Big powerul cyclonic style vacuum cleaner with ERP Class A#C6231

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800 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: C6231



Cord length 5m

Dust capacity 1.8L

Speed control on body

Automatic cord rewinder


Product size:355 x 251 x 290mm

Carton Size:410 x 265 x 325mm


Load quantity:805/1700/1945pcs


Vacuum (Kpa):17-18



700W   :Energy A,Carpet E,Floor B,suction power 170W

800W   :Energy B,Carpet E,Floor A

900W   :Energy C,Carpet E,Floor A

1000W :Energy C,Carpet D,Floor A

1200W :Energy D,Carpet C,Floor A

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC


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Q:Is it really offensive to give a woman a vacuum cleaner as a gift?
Women do not like to get practical gifts for romantic events like anniversaries. We just don't, and I'm a practical person. And if you think that giving her a vacuum cleaner for a gift would motivate her to clean, you are so far off base it's not even funny. It would probably offend her, so if you want to see a fourth anniversary I wouldn't do it.
Q:Would this be a good vacuum cleaner?
I have been happy with Kenmore brand from Sears.
Q:s there a place that will let you rent vacuum cleaners for like a few hours or a day?
Yes there is
Q:How many of you prefer a portable over a central vac and why?
I prefer Bissell up right vacuums and if you keep the filter clean...for under one hundred it's a bargin Central vacuum units are pricey and if you get a clog in the hose you have other dragging the hose around the baseboard scratches them up Also thing about the dust and dirt blowing and sucking through the line to the holding are literally...pulling dust and dirt through the house in a hose... the canister is bulky and a pain to empty and if full when dumped it is a dusty mess.. for a less price and a little closet space you have little to lose I would never waste money on a central vacuum a Bissell not a dyson and vacuum onward. *(* *(*
Q:Vacuum Cleaner Lost Suction?
If you have done all the checks to make sure there isn't a blockage then it seems you have a major problem. Most vacuum cleaners have a propeller (fan blade) that directs the air in the proper direction to effect suction. These propellers are usually made from plastic which over time will break especially when struck by a hard object that has entered the vacuum. It may be that yours is broken. If the vacuum is expensive it may be worth your money to have it repaired. If not, then toss it and buy another.
Q:Do you think its wrong that in the toy store, boys have all the fun stuff, and in the girls section they have?
I don't think daughter (she is 7 now) when she was younger, like 2 or 3, always wanted to help around the house. She insisted! I got her then those vacuum cleaner and the kitchen for little girls and she really enjoyed playing with them. They were safer anyway although now, I have to ask her to do something around the house...... They are children, they want to experiment.
Q:Why are vacuum cleaners so expensive ?
Because they suck and blow Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week long, thank you, thank you
Q:Can poor people own Dyson vacuum cleaners?
No. They buy Oreck XL's from Rent to Own and get set up on the weekly payment plan. Only 100 more payments of $9.99 and it's mine!
Q:What does cleaning effectiveness mean regarding Vacuum Cleaners? What is better? Amps, Volts, Watts?
Watts is amps x volts. So, it is just different ways of saying the same thing. Buy your sweeper, take it home and use it. If you don't like it, take it back and get another, if you don't like that one, take it back and get another.
Q:Vacuum Cleaners what brand do you use?
I have a vac that I bought from a local vacuume shop that was built to their specs. It cannot be bought in any store or even on the internet (at least the last time I checked). Delta is what it it called. It's has a very heavy duty motor which is considered to be commercial duty. Has 3 stages of filter plus the bags I buy for it are hospital grade hepa. What goes in that vac does not come out of it that is for sure. So I am not spreading more dust while I am trying to clean it up. It's a bit on the bulky side and awkward to get around with but I have found that with vacuumes there's always some sort of sacrafice to be made. You have to decide on what is important to you with the features and just pick what best suits you. This machine I can have serviced and it should last me most of my life. All parts can be repaired/replaced on it as needed. Because it cleans so well and keeps the dust contained rather than spewing it right back out I choose it over lighter weight cheaper vacs that are easier to work with. IMHO you should look at a vac store before buying out of any general merchandise store.

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