The Longest 40W 8Ft Led Tube Light &Amp; Led Light Tube &Amp; T8 Led Tube Light For Supermarket

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Product Description:

The longest 40W 8ft led tube light & led light tube & T8 led tube light for supermarket



Specification of t8 led tube light:


40W 8ft led tube light & led light tube & T8 led tube light

Product NO.                                          




LED Type


LED Quantity






Light Effect


Input voltage

85-265V/AC 50/60 Hz





Beam Angle




IP Code




CE Certification NO.


Rohs Certification NO.




Advantage of T8 led tube light compare with fluorescent tube


 40W 8ft led tube light & led light tube & T8 led tube light

1.Power Savings: saving 70%-80% energy than fluorescent tube.
2.Low lighting decay. Light source is the low lighting dissipation and super high bright SMD leds.
3.Not easy broken, body material half aluminum and half acrylic.
4.No hazardous material, completey RoHS compliant
5.No need maintenance,long life led, no trouble to replace parts of ordinary fluorescent tube.
6.No flash, DC driving, stable light,protect eyes and prevent hurt of eyes and accident of component.
7.Easy mounting, can be mouted directly.
8.No need accessories,no need traditional driver and reflector
9.Good color vision: color temperature can be adjusted from 2500-10000K
10.Wide input voltage:85-265VAC



How to use the T8 led tube light & led light tube to replace the fluorescent tube and how much you could save if you ues led tube

40W 8ft led tube light & led light tube & T8 led tube light   


1W led tube = 2W fluorescent tube

So we could use 40W led tube to replace 80W fluorescent tube.

The led tubes no need ballast and transformer, so total could save energy up to 70-80% compare with fluorescent tube.



Some information about the SMD use to produce T8 T8 led tube light/led light tube: 


40W 8ft led tube light & led light tube & T8 led tube light

Most factory use SMD3528,SMD3014 and SMD2835 to produce led tube.






















Notice: if your supplier provides you 2400mm led tube use smd2835 the smd should not less than 200pcs, otherwise it will have spot and darkness.



Details of 40W 8ft led tube light & led light tube & T8 led tube light

40W 8ft led tube light & led light tube & T8 led tube light

For led tube there are five important parts: SMD (led source), MCPCB, PC cover, heat sink and drive.

The drive should supply exactly electricity current to SMD ,


MCPCB should be 2.0 heat conductivity, professional and no leakage.


PC should lighting transmittance up to 90%, so could have high


SMD good uniformity with same bin, so the color wills not a different.


Heat sink make sure good heat dissipation, the leds not damage.


All parts affect the lifespan of led tube, so all parts should work together exactly



Quality control: 

40W 8ft led tube light & led light tube & T8 led tube light   


1. Before the order to be confirmed, we will check the material & color temperature by sample which should be strictly. 

2. We will be tracing the different phase of production from the beginning.

3. Every LED lights quality checked & cleaned before packing

4. Before delivery clients could send one QC or point the third party to check the quality.

5. We will try our best to help clients when problem occurred.



Professional ageing


40W 8ft led tube light & led light tube & T8 led tube light

1.ALL finished led tubes need to test by integrating sphere and save all datasheet for clients.

2.All tube need to pass 2800V testing.

3.All tubes ageing 24 hours.




40W 8ft led tube light & led light tube & T8 led tube light

Room lighting, house lighting,office lighting, commercial lighting,supermarket lighting, bus interior lighting etc



Warranty terms:

1. 3 years warranty.

2. Under the terms of this warranty, if the product have a failure occurs under normal usage within warranty period, we will provide free/rework new products based on the proof-documents

3. If Failure or damage due to incorrect operation, wire connection, or anything other do not follow our instruction, clients will provide paid maintains within warranty period

4. CE RoHS



Trade Terms


1. Payment: 30%deposit +70% before shipping; T/T, Western Union, PayPal are available.

2. Delivery time: 3-5 days for MOQ 50pcs; 15 days for 1000pcs.

3. Samples time: 3 days. 

4. Shipping terms: FOB Shenzhen.

5. Discounts will be determined by quantity.

6. Welcome distributors to cooperate together.



Our service


1. Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 12hours

2. Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your enquires in fluent English

3. OEM&ODM, any your customized lightings we can help you to design and put into product.



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Q:How do I get the four joints of the LED fluorescent tube
I can't put a picture on it, you can try it yourself, add a rectification bridge at each end of the tube, and then you put the positive plus positive on both sides, negative plus negative, onto the next bridge
Q:Why is the household daylight lamp attached to the battery?
No, there aren't more than 40 fluorescent lights. Anything else.How big is the tube and the battery? There is nothing else.
Q:The difference between an LED tube and a daylight lamp
Traditional fluorescent lamps generally cannot choose color temperature, and color. LED bulbs have a choice.
Q:If the led lamp is replaced, the lamp power should be small
Yes the LED lamps and lanterns is a new rising in recent years a new kind of technology With high wattage than the brightness of lamps and lanterns Good quality Is to use small LED chip do hair luminous brightness of the light source Wide Angle
Q:The circuit board in the LED fluorescent tube, what's the name of the component?
I don't know what you're doing with your electrons, and I'll give you three days to complete the schematic. Just like your boss says, don't let it go.
Q:Is there a greater value in switching from a normal daylight lamp to an LED energy-saving lamp?
I'm selling LED lighting. I advise you to change leds, whether you're a business or a home lighting. Hand, energy conservation is certain to technical 9 w can now instead of 40 w fluorescent tube, and the price will be more and more low, you pay is very fast. On the other hand, the LED is a cold light source that does not produce ultraviolet light, and everyone knows that ultraviolet light is harmful to the human body. As service life of the original poster said this one, you don't have to worry about more, in the choose and buy when choose well-known trademark will give you three years warranty, LED life is generally 80000 hours is common fluorescent tube more than 10 times. Please take your hands on it
Q:Fluorescent lamp fire line zero connection
The fire line is different from the zero line Both the wire and the zero line are charged lines, and if the two phase power is connected to the electrical appliance, the current flows through the wires General feeling of fire electricity, because if people (including some indirect contact with) the contact wire, part of the electric current is passed from the body, like a ShuiGuanZi, originally from the middle points of a faucet. The zero line is not charged because the other side of the power supply (zero) is connected to the ground, and when we reach the zero line on the ground, because there is no difference, there is no current. So there's a zero line of uncharged feeling. The zero line and the fire line are originally generated by the power supply, and the current direction of the current is the one that goes through the external device and comes in from the other end, forming a circuit. The difference between the zero and the wire is one of the two terminals of the power supply So the fluorescent lamp will not be bright!
Q:How to choose daylight lamp? What is the light bulb specification?
The principle is: when the switch is switched on, the power voltage is passed through the ballast and the lamp filament to the two poles of the regenerator. The voltage of 220 volts immediately disassociates the noble gases of the regenerator, producing glow discharge. The heat of the glow discharge heats up the bimetal plates, and the poles are in contact. The current flows through the ballast, the regenerator, and the two ends of the filament. The filament is quickly heated by the current and emits a lot of electrons. At this point, the voltage between the poles is zero because the regenerator is closed, the glow discharge disappears and the temperature in the tube decreases. The bimetal strip is automatically reset and is disconnected. At the moment of the disconnection, the current of the circuit is suddenly cut off, and the ballast generates a large self-inductance, which is applied to both ends of the tube with the power supply voltage. The large amount of electrons emitted when the filament is heated, under high voltage at both ends of the lamp, is moving at maximum speed from low voltage to high potential end. In the process of accelerating motion, the argon molecules in the collision tube are rapidly ionized. Argon is ionized by heat, which causes mercury to produce steam, and the mercury vapor is ionized and emits a strong ultraviolet light. In ultraviolet light, the phosphor powder in the tube walls emits near-white visible light.
Q:LED T5 T8 and normal fluorescent lamps with no ballast
If the factory is to be refitted, it can change the LED fluorescent lamp of T5. If it is a new installation, choose LED operating lamp!
Q:How to remove fluorescent lamp tube
What material is LED fluorescent lamp fittings, such as shell, block?

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