Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner with ERP Class A CNBG60

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1000 unit
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40000 unit/month

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Model No. 



Stepless electronic speed control on  body(Optional)
Stand holder for tube
Multiple filtration system
Foot pedel rewinder
Dual stand holder for easy storage
Handle airflow control
Crush-proof hose
2 position brush
360 degree hose swivel
Dust full indicator
Protective valve proventing motor  overheating
Protective device against dust bag omission


* Unit dimension


* Color 


* Input voltage

220V-240V 50/60Hz 

* Dust tank capacity


* Vacuum


* Air flow


* Noise


* Thermostat


* Cable length 


* Speed control 


* Accessory 

2-in-1 small tool, 1.5m hose

2pcs plastic tube(420MM/pc), 3pcs paper bag

* Brush

High efficiency brush

* Plug


* Suction power 




* Motor power for ERP standard




* Erp class


B(big brush)

B(samll brush)

* Motor power for Normal standard



* Gift box: 


* Master carton: 


* Quantity/GB: 


* Packaging material: 

Double corrugated cardboard

* loading qty (20'/40'/40H'): 


Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner with ERP Class A CNBG60

Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner with ERP Class A CNBG60


Stepless electronic speed control on  body(Optional)

Stand holder for tube

Multiple filtration system

Foot pedel rewinder

Dual stand holder for easy storage

Handle airflow control

Crush-proof hose

2 position brush

360 degree hose swivel

Dust full indicator

Protective device proventing motor  overheating

Protective device against dust bag omission

Swirl Y201 bag compatible

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS,  CB, EMC



Q: My Vacbag keeps splitting when I use it, why does it keep doing that?

Your Vacbag may not be the one suited for your unit, as it will split if it is not the right size for the vacuum cleaner. The bag itself is not an issue with size or shape, but if the hose doesn’t fit into it then it breaks it. We have a range of Vacbags for many models of vacuum cleaners, we can always see if one fits your model or if there is a distributor near you.

Q: My vacuum just stopped while I was using it! What do I do now?

All of our vacuum cleaners have been fitted with a thermal safety cut-off switch which activates to stop the motor from burning out. When it does that it will prevent the unit from turning on again until it has cooled sufficiently to reset, which is between 2 – 4 hrs. The most common reason for safety cut-off switch activated is the filters needs to be cleaned. Please read the instruction manual and follow the instructions on how to clean the filters. 

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Q:Is there a Vacuum and Steamer/Shampooer Combo?
Vacuum Shampooer Combo
Q:Are a vacuum cleaners stupid? I have two dogs that come in during the harsh winter months and they shed like?
check the filters;look for clogs under the floor plate and the hose. We have dogs and had the same problem, ended up buying a Rain-Bow vacuum, its more than $500,but it is also bagless. It traps the dirt in a water filled container below the unit. It is emptied each time you use it. The water also keeps the dust from being pushed back into the air. We have had this for 3 years and still love it. They are made by a company in Mi.
Q:Are their any vacuum steam cleaners on the market worth recommending?
i bought a bissell from wal mart, i think it was 169, a heated power steamer or something like that. i've used it several times (not because it did a bad job the first time, i just have 3 dogs and DETEST pet hair everywhere) anyway, it does an excellent job getting rid of the pet hair, you just have to make sure and clean the brush and bottom of the steamer each time you use it so it doesnt' clog. but anyway, my overall experience is that it did well to clean my old carpets (they were here when we moved in) it dries quickly, it didn't leave a musty wet smell, and it's fast and easy to use. hope that helps
Q:why are cats afraid of vacuums?
Your cat isn't simply afraid of the vacuum cleaner. If she had never heard it in action she'd have never developed her fear of it. It is the noise. The noise is probably very unpleasant to a cat plus it may sound to her like some horrible roaring creature. Cats get used to other noisy appliances in homes but there is a difference. The ones they get used to like coffee grinders, garbage disposals, blow dryers etc are used frequently so the cat gets used to it. And the appliance making the noise in those instances isn't a big thing that moves around. Most people only vacuum once a week plus it is a big thing that moves around. So the cat doesn't hear it often enough to lose its fear of the sound let alone get used to the added scariness of it seeming like a big animal. Btw, some cats are not bothered by the vacuum. Amongst other things, I clean other peoples' homes and have met a few cats with a ho-hum attitude about vacuum cleaners. My own three are not exactly terrified but they do stay on the safe side by scurrying off to another room when I turn the vacuum on.
Q:How to choose a new upright Vacuum?
I have been married 20yrs and we are a military family and so we move a lot and been overseas twice. So you can imagine how many vacuums I have bought in that time. I bought a new vacuum last year in February the day after my son's birthday party. I was trying to get the rug vacuumed for his party and where the belt spins, the belt sliced into the plastic on the vacuum. Not fixable. So that meant I needed a new vacuum. So anyway, the new one I got I LOVE!!! Let me tell you, I never thought I could be in love with a vacuum but I LOVE this thing! I bought a Dirt Devil D2 Reaction. It has a double tornado as my kids call it. It's super easy to empty. The crevice attachement is the longest one I've ever seen and so it works great under the recliner of my sectional! And let me tell you, it picks up so much more dirt than my old one! And it's reasonably priced. One day I was in Walmart and happened to go down the vacuum isle and this woman was looking at vacuums and asked me if I could recommend one and I showed her the one I had bought and showed her all the great features and she said it sounded perfect and put it in her cart and another woman witnessed this discussion and came over and said wow I think you've got me sold too! You should be their spokesperson! HAHA! So she bought one too! I've provided Target's link. You can buy it at Target, Walmart and other stores that sell vacuums. Good luck!
Q:Who invented the earliest vacuum cleaners?
The vacuum cleaners designed first were upright. In 1912, Winner Goering of Stockholm, Sweden invented a horizontal vacuum cleaner, and Electrolux Electrolux became the founder of the vacuum cleaner
Q:don't you just hate how loud vacuum cleaners are?
husbands love it, drowns out their nagging wives
Q:Are vacuum cleaners tax free right now?
Depending upon where you live they would be. Some states are having a tax free week-end that ends today (Sunday) Some states like (New Hampshire) a vacuum cleaner is tax free all the time.
Q:Are Dyson vacuum cleaners usually worth their cost?
No I don't think they are any better than the cheaper models.Previously I had a $99 dollar Sanyo it worked just as good was much easier to use than the Dyson.
Q:How come some dogs are afraid of hoovers?
Lucky ... my dog tries to herd mine.

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