Artificial Stone 016

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Product Description:


Artificial Stone 016


Cut to size for kitchen and bathroom countertops

Thickness 20-30MM


Surface finishing:

Polished, honed, flamed, bush-hammered , etc.



Packaging Detail:

Inner: wrapped with foam Outer: wooden bundles/crates/pallet



Artificial StoneEdge Processing:





Wooden bundles/crates/pallet

Strict monitoring management is applied in the whole processing from the raw material gathering, block choosing, manufacturing, quality testing and packaging, which can be ensured the superior quality and timely delivery.


1. 100% Natural slate stone


2. No radiation pollution


3. Fire and freeze resistan


4. Rich in vein and Various colors


Artificial Stone packingArtificial Stone packing

About the certificate


Artificial Stone ce
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Q:What is the difference between natural quartz stone and artificial quartz stone? What is the artificial stone of the decoration?
Decoration is said to be artificial quartz stone, quartz is the main material to add resin to the synthesis of an artificial stone, quartz content of 90% or more, from the plate can see a lot of transparent particles, that is, quartz, artificial quartz Stone table inherited some of the characteristics of quartz, such as high hardness, high temperature, beautiful color and so on. Disadvantages are not easy to process, the fracture can not be repaired, the basic can only do the formation of the table. As for the natural quartz stone, look almost with the crystal, is a cluster of clusters of crystals, can not do the plate.
Q:What kind of man-made stone is high in hardness
Do not know what you are doing, if it is a cabinet, you can choose acrylic or quartz stone countertops.
Q:I would like to ask: how to remove the traces of artificial marble countertops
1, repair artificial marble countertops cracking, countertop cracking if not early repair, the water will penetrate along the cracks and affect the cabinet, the general cabinet material even dew river and love grid cabinet is sawdust suppression, see the water will Inflated. The table is very small when the cracks are not seepage, but with the passage of time, cracks will gradually become larger, and even deformation, once the deformation, the table will not repair the value of the new table must be replaced. Replacement of artificial stone, quartz stone countertops, renovation table. 2, replace the bowl blue, pull the basket, seasoning basket, drawer slide. 3, repair, replace the door panels and cabinet edge, replace the door. 4, replace the door hinge, handle, to solve the collision between the door or door and the friction between the countertop problem. 5, dismantling counters, change counters, replace the sink cabinet. 6, countertops hole (sink hole, stove hole), the stage basin to change the basin basin. 7, made all kinds of artificial stone, quartz stone, stainless steel countertops.
Q:Artificial stone terrazzo advantages
Building performance and mechanical properties and various buildings used in the quality of terrazzo floor is no different, in line with GB GB20209-2002 requirements, in line with JC507-1993 construction terrazzo products standards.
Q:Artificial stone countertops how to judge good or bad?
Because the artificial stone pattern, color and more easy to shape, which makes it the most common use of the overall cabinet countertop material, but some of the poor quality of artificial stone countertops often appear cracks, artificial stone quality depends mainly on the quality of material Add aluminum powder or calcium powder. Aluminum chemical composition is aluminum hydroxide, the stability is better, but also more environmentally friendly; and calcium chemical composition of calcium carbonate, relatively rough, anti-permeability, stability is relatively poor. The price of calcium powder is about one tenth of the price of aluminum powder. With the naked eye consumers simply can not be presented separately material. In general, consumers can judge by two ways: (1) saw the observation. Good quality man-made stone cross-section from the volume, showing flake. And poor quality is broken, the adhesion is relatively poor. (2) Ignition observation. Take a 50 cm small sample, ignited the alcohol lamp blue flame, and then slowly leave the flame, aluminum plate flame will be automatically extinguished in 3 seconds, and calcium powder board flame will last more than 10 seconds.
Q:What are the advantages of artificial stone and quartz stone? What's the difference
Quartz stone is the main component of quartz sand and very little resin, high hardness and high temperature does not leak oil, high quality quartz stone green light can also seamlessly stitching, because the quartz stone is too hard to do like a variety of artificial stone Shaped shape. Comparison of artificial stone and quartz stone is very simple, artificial stone is generally 11 - 12 thick, quartz stone is 15 thick, artificial stone is much lighter than quartz stone, artificial stone intolerant scraping, quartz stone scraping injury.
Q:Does the cabinet choose stainless steel table? Comparison of artificial stone and artificial quartz stone.
Natural stone countertops Natural stone, including a variety of patterns of granite, marble, more commonly used are two kinds of black and white flowers. Advantages: natural stone density is relatively large, hard texture, scratch performance is very prominent, good wear resistance, and texture is very beautiful, the cost is relatively low, is a kind of affordable table material. Disadvantages: 1. Natural stone with pores, easy to accumulate grease; 2. Natural stone is short, two stitching can not be seamless, easy to breed bacteria; 3. Natural stone density, the need for strong cabinet support; , But the lack of flexibility, in case of a blow will be cracks, it is difficult to repair, some invisible natural cracks, the case of rapid changes in temperature will be broken; natural marble brittle, can not produce more than 1 meter format table. Special reminder: natural stone part of the material may have radioactive and scattered gas, do not meet the environmental requirements, if not a special process, may cause harm to the human body, so the best choice for radiation testing.
Q:The Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Marble
High quality artificial stone is made of natural ore powder, high performance resin and natural pigment vacuum casting or molding. Is a non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green new materials.
Q:What are the characteristics of high quality artificial stone basin?
High quality artificial stone basin features: 1, appearance: smooth surface, no pores, hemp and other defects, beautiful colors, the substrate surface should have a sense of particle suspension, with a certain degree of transparency. 2, physical and chemical properties: with sufficient strength, stiffness, hardness, especially the impact resistance, anti-scratch is better. 3, durability: with weather resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to deformation and resistance to cold quenching heat.
Q:How to remove rust on artificial stone
Scope: suitable for hotels, hotels, senior office buildings, hospitals, factories and other public places of indoor, outdoor walls, floor cleaning work in addition to stains.
Founded in 1996, located in Chinese pottery city - Foshan Guangdong. Keeps in 200 million dollars on export trade value of every year. It is a modern enterprise specializing in producing all types of ceramic tiles and porcelain tile.The company has developed many kinds of products with different art styles to meet different requirements of customers.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong, China
Year Established 1998
Annual Output Value US$ 30 Million - US$ 100 Million
Main Markets Domestic Market
North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Central America
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
South Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Foshan,Nansha,Shenzhen
Export Percentage 91% - 100%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 51-100 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 35000.00 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average Hign