BHGHASTM A106 Grade B carbon seamless steel pipe

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Product Description:

Quick Details

· Material: Carbon Steel

· Technics: WELDING

· Type: pipe

· Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

· Model Number: 2-80mm

· Brand Name: CNBM-CMAX

· Connection: Welding

· Shape: Equal

· Head Code: Square

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

in wooden case or pallet or according to customers requirement.

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20 days


We offer steel pipes and pipe fittings with high quality and low price.

Main Markets:

North America

South America
Southeast Asia
Western Europe

Product Description

Quick Details


2.5 - 80 mm

Section Shape:


Outer Diameter:

21.3 - 610 mm

Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

Secondary Or Not:



Gas Pipe


Hot Rolled



Surface Treatment:


Special Pipe:

API Pipe

Alloy Or Not:


seamless steel pipes:



A106(B,C),A53(A,B),API J55,API K55,API L80,St37-2,St45,A53-A369,API J55-API P110,ST35-ST52


API 5L,ASME B36.19M-1985,ASTM A106-2006,GB 3087-1999,API,ASTM,GB

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:


Delivery Detail:



1.Seamless pipe professor
2.MTC,ISO,API certificate
4.On time delivery
5.Big store,excellent package.


1.Seamless pipe professor
2.MTC,ISO,API certificate
4.On time delivery
5.Big store,excellent package.

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Q:Flanges of different sizes
Variable diameter flange, also known as Reducing Flange, and its inner diameter and the standard flange diameter, there are some differences.In engineering, when the standard flange can not match the fittings and pipes, the reducing flange is used.China's national standards flange standard (GB) and chemical industry standard (HG) two categories, the new chemical industry standard HG/T20592 ~ 206352009 flange is used to the EN as the representative of the European standard pipe flanges (nominal pressure expressed by PN) and the United States as the representative of the American ASME system (nominal pipe flange the pressure expressed by Class), between them the nominal size of the feature size is different; moreover, our country pipeline diameter series is also divided and metric Inch series series, there are differences in the nominal size; in addition, when there are special requirements, such as flange instrument joints, when the glass lined the characteristics of some special requirements (give it a separate "glass lining of different diameter flange" HG/T2140-2009 standard). Therefore, the inevitable mixing in the project, the use of reducing the flange diameter of the method is the simplest and most effective solution, thus the emergence of non-standard variable flange.
Q:Who knows, the difference between plate flange and hubbed flange in the application.
Welding plate flange for general medium.Hubbed flange suitable for the inflammable and explosive, corrosive, toxic high placesThe sealing surface of flange plate are raised face (RF), hubbed flange sealing surface can be used from surface, convex surface, tongue and groove face.The two structures are different, the sealing effect is not the same, the strength is not the same.
Q:PROE flat sheet metal design whole wall and the flange wall what is the difference?
Very simple. The flat wall is the front face, and the flange wall is the side.Is not to say that the sheet metal is a relatively thick iron sheet, can be divided into surface and thickness, smooth surface from the surface is positive to see the past, is Affirmative or trapezoidal, and flange wall is in the thickness direction, is folded into a L shape or Z shape.
Q:DN200 how many screws are there in the weld flange?
For welding flange DN200, many customers say the welding flange you DN200, but you and our site is not the same, your welding flange is thicker than the US, and your site we screw holes to. First of all, let us explain to you the customer, the pressure of your piping design is incorrect at first.
Q:What flange is the SOFF flange?
IF integral flange, SW socket welding flange, TH threaded flange; loose flange ring PJ/SE welding, PJ/RJ welding ring flanges;
Q:How to go from the city to the flange Akailufacun?
One is to go to Gelaer City, not on the wrong boat,And then into the Akailufa channel (cost 500MB), and other crew tips what time come from the ship, the ship and crew to speak for 5 minutes, then go to the Akailufa port ship right away to go to the central area, if you want to Akailufa to have a mission to settle out
Q:How many kinds of flanges do you have? Does anyone know a more specialized classification?
Welding plate flange (PL)Hubbed flange (SO)Neck welding flange (WN)Threaded flange (TH)Socket welded flange (SW)Flange cap (BL)These are the main, there is a key to say, is the sealing surface classification
Q:Oil seal flange
Flange sealing surface of the three types: planar sealing surface for the pressure is not high, medium non-toxic occasions; uneven sealing surface, suitable for higher pressure situations; the sealing surface of the tenon, suitable for flammable and explosive, toxic medium and high pressure situations. A gasket is a ring made of a material that produces plastic deformation and has a definite strength. Most from the non metal plate gasket is cut down, or by professional plant size, the material for the asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos board, polyethylene plate; also useful thin metal plate (Bai Tiepi, stainless steel) asbestos nonmetal materials such as wrapping made of metal gasket; and a belt around and asbestos tape made of thin steel and the spiral wound gasket. The ordinary rubber gasket for temperature lower than 120 DEG C; asbestos rubber gasket is suitable for steam temperature lower than 450 DEG C, the oil temperature is below 350 DEG C, the pressure is lower than the 5MPa of the occasion, for general corrosive medium, is the most commonly used acid asbestos board. In high-pressure equipment and piping, copper or aluminum, steel 10, stainless steel lens or other shapes of metal gasket. The contact width of the high pressure gasket and the sealing surface is very narrow (line contact), and the sealing surface and the gasket have higher processing finish. Flange, threaded connection (wire), flange and welding flange. Low pressure small diameter wire connecting flange, high pressure and low pressure big diameter all use welding flange, different pressure flange thickness and connection bolt diameter and quantity are different. According to the different grades of pressure, the flange pad also has different materials, from low pressure asbestos pad, high pressure asbestos pad to metal pad. 1. to classified material of carbon steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, plastic, Aluminum Alloy, argon Ge Lek, PPC etc..
Q:Flange WN50 (B) -25 RF S=6 specific points
WN indicates that butt welding 50 means nominal diameter DN (B means B series diameter is 57) - 25 is pressure, new standard is 25 kg pressure, old standard is 250 kg pressure RF, sealing surface protrusion S=6 flange diameter thickness is pipe thickness
Q:Where can I buy Alkeran in Hongkong?
Alkeran in Hongkong Shi Yin shopping mall, Edward pharmacy can buy, the price is cheaper, I suggest you go to see

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