Ce/Rohs Approved Led T8 Tube , 1200Mm Led Tube T8 , 18W 20W T8 Led Tube Light

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Product Description:


CE/RoHS approved led t8 tube , 1200mm led tube t8 , 18w 20w t8 led tube light


Product Description


LED Tube Features

1.Energy saving: Through many years development, especially in recent decade, LED now become more and more popular in lighting industry, with technical progress, Luminous flux enhanced up to almost 100-150lm/w, that insure  the possibility  of prefect  replacement   for  incandescent bulb, fluorescent and CFL.


2.Long lifespan: the latest test according international maily LED Chips manufacturer, OSRAM, PHILIPS, NICHIA, CREE ,if make led work in standard temperature and humidity, the lifespan can up to 1000000-150000H, really very considerable 


3.Eco-friendly,  due to the  special lighting  style of leds(col d solid lighting source), different from fluorescent tube, no need harmful substance,(lead ,mercury) avoid the potential crisis of broken ,re-cycle easily.


4.Green lighting, LED need to work in a very narrow voltage and current range, which need special power supply which were designed with wide voltage input, constant current voltage output,  different form  conventional  CFL with 120 times  strobe,  flicker  and  dazzle, very comfortable, keep the health of eyes.


Advantage of our LED Tube 

1.Internal isolated constant current dirver,more safety,efficiency up to 90%
Epistar 3528/2835 SMD LED with perfect encapsulation,lead to high brightness(90-100lm/w),good CRI(>70%),extending the lifespan of LEDs
2.Purity 99.5% aluminum heat sink with anodic oxidation,with thermal conductivity up to 220-230W/M.K
3.High transmittance and hazed optical PC,Lighting very comfortable
Good Workmanship,aesthetically pleasing.




 1.Cover with outsourced, high-grade plastic molding process, with elegant appearance


2.PC cover with high light transmission,


3.Built-in constant current mode PWM drive power, the real high conversion efficiency, high power;


4.Can be used in existing T8 lighthouse directly


5.Based on T8 size, length covering 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and other specifications;


6.Color temperature, and PC cover can meet customer requirements.


7.Energy-saving and environmental protection.


 8.Saving maintenance cost: no need to replace the rectifier and starter


 9.Downy lighting, non-friable,no mercury.



 9.Long lifespan:50000hrs


10.With CE&RoHS&UL approved


Installation-Energy-saving solutions

1. Before installation make sure that power is turned off.

2. This product LED lamp IP Rating is IP20,indoor use only,not suitable for outdoor lighting and fluorescent emergency lighting system.

3. Power must be performed by professionals according to the relevant rules (100V~240V/50-60Hz).Install the product LED lamps.

4. To ensure safety,please do not change the LED lamp structure.

5. LED lamp designed to meet the IEC standards,using G13 lamp holder.


Packing Size


ü Quantity: 25 pc/ Carton


ü Size: D26*589 mm





For house, hostel, supermarket, office, parking, factory, advertising box etc

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Q:How does the lamp line connect
If the lamp is ordinary lamp, that is the kind of tubes, tube wall coated with phosphor is need ballast, if it is a led lamp, does not need ballast, later I'll detail
Q:What material is LED fluorescent lamp fittings, such as shell, block?
The bottom case is pure aluminum, solving the problem of divergence; The mask is a PC milky white or transparent to solve photoelectric transmission and visual effects. The plug is made of plastic, not easily broken and safe.
Q:I've just come to this company and I'm an LED fluorescent company
A lot of business today is telemarketing. 30 call a day is normal, this is to exercise their own, do not be afraid of failure, don't be afraid of rejection, specifically how to say, you can please teach you first job-seekers, observe how old colleague telephone communication
Q:What is the reason for the movement of light in the tube
Individual new lamp tube is lighted when this phenomenon, say to roll, can be used normally, multiswitch after a few times to observe, general will disappear. Brightness is related to voltage, ballast power.
Q:How do you know whether a fluorescent tube is good or bad
There is a good or useful ballast connecting the line, and the fluorescent tube lights up, which is normal
Q:20 square metre room application which led fluorescent lamp tube
The lamp tube can use 20w t8 1.2m LED light tube 6500k.I hope my answer is useful to you.
Q:What is the difference between a radar sensor and an infrared LED fluorescent lamp?
Radar induction is radio frequency radio. Infrared sensing is infrared.I hope my answer is useful to you
Q:Can the T5 light tube be free of ballast?
Your home is T4, but there's a rectifier on both sides.I hope my answer is useful to you.
Q:Which is better? In terms of power and price
I think this brother is not very clear about leds; In fact, the lamp contains the way of the patch Led lamp bead classification 1. Straight insert small power specifications are as follows: straw hat/helmet, round head, concave, ellipse, tombstone type (2 * 3 * 4) bullet, flat head, type (3/5 / flat bread) piranha, etc. 2. SMD patches are usually divided into (3020/3528/5050, these are positive luminescence) / 1016/1024, and these are the lateral luminescent sources. 3. Large power leds are not classified into the patch series, their power and current usage are different, and the photoelectric parameters are very different. Single single high power LED light source, such as no heat dissipation base (generally for hexagonal aluminum), its appearance and the average patch without too big gap, high power LED light source is circular, encapsulation mode basic and SMD patch is the same, but with SMD patch in the conditions of use/environment/effect has essential difference. Photosynthetic efficiency as to what you say, he is equal to the luminous flux/power is the power points, as we have 3014 (0.1 W), 3528 (0.06 W), 2835 (0.5 W)... The flux is also the customer's requirement, we have 5 to 60 lm here, of course the price is different. Hope is useful to you
Q:The difference between the Ledt5 lamp and the temperature 3000k and 2700k
3000k lamp tube luminescence is white point, 2700k lamp tube illuminant red a dot.

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