BHGHStainless steel socket welding Flange

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Product Description:

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· Material: Carbon Steel

· Technics: WELDING

· Type: Flange

· Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

· Model Number: 1/2"-48"

· Brand Name: CNBM-CMAX

· Connection: Flange

· Shape: Equal

· Head Code: Square

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in wooden case or pallet or according to customers requirement.


The most professional flange manufacturer.We offer steel pipes and pipe fittings with high quality and low price.

The most professional flange manufacturer

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North America

South America
Southeast Asia
Western Europe

Product Description

carbon steel pipe flange

1.standard:ANSI, DIN, JIS, GB, GOST

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Q:Flanges of different sizes
If the outer diameter is not big, the bolt hole, the middle diameter and the bore diameter can be unified. If the specifications are different and can not be directly connected, you can use the big head as an excessive.
Q:What does the flange set contain?
It includes flange plate, clamp, gasket, connecting bolt, nut and joint.
Q:The Ministry of chemical industry hubbed flange size PN10 and PN16 are basically the same,
Yes, as long as it's the same size. It's just steelThe European standard seems to have broken the American Standard not break
Q:What's the size, size, size and weight of DN 1000 flanges?
Flanges (Flange), also called flanges, flanges, or flanges. A flange is a part that is connected between the pipe and the pipe, used for the connection between the ends of the pipe. It is also used for the flange on the entrance and exit of the equipment. It is used for the connection between the two devices, such as the reducer flange. Flange connection or flange joint means that the flange, the shim and the bolt are mutually connected as a group of three detachable sealing structures. Pipe flanges are flanges used for piping in pipe installations. They are used on equipment and refer to the entrance and exit flanges of the equipment.
Q:What does "welding flange" mean, and what does fillet welding mean?
1 flanges are generally used to connect two pipes or pipes and valves with disc parts.2, flange welding is the connection of flanges and pipes.3. Fillet welds: welds welded along the line of intersection of two straight or nearly straight parts, as shown in Fig.4 so you weld the flange is fillet weld.
Q:Flange diameter 190, diameter 80 is a few inches of 5
How do you calculate the size of the flange?,This is not we can calculate and design, flange design and production is standard. China's standards are mainly petrochemical standards (SH) and the original Ministry of chemical industry standards (HG), in addition to the national standard (GB). In addition, countries have different standards, and a country may have several standards.How many inches do you calculate?The inch should be in inches, inches in size, 2.54 centimeters in =1 inchesThe flange diameter is 190 and the inside diameter is 80 inchesIt's 3 inches.What's the inside diameter or what?Diameter refers to nominal diameter. Nominal diameter can only indicate the size of the pipe and can not indicate the exact size of the pipe.The same nominal diameter of the pipe according to the pressure level, purpose, material, and its internal and external diameter is not the same (this means the same standard).A simple example is to the market to buy our house water, when you go to the market to buy, businesses will say "4" (read: 4) "this is the nominal diameter, then people will ask you to be thick or thin, this is the same nominal diameter under different tube.
Q:Flange "WN100 (B) -16RF S=6" and "SO50 (B) -16RF", "PL200 (B) -16RF" represent what kind of flange,
I. WN100 (B) -16RF S=6WN is a neck welding flange, 100 is nominal diameter 100mm, (B) is the use of metric tube (also known as GB), 16 nominal pressure is 16MPa, RF is sealed type, sudden surface seal, S=6 is steel pipe wall thickness.
Q:Urgent! Flange tolerance: flatness, parallelism,? Twenty
In a given direction, the degree to which the meter is parallel to the reference surface is within the given tolerance range. 1mm/1000mm represents measurement length of 1000 mm, allowing error of 1 mm.
Q:I am learning machinery, there is a book in the book, LAN type,
Sub threaded flange connection (wire) flange and welding flange. Low voltage and small diameter wire flange, high pressure and low pressure are the use of large diameter welded flange, different pressure flange thickness and bolt diameter and the number is different.
Q:How to calculate the flange quote formula?
Well, I come with you to analyze the existing problems of the calculation formula, this formula is not actually a few written, there are certain to me now to analysis:The first formula is as long as the steel industry in the people to see that, this algorithm is certainly a problem, the problem in 0.616, 10 mm per metre weighs 0.616 kg, and (diameter * outer diameter - diameter - * * * aperture aperture hole number) * actual volume = flange thickness. The latter 0.00001 CM is the calculation of the results into g. such a calculation method, I temporarily ignore how he results, first of all, there is a theoretical error, ask the volume of *0.616= weight?The theory cost and actual operation cost cost, the general foreign trade company own calculated price bargain with us, so the price is called the theory of price, and we are holding the actual cost of operation between manufacturers, often makes us uncomfortable is the theory cost and actual cost gap.Let's analyze some of the most widely used formulas for calculating flange weight on the web:(outer diameter * outer diameter * inner diameter * bore bore diameter * hole diameter * hole number * thickness *0.616*0.0001 unit cmExternal diameter * outer diameter * inner diameter * bore bore diameter * bore bore * thickness *7.93*0.0001 unit cmOutside diameter * outside diameter *1234*, thickness inner diameter * inner diameter *1234*, thickness *0.00001

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