 /10000Wheelbase:3800,4200,4500 (mm)
Number of axes:2Maximum speed:85 (km / h)
Fuel consumption:Spring:9 / 10 +8
Number of tires :6Tire Size:9.00-20,9.00 R20
Front track:1910,1960Rear track:1800,1860
Brake Front:After braking :
Built before the parade :After operating system :
Steering Type :Steering wheelStarting method:
Chassis Emission standard:GB11340-2005, GB18285-2005, GB17691-2005 State IV
Transmission Type:According to the standard :
Vin Vehicle Identification Number:LGHXFR1H × × × × × × × × ×
LGHXFR1K × × × × × × × × ×
LGHXFR1L × × × × × × × × ×
Logo Enterprises :Changzhou Hua R Sheng Reflective Material Co., Ltd. , Changzhou Huawei Reflective Material Co., Ltd.Release date:20130410
Vehicle Notes :After the car without the optional tilting mechanism , optional new cab. 1 , the car is equipped with a tilting mechanism : vehicle length (mm): 8470, corresponding to the wheelbase (mm): 4500, corresponding to the rear overhang (mm): 2540; vehicle length (mm): 8170, corresponding to the wheelbase (mm): 4200, corresponding to the rear overhang (mm): 2540; 2, optional tilting mechanism when no post : vehicle length (mm): 8320, corresponding to the wheelbase (mm): 4500, corresponding to the rear overhang (mm): 2390 ; vehicle length (mm): 8020, corresponding to the wheelbase (mm): 4200, corresponding to the rear overhang (mm): 2390. Side Protection Connection: welded connection side protective device material material: Q235A steel . After the protective rear dedicated device instead. The car is only used Wheelbase (mm): 4500, 4200. The car should be mounted tachograph .
EQ1165GQNJ chassis parameters
Dongfeng truck chassis | Dongfeng truck chassis EQ1165GQNJSpecification
Company Name :Dongfeng Motor Corporation
Chassis Type:EQ1165GQNJChassis Category:II
Product Name:Truck chassisProduct Brand:Dongfeng
Zip Code:430056Catalog number :3
Specifications:Length: 6550,7490,7790 Width: 2470 Height: 2760
Fuel Type:NGAccording to the standard :GB11340-2005, GB18285-2005, GB17691-2005 State IV
Steering Type :Steering wheel
Number of axes:2Wheelbase:3800,4200,4500
Spring:9 / 10 +8Number of tires :6
Tire Size:9.00-20,9.00 R20Tread :Front track Rear track 1800,1860 1910,1960
The total mass :15900
Curb weight:4500Quality Trailer :
Semitrailer saddle :Front passenger :3
Close to the departure angle:20 / 34 , 20 / 26Rear suspension :1430/ 1320 , 1430/ 1860
Maximum speed:90
Dongfeng truck chassis | Dongfeng truck chassis EQ1165GQNJEngine Specification
Engine ModelEngine ManufacturerDisplacement (ML)Power (ML)
Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.
Dongfeng Nanchong Automobile Co., Ltd.
FAW Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory
Identification code :LGHXFR1H × × × × × × × × × LGHXFR1K × × × × × × × × × LGHXFR1L × × × × × × × × ×
Other:Optional same series cab. YC6J190N-40 net power of 131kw, NQ180N net power of 129kw, CA6SF2-17E4N net power of 125kw. Overall length 3800mm wheelbase chassis dimensions corresponding 6550mm, departure angle 34 and rear overhang 1320mm, wheelbase 4200mm Chassis Overall length dimension corresponding to 7490mm, departure angle 26 and rear overhang 1860mm, wheelbase 4500mm Chassis Overall length dimension corresponding to 7790mm, departure angle 26 and rear overhang 1860mm.

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