Bulldozer Chinese SD32 for Sale

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Product Description:

 Bulldozer Chinese  SD32 for Sale

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SD32


Type:Medium-sized Loader

Usage:Universal Type


Scraper Type:Pull Scraper

Transmission:Hydraulic - Mechanical Transmission


Walking Mode:Crawler

Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge


Engine Power:74~147kw

Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000





Operating Weight(Not Including Ripper):372000kg

Bulldozer Blade (W*;H):3725*1200mm


Engine Flywheel Power:235kw

Overall Dimensions(Lxwxh):6880*4130*3725mm


Engine Model:Cumminsnta855-C360s10

Max. Digging Depth (Mm):590mm


Dozing Capacity:Straight Tilt Blade6.4

Number of Carriers (Each Side):2


Number of Track Rollers (Each Side):7

Number of Track Shoes (Each Side):41


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




Standard:CE, SGS, Ghost, ISO 9001


Origin:Shandong, China

HS Code:84291190


Production Capacity:2500 Unit/Month

Product Description

Based on the Shantui TY320B, the SD32 bulldozer was developed by Shantui for operation in earth moving projects with tough conditions. Equipped with a hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control technology and an advanced structure, which provides reliable performance and convenient and flexible operation, the SD32 is the ideal medium size construction machine for earth moving projects.
Technical Parameters

Trade terms: 
1. Shipping method: RORO or Bulk ship 
2. Best delivery: In 7-20 working days after deposit 
3. Payment terms: T/T(30% as deposit, 70% paid before delivery) or L/C 
4. Packing: Nude, spare parts and tools into standard export cases 
5. Guarantee: One year service after delivery.

Technical Parameters

L×W×H (Ripper not included)mm6880×4130×3725
Operating weight (Ripper not included)t37.2
Rated powerkW/rpm235/2000
Blade type-Straight tilt bladeSemi-U bladeAngle blade
Blade widthmmStraight tilt blade 4130×1590Semi-U blade 4030×1720Angle blade 5000×1140
Dozing capacitym3Straight tilt blade 10Semi-U blade 11.9Angle blade 6
Ma× drop below ground of blademm560
Lift height of blademm1560
Ripper type-Single ripperThree-shank ripper   
Ripping depth of rippermmSingle ripper 1250Three-shank ripper 842                                       
Lifting height of rippermmSingle ripper 955Three-shank ripper 883
Number of carriers (each side)-2
Number of track rollers (each side)-7
Number of track shoes (each side)-41
Width of track shoemm560
Track gaugemm2140
Ground length and ground pressuremm/MPa3150-0.105     
Forward speedkm/h0-3.6
Reverse speedkm/h0-4.4

Bulldozer Chinese  SD32 for Sale

Bulldozer Chinese  SD32 for Sale

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Q:When Israel uses D-10s bulldozer largest made to clear out Palestinian homesteads Do they run over ?
One is just as bad as the other. However, I side with the Israelis because the land belonged to the British who turned it over to the Jews that created the State of Israel in 1947. The land never officially belonged to the Palestinians.
Q:Are bulldozers and forklifts a type of vehicle?
No, the bulldozer only pushes the earth. The forklift can push the soil or the truck,
Q:Dream interpretation of bulldozer?
Could it be that someone is attempting to bulldoze their way over you forcing an earth shattering situation in your life. A bulldozer is used to clear pathways by removing rubble or as a combat vehicle (surrounded by jealousy, envy strife). This is a warning to be aware of your environment, the company you keep, and listen intently to their words during conversations. It doesn't appear that you will be in a car accident or lose your life because the dream ended before your friends could find out. . Again, be aware of the company you keep.
Q:will this ever bottle neck?
You would be just as well off with a FX4100... Eight core processors from AMD aren't going to really see any special speed, until windows 8 comes out and optimizes the the use of multiple cores... At the same time, I bet that Windows8 will speed up Intel's hyperthreading as well, to give Intel even more of a speed boost above AMD...
Q:What oils to use for Hitachi Bulldozer Dx75m?
it all depends on the conditions, and is it gas or diesel.. the operators manual should tell you, if not, it's about the same as a pickup..some of the reservoirs even tell you what to use..
Q:John deere bulldozer 450c keeps shutting off?
Go to john deere website. u can get drawings of parts list there. Also did u make sure the gasket isnt crimped or a small pinhole in a fuel line letting it suck air?
Q:Why didnt Bloomberg order bulldozers to bulldoze OWS protesters?
wrong.. dissent is totally American.. if I had it my way I would lead a revolution and destroy all the Capitalists that have ruined my country and many peoples lives
Q:plz answer this math question !!!!!?
First, I'm assuming your typo should be 1 1/2 hours (= 1.5 hr). Assume that the large bulldozer takes x hours to clear the land. So in 1.5 hours, by simple proportion, it would clear 1.5/x parts of the land. The small bulldozer is slower by a factor of 2, and takes 2x hours to clear the land. So in 1.5 hours, it would clear 1.5/(2x) parts of the land. But 1.5/x parts of land + 1.5/(2x) parts of land = a total of 1 plot of land. That is : 1.5/x + 1.5/(2x) = 1 Solving gives x = 9/4 = 2 1/4 hours (for the large bulldozer on its own), while, 2x = 9/2 = 4 1/2 hours (for the small bulldozer on its own).
Q:How do you get a bulldozer on club penguin?
look in the catalog. Sometimes theres hidden items
Q:A bulldozer does 72,000 J of work in 48 seconds. How much power does the bulldozer use?
Power is the rate at which energy is expended. Power = energy / time 72,000 J / 48 s = 1,500 J/s By definition, a Watt is one Joule per second 1,500 J/s = 1,500 W = 1.5 kW --- There used to be a power unit called the Horsepower (HP); however, there were different definitions of Horsepower (depending if one was talking of mechanical power, electrical power, or whatever else). In Watts, the different Horsepower go from roughly 735 W to 750 W. If we take 1 HP = 750 W, then 2 HP = 1,500 W

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