Automatic Rechargeable Intelligent Cyclone Robot Deebot D76 Vacuum Cleaner

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The first multifunction cleaning station:
Is a vacuum, is a a robot, is simply what you always wanted!

Robot vacuum cleaner Deboot is the first robot equipped with an automatic station cleaning ribbon. Deebot is activated at the programmed time and cleans the area allocated respecting the cleaning program set. A full tank Deebot falls to the charger and automatically downloads the dirt.


The Deebot comes with an extra cleaning kit:

  • Brush for ceilings and walls : to complete the cleaning of ceilings, walls , closets and cabinets ;

  • Brush 2 in 1: with soft bristles for cleaning delicate surfaces ;

  • Brush spear : for cleaning tough spots such as keyboards or radiators ;

  • Optional additional accessory kits that transform the station into a portable vacuum cleaner with cyclonic filtration to clean surfaces such as mattresses, sofas, car interiors etc. .



  • 2 side brushes for cleaning corners , 1 main brush for cleaning carpets .

  • 4 cleaning programs : clean edges , dirt concentrated , automatic spiral .

  • Auto Start: 2 day programs for automatic start cleaning .

  • Sensors fall , collision and surface cleaning of very dirty .

  • Virtual Wall to mark areas where you want the robot to do a more thorough cleaning .

  • Remote control to guide the robot in particular points to be clean .

  • ANTIGERM function antibatteria certified for the removal of fine dust , ideal for allergy sufferers .

  • Demo Mode : a voice guided robot helps the user to know all the features in detail .



Weight3.4 Kg
Dimensions30x9 cm
Duration60-80 min
Navigation Sensors28
Voice Control
Suction Power (robot)30 W
Suction Power (portable)300 W
Work surface Daily120-150 sq. meters
Suction Speed0.25 m/s
Fuel Tank Capacity0.7 lt
Noise Level<60 dB
Power Supply12 V Battery 2500 mhA
Battery TypeLi-ON
Charging Time3 hours



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Q:How do I repair the motor of the vacuum cleaner?
Turn the motor shaft or vibrating lever by hand. At this point, the motor shall keep the passage
Q:What is the mean of Vacuum cleaner?
Current control motor operation. The fan is attached to the motor, and the fan blade has a certain angle, just like the propeller of the airplane. When the fan blade turns, it pushes the air to the exhaust port
Q:What's the difference between vacuum dust collector and ordinary vacuum cleaner?
The dust collector can absorb tiny particles of dust, and has the effect of purifying air, and is suitable for indoor use. Sweeping machine can only clean large particles of dust, but also easy to dust, pollution of the environment, suitable for outdoor use
Q:What is the development status of vacuum cleaners?
In 2007, China's total output of vacuum cleaner was 43632664 units, an increase of 21.63% compared with the same period of 2006
Q:How to repair the vacuum cleaner fan?
If the dust removal fan needs to be replaced, make sure that the new part is the same as the old part. It is better to take the old parts to the electrical parts shop for comparison
Q:What are the important parameters of the vacuum cleaner?
Vacuum: an important indicator of suction size. The index is also related to power. The greater the general power, the higher the index should be
Q:What are the matters needing attention in vacuum cleaners?
Don't use vacuum cleaners for detergents, coal, oil, glass, needles, ash, water, dirt, sewage, matches, etc.
Q:What is the working principle of a vacuum cleaner?
Inside the machine, there is an electric fan, which operates at high speed and makes the vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner
Q:How can a vacuum cleaner take out the dust?
The vacuuming capacity of the vacuum cleaner is related to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cleaner. The greater the pressure difference, the stronger the vacuuming capacity
Q:What are the filtration methods for vacuum cleaners?
Dust bag through the dust bag and HEPA filter material filter, to filter out frequent replacement of the dust bag: 99.99% dimensions as low as 0.3 micron particles, every time you have used to replace the dust bag, dust bag filter for use, easy to clean, do not need to clean up every day. The disadvantage is long time, the filter capacity of the dust bag has declined, the cloth pores will open, filtering ability drops seriously, need to change.

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