slip blind flange slip blind flange

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Product Description:

slip blind flange

Quick Details

Material: Carbon Steel

Technics: WELDING

Type: Flange

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Model Number: 1/2"-48"

Brand Name:CNBM

Connection: Flange

Shape: Equal

Head Code: Square

Packaging Details:

in wooden case or pallet or according to customers requirement.

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The most professional flange manufacturer.We offer steel pipes and pipe fittings with high quality and low price.

The most professional flange manufacturer

Main Markets:

North America

South America
Southeast Asia
Western Europe

Product Description

carbon steel pipe flange

1.standard:ANSI, DIN, JIS, GB, GOST

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Q:What is the welded flange valve?
The valve is the valve flange welding flange welding flange installed in the pipeline, the valve is threaded flange threaded flange installed in the pipe threading to install the valve, but no difference for the valves, pipeline installation flange just not in the same way.
Q:What's the flange surface?
Flange sealing surface has a full plane FF, protruding surface RF, convex M, concave F, tenon surface T, groove surface G, ring connection surface RJ, general concave convex MF, mortise and tenon surface TG, ring connection surface RJ are paired usePL welding plate flange with flange, SO diameter, WN butt welding neck flange;
Q:Why I can not find the Solid
The sheet metal commands are uniformly arranged in the sheet metal function menu, as on the left of your screenshot,How can I find out?First of all, in your screenshot of green hook, red X above: features, sketches, evaluation and other columns,Right click on the mouse, you can find the sheet metal function menu, tick on it.For reference only, thank you!
Q:How many bolt holes and how big bolts are there in all sizes of 16 kg flanges?
You said this decision can be empty and bolt by bolt much, because the flange 16 kilograms he represents not only much, such as to the decision of the 59 flange bolts and how much air is generally 59 bolts, flange 4 bolt space using 14 bolts, 59. All 4 bolts empty more than 59 is still some 4 empty, there is 8 according to the size of the flange bolt empty it is not the same, and the use of bolts are based on flange to determine the size of the bolt can also use a smaller, bolt general equipment use 4.8 hardness the special equipment used is 8.8 bolt hardness, 16 pound flange generally use 4.8 hardness
Q:What are the specifications of orifice flanges? Be comprehensive
There is no standard flange hole is 6, in order to install the need, mainly to avoid directional (plus or minus 90 degrees, plus or minus 180 degrees), flange holes are 4 multiples
Q:How to go from the city to the flange Akailufacun?
You're asking for magic, huh?Go out of the east gate and go to IL village, then go to the right side of the deposit to see a captain, and talk to him,Inside right away, there will be 2 NPC in a note to see one is to Akailufa,.
Q:SolidWorks 2012 border flange profile editor cannot drag boundary line 20 ahSolid
My 12 is ok! Is there a geometric constraint? First remove the geometry constraint, then drag it out and finish that one at the last point
Q:What is a stone flange?
Acrylic stone real flange (composite) - kitchen table changes in the quality of life in modern society, more and more attention from the public health and environmental protection, green health can not be ignored as indexes into closely related with people's daily life in all kinds of materials, stone flange professional quality guarantee for modern people's needs on health life. Flange, acrylic, man-made stone professional brand. As an environmentally friendly surface material, the flange is safe and convenient, and the real acrylic can effectively prevent the aging of the surface of the table surface. The fine texture makes the bacteria unable to survive, sanitary and beautiful. It is a marble texture, and wood processing performance, as well as beyond the general decorative material plasticity, in the brand ranks of man-made stone ranks unique, it can be said to be decorative materials all-round player. (a) all ten - flange stone meet your environmental health standard Home Furnishing antibacterial: from bottom to surface solid body, no pores, not absorb water or bacteria, the use of safe and reliable without shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. No: solid surface material is composed of acrylic acid, minerals and natural color, do not distribute any gas at room temperature. Flammability: refractory materials are tested by China National Fire building material quality supervision and inspection center. Hygiene: meets the National Health Foundation (NSF) standard fifty-first items, suitable for cooking equipment materials and components, and can be in direct contact with food.
Q:60 seamless steel tubes with 50 flanges, right?
Yes! But more accurate description is: the outer diameter is 60mm seamless steel pipe, and nominal size of DN50 flange matching connection.
Q:Is the flange fitted with a flange?
However, this connection is only part of a device, such as flanges and pumps connected, it is not good to call the water pump flange parts". Relatively small, such as valves, can be called flanges".The movable flange is sheathed on the end of the pipe by using a flange, a steel ring, etc., and the flange can be moved on the pipe end. Steel ring or flanging is the sealing surface, the role of the flange is to compress them. Thus, because of the steel ring or flange block, the live flange is not contact with the media. Because the flange is movable, not directly connected to the pipe, so it is called "live flange", there is another statement called loose flange.

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