Carpets Customized with Excellent Quality

Ref Price:
Loading Port:
China main port
Payment Terms:
Min Order Qty:
200 m²
Supply Capability:
50000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Carpets Customized with Excellent Quality

FOB Price:

US $ 11 - 20 / Square Meter


200 Square Meter/Square Meters

Supply Ability:

50000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month



Payment Terms:

L/C,T/T, Western Union


Quick Details of Carpets Customized with Excellent Quality

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Style: shaggy carpets

  • Pattern: shaggy

  • Design: Modern

  • Techniques: woven

  • Use: Bathroom, Bedroom, Commercial, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Prayer, Toilet, Floor

  • Size: any size

  • Model Number: SUN0854 shaggy rugs

  • Type: Carpets Customized with Excellent Quality

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Color: any color

  • Design: Modern design

  • Pile weight: 2300-3600g/sqm

  • Pile height: 2.5-175px

  • Back: canvas back

  • OEM: acceptable

Packaging & Delivery of Carpets Customized with Excellent Quality

Packaging Details:

roll up and put into the poly bag

Delivery Detail:

35-40 DAYS


Description of Carpets Customized with Excellent Quality


Carpets Customized with Excellent Quality

Style No.



100% polyester

Pile height

From 2.5 to 175px

Pile weight

From 2300g to 3600g/sqm


Any size


Any color 


Solid color or simple design

Rug back

Canvas latex back

Back colors

White or grey


thick yarn, thin yarn, thick yarn & thin yarn mixed available




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Q:Clorox wipes on carpet?
I use Clorox wipes on carpet in my home and they clean a stain beautifully. Yes they disinfect any area they clean. Maybe not all the way through to the bad though. If you do use on carpet test an inconspicuous spot to make sure the carpet is colorfast.
Q:What is the best quality area rugs?
Good Quality Area Rugs
Q:Ugly apartment rug what to do?
The least expensive way to cover your ugly rug is with another rug. This will not necessarily cost you a fortune. A great trick is to go to your local carpet store and purchase a remnant. This are discounted pieces of carpet. They come in all kinds of sizes. Once you choose your carpet piece ask the carpet store does binding on the carpet. This keeps the edges from fraying. It is nice because when you leave your rental place you can take your rug with you.
Q:what should be done if the carpet has water in?
suggest you to find a professional carpet cleaning company to absorb the water, because they can supply large-scale water absortion equipment. you can also have the carpet cleaned up if it is dirty. if the carpet is not dirty,
Q:Computers - Placing them on rugs, floors etc.?
show your boss the air filter on the link below, and tell him that it would be a good move to fit something like that, to keep the dust from entering the PC casing and reducing overall reliability - top benefit - it only takes seconds with a hoover hose to clean the filter, without even powering off the PC. Without it, you will need to take down and hoover internally about once a year as an absolute minimum.
Q:hi i want some good advice on horse rugs and how many you atually need/?
My my pony I don't like having too many rugs as its very expensive. But for winter I have an light weight no fill weatherbeeta, 100g and 200g Zilco with detachable neck rug. i find the detachable neck rugs very handy as the horse can cool its self down more without the neck rug on too. 200g usually used when she is full clipped and its very wet and windy. But she tends to be warmer than cold. Then 100g for in-between and light weight if its a nice day but still a bit cold etc. If you don't have much time to change rugs your better off with a canvas as they are a lot more breathable and you can just add layers underneath like a 100g doona or 200g doona or a light cotton sheet if not too cold. Feeding hay helps them warm up if you know it isn't going to be raining for much longer as well. Hope this helps :)
Q:Can I sew together a rug?
Is this rug like a throw rug or is it like carpet? Either way you can sew them. If it is carpet, attached to the floor, then cut a small piece from behind a door or inside of a closet. Use that to replace the damaged part by sewing it in. You can make a carpet needle by holding a large needle over the flame on your stove using a pair of pliers. With a second pair of pliers bend the needle into a half circle. Let it cool before touching it of course. Then just sew the piece into the damaged area. I've had to do that many a time with my puppies.
Q:spilled milk on my carpet ,milk went sour,?
Milk is an acid, and an alkaline material such as baking soda will neutralize the odor. Cover the stained area with baking soda, sprinkle with water, and leave the mixture there for a few hours or overnight, then sweep up the loose baking soda and vacuum up the rest.
Q:How much does a prayer rug cost?
Itay, There is a wide range of prices and qualities of hand-made products. Wool quality, wool quantity, the origin country of product, design of product, age of product, dye of product(natural dye, village dye, semisynthetic dye)are the factors on the prices of pruducts. If you bought the rug in a reputated store, with a little personal discount the price you paid is okay. If you bought the rug in the souq without bargin for 50% less then you paid to much. Take the rug to a professional and get an opinion. Btw: prices of handvooven rugs go also by how many knots the square meter. Why didn't you place this question under: Egypt? You definetley have not been to Saudi Arabia. And prices of a prayer rug do not depent on you religon and you nationality either. Take care
Q:How to get nail polish out of carpet!!?
Lots of paper towels and non-acetone nail-polish remover. Also, tell your mom when you clean it up. It's the right thing to do. I don't know about you, but my mom's done a lot for me. My father left us when I was very little and if it wasn't for her, I'd be in some seriously messed up crap right now. I'd recommend everyone to be closer to their parents.

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