Artificial Stone 024

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TT or L/C
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1000SQM m²
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3000SQM/Month m²/month

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Quick Details of  Artificial Stone 024



*Joint invisible,more beautiful appearance


*No bubbles,anti-pollution,clear and more convenient


*High tenacity


*Smooth,solid,inconspicuous seams


*Superior stain/bacteria/chemical resistance


*Easily repairable


*Very low water absorption & excellent penetrability


*Very high oxygen index & flame resistant


*Warm touch,colourful and beautiful


Extremely durable and easy to maintain and repair.


Product Name

Artificial Stone 024

Place of Origin


Brand Name


CE Certification



Wooden Pallet & Packing




Polished,flamed,bush-hammered,brushed,honed, etc.

Surface Finishing



Natural Artificial Stone

Stone Form



All the world

Specifications of Artificial Stone 024

1. state-owned biggest factory, world top 500 enterprises.

2. we have various colors sizes images which with high quality low price and safe dealing.

3. we are a professional manufacuter,so we own many qurries for your requirements.

4. fast delivery and big quantity supply and well-deserved reputation.

5. advanced production equipment, mature production process, rich production experience.

6.Usage detail: widely used in home decoration, morden commercial space, entertainment facilities, commercial office areas, ect.

7.Applicant: Flooring Tile, Countertop, Wall cladding, Paving, Landscaping

Packing & Delivery:

Packaging Detail:

Standard fumigated seaworthy wooden bundles with plastic foam cover

Delivery Detail:

Within 10 days after received L/C or T/T 30% deposit for one container

The series of products using innovative production technology, using such as raw materials jade pure, using computer more pipelines from tile colour cloth, texture, light feeling, all aspects designs create perfect create beautiful and elegent noble generous adornment effect. We have many different color and different design in this series, this tile is good sell in the supermarket, shopping mall.

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Artificial Stone 024 

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Q:What is the best choice for buying a cupboard?
Marble originally produced in Yunnan Province, Dali white with a black pattern of limestone, the profile can form a natural ink landscape painting, the ancient often selected with a pattern of marble used to make the painting screen or mosaic, and later the name of the marble counter gradually Developed to call all kinds of colored patterns, used to do the construction of decorative materials, limestone, white marble is generally known as white marble, but the translation of the Western statue of white marble is also known as marble.
Q:Artificial marble dirty how to clean up? Is there any trick?
With Amway's LOC or quick cleaning can be washed away, it is convenient, if it is oil, with a sponge gourd or health brush dipped in flour.
Q:What is the current use of aluminum hydroxide powder and unsaturated resin, the need to add a specific type of brightener?
Whitening way can be titanium white, fluorescent whitening agent, and ultramarine. Fluorescent whitening agent is harmful to health.
Q:Artificial stone how to bond
In the artificial stone bonding, the main steps are as follows: 1, in the section before cleaning, to eliminate all the cement residue, dust, some easy to remove the particles to be carefully removed. And will be bound to the stone to the seam inspection, seams do not have residue and small particles. 2, cross-section cleaning: In order to remove the stubborn area of ​​dust, first with the German Ya Ke US strong cleaning agent (10826) on the section, the back of a thorough cleaning, and then rinse with water many times. 3, dry: in the natural dry conditions, should be dry, generally should be dry more than 12h, the sun drying more than 4h is appropriate. 4, adjust the plastic: According to the length of the gap and the size of the gap to adjust the amount of plastic, how much should be applied to the requirements of the curing agent and the requirements of the level of temperature modulation, adjust the curing reaction time should meet the requirements, the reaction is too fast and easy to cure Then, too slow is not conducive to curing adhesive. 5, cross-section bonding: evenly adjust the glue with a good plastic as soon as possible in the joint section, and then align the joints, forced out of the excess glue to the corresponding two sides of the straightness as a reference standard, and correct The degree of flatness. 6, dry: natural conditions for more than three days is appropriate drying, the quality of this section is directly related to the next step in the installation and grinding, it must be taken seriously, or will come to naught, affecting the progress of the project.
Q:TV back wall with artificial stone line okay
In general, marble and more for the European-style living room decoration style. The marble as a TV backdrop of the decorative material, there will be a tough alternative style. Of course, this tough style to be homeowners and family recognition and acceptance Caixing. Compared with the noisy city, natural and simple marble gives a kind of psychological peace and quiet feeling. Choose them as a backdrop can make people feel good, to create a simple home style, is also a good choice. Marble walls and large living room, its delicate lines, smooth surface, with the atmosphere of natural furniture more highlights fashion.
Q:Artificial marble countertops how to deal with anti-fouling anti-penetration
This is the problem of marble itself, the density will be better, can not prevent, how can the kitchen no oil no dirt, the only thing that can be done is to clean in time. Infiltration into the basic did not save
Q:Artificial marble desk afraid of hot it
Afraid of oil pollution, due to the structural characteristics of such synthetic materials, the internal molecular arrangement is not particularly close, the possibility of oil penetration or objective existence.
Q:Is the cupboard made of natural marble or artificial marble?
First, the natural marble defects Natural stone is not waterproof, a long time there is water splashing on the ground will deepen the color of stone, into the face. In addition, marble is radioactive, to the dealer for product radioactive certificate, according to the stone's radiation level to choose;         Second, the advantages of artificial marble Artificial marble than natural marble light weight, high strength, thin thickness, corrosion resistance, anti-pollution, a better processing, can be made curved, curved surface, easy construction. But in the color and texture is less than natural marble beautiful, natural soft.
Q:What is the prospect of artificial marble now? Have you ever known?
Artificial marble prospect is good, according to the prospective industry research institute "2016-2021 China marble industry market prospecting and investment strategic planning analysis report" shows that man-made marble from natural marble powder re-processing, with many natural marble characteristics, , Gloss and wear resistance are better than the natural marble, artificial marble color, texture, delicate, lighter weight, there is no color between the same color and radioactive material. And man-made marble in the moisture, acid, alkali, high temperature, piecks have made great progress.
Q:The difference between man-made stone and granite
Artificial stone can be cut into unique shapes and curvatures, complex edge shapes, tailor-made drains, insulated racks, and artificial colors of various colors can be easily mosaic with each other or with other materials, resulting in excellent countertops. Artificial stone has a variety of colors and textures, suitable for the kitchen now bright and clean style, and the color style and color is consistent and unified.
It's specialized in stone manufactural.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hezhou, China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value Above US$ 30 Million
Main Markets Aisa; Mid East; Eastern Europe; North America; South America
Company Certifications ISO 9001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Beihai, China
Export Percentage 15% - 20%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 10-15 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Medium