C60-8Crawler Excavator MINI

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China main port
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1000 PCS/month

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C60-8Crawler Excavator MINI    

      Servo Pilot Operation

      Higher Working Stability

      Operator Friendly Hydraulic System

      No interference in simultaneous operations or their load

      Accurate and punctual delivery of hydraulic power to each working unit

      Versatile and compatible with various application-oriented accessories

      Running Engine is from Europe

      Excellent climbing capability

    C60-8Crawler Excavator MINI

    High running speed


    Boom Length


    Arm length


    Maximum Digging Reach


    Maximum Digging Depth


    Maximum Digging Height


    Maximum Dumping Height


    Minimum Platform Tail Tuning Radius


    Minimum Digging Buildozing



    Width of Platform


    Width of Crawler


    Distance from the Digging Arm to Rotate Machine


    Maximum Length of transportation


    Maximum Height for Bulldozing


    Machine Height





    Machine Weight


    Volume of Bucket


    Hydraulic System Working Pressure


    Maximum Digging Force




    Pressure to the Ground


    Travel Speed(High/Low)


    Maximum Traction Force


    Swing Speed of Platform


    Fuel Tank Capacity


    Hydraulic Tank Capacity


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Q:How or Where do I go about getting a Excavator ticket for Australia (NSW)?
A recent ad for a course, I saw it for about $A2500 which is roughly 1500 Euro. If you are being sponsored see if your employer will pay for one, it could be cheaper for them.
Q:What are the different uses of wheeled excavators and crawler excavators?
Wheeled excavator is easy to move, mainly in the city inside to do some small projects, municipal use of more. You can't work in a very soft place.
Q:MTG: Halimar Excavator will his ability trigger twice?
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Q:Is the CAT 320E suitable or is there another better Excavator? The 324E?
Yes its suitable for just about everything but the 349E would be the best all around if money is no object !!
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The first course of action is to eliminate the moisture that is causing the mold to grow. That should be partially accomplished with the new drainage you are having installed. Alternatively you can install a drain tile internally along the basement walls, which can be done without messy excavation, by jack hammering a few inches off the floor slab close to the wall, and laying a proprietary internal drain tile over a bed of gravel and a sump pump. Internal systems do the same thing french drains do but they cost about 50% less to install and are serviceable, which is why good companis offer Transferable Lifetime Warranty on them. Anyway, once you solve the drainage issue, run a dehumidifier in the basement to bring the relative humidity levels down to around 50%. That will cause the mold to dry out and stop releasing spores. Spores are the problem with mold. They are airborne, they trigger allergies and they cause mold infections to spread. When the mold is dry it can be safely removed, with a bleach solution. If you try the bleach while the mold is still active, it might release even more spores in the air. Mold is a living thing and will try to survive when under attack. When the mold is dry, wipe walls and floors with it. If there is mold in wood, fabric, paper, drywall or anything organic and porous, those materials will have to be removed and discarded, because according to the US Center for Disease Control, there is no way to effectively or safely remove mold from such surfaces. However, if the contamination is wide spread, consult a professional as only mold remediation pros have the proper gear, technique and products to disinfect large mold infestations.
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Evans is better.
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