9w 18w Microwave radar sensor LED Induction TubeNew Hot-sale Factory Price

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Pure White Lamp luminous flux(lm): 90/W Body material: Aluminum
Working lifetime(Hour): 50000 Power(W): 18 Certification: CCC,CE,CQC,RoHS,UL
Working Temperature(℃): -20-+50 PF: >0.9 Input voltage(V): 100-277
CRI (Ra>): >80 Warranty: three years

Product Description:

Quick Details

Item Type:

Induction Lamps


Low Frequency Induction Lamp





Working Frequency:





Rotatable linear shape


9W/18W 85V-265V Warm WhiteMicrowave radar sensor LED Induction Tube

Input Voltage:


Lumens Output:


Power Consumption:





80 Ra

Beam angle:

120 degree

Working Temperature:

-20~45 ℃


Aluminm+plastic or glass


3 yrs

Orchid-led's intelligence radar microwave sensor LED Tube lamp Uses microwave Doppler principle, cleverly put microwave sensors miniatures in LED induction tube, when no moving objects in the induction zone, LED  induction T8 in a dormant state, the lamp in the low brightness of 3 W (optional) state, not only satisfy the security requirements of lighting, and maximize the play of the advantages of LED lighting (according to the previous experience the parking lot, 24 hours of electricity can save about 85-90%).When a vehicle passes, LED microwave induction lamp low brightness in 0.2 seconds is waken up quickly reaching the bright lighting, power is 18W, completely replace the 60W fluorescent light,convenient car parking.The car or human activities in the induction region, LED Induction tube has remained high brightness, when the car or human leave the sensing area after 30 seconds,it will be changed into the automatic low brightness state intelligent LED lamp, the power is only 3W (optional).

9w 18w Microwave radar sensor LED Induction TubeNew Hot-sale Factory Price






1. PC+Aluminum body design ensures both safety and stability.

2. Prominent thermal management guarantees long life span.

3. Instant started without delay, no flicker, no noise.

4. No IR & UV radiation, mercury-free, environment friendly.

5. Single-ended solution/double-ended solution.

6. Compatible with ballast, easy to instal and direct replace traditional tube without rewiring.

7. High quality Radar/Microwave sensor with 3years Limited warranty.

8. Standby brightness could be customerized,10%,30% or off,default brightness:10%

9. Microwave Sensor with trigger angle 180°,trigger distance 5-8M

10.Rapid response Can be within 0.2 seconds

11.Not affected by environment, more stable performance

12. Save 70% more power than ordinary LED tubes,really energy saving




Power consumption9 W 
18W ± 1W
LED typeSMD 2835 SMD 2835
Luminous Flux>850 lm>1650 lm
Color rendering index>80>80
Power factor>90%>90%
Beam angle120°120°
Color temperature2700K-6500K2700K-6500K
Size600mm* Ø26mm1200mm Ø26mm
CoverMilky \ Clear Milky \ Clear 
Lamp holderG13G13
Working VoltageAC85-264V(50-60Hz)AC85-264V(50-60Hz)
Service Life35, 000hrs35, 000hrs





1, High efficiency and energy saving at the same brightness, energy- saving LED lights 1000 hour 1 kWh of electricity consumption, ordinaryincandescent lamps 17-hour 1 kWh of electricity consumption, common energy-saving lamp 100 hour 1 kWh of electricity consumption.


2, super long life LED lamp use life of up to tens of thousands of hours,ordinary incandescent lamp service life more than 1000 hours.


3 health no ultraviolet and infrared light, light, no radiation, no pollution.General energy-saving lamp and incandescent light in the ultraviolet andinfrared.


4, Green does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead, havebenefited from recovery and utilization and does not produce electromagneticinterference.


5, protect eyesight using a DC power supply-driven, no Flash, general lightingis AC drive, strobe inevitably bad for the eyes for a long time.


6, high efficiency heating of small, 90% of electrical power into visible light, incandescent only 20% electric energy translated into visible light and80% of electrical energy into heat energy for limited resources is a greatwaste.


7, safety factor required for high voltage, low current, low heat, no securityrisks, which can be used in mines and other dangerous places.


8, IntelliSense: there is no sound (clap, Stomp, etc) without disturbing, whensomeone enters the detection range of microwave radar sensor dimmer lamp, LEDmicrowave radar sensor module


Wave detector lights, tube light 18W; when people leave the detection range,the microwave sensor dimmer lamp keep 3W brightness (also usually does notlight, to full brightness after induction)


9, intelligent time delay: switch is detected automatically after eachactivity of the human body to postponed a period (30s or so) and with humanactivity, an extension of time for the last time as the starting point thenext time, delay time can be adjusted.




9w 18w Microwave radar sensor LED Induction TubeNew Hot-sale Factory Price

9w 18w Microwave radar sensor LED Induction TubeNew Hot-sale Factory Price



Quality Control:


100% of the lamps will be tested and keep lighting for 24 hours to test its quality reliability,and we will also test its temperature after 24 hours’lighting.Then after it is cool we again test 100% of the lamps to see if it still work well.Each lamp should pass all these QC procedures before shipping to customer.

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Q:If the body is accidentally broken, will it be electrocuted?
You don't touch the electrodes without touching the two electrodes. But be careful when you break
Q:How much is the ballast of the fluorescent tube coming out
When the ballast is activated in the fluorescent lamp, the fluorescent powder is activated by high pressure, which makes the tube glow. After the completion of the ballast, the ballast will be reduced to the voltage limit, reducing the voltage to about 150V.
Q:How does the traditional daylight lamp tube replace the LED light tube?
The regenerator will be removed with the rectifier.I hope my answer is useful to you.
Q:A set of lamps and lanterns
There's a lot to see how you get hungry, the prices are different,
Q:Can a fluorescent lamp electronic ballast be powered by an led
All right, but this is something that is familiar to electronic technology.
Q:Why don't leds need a rectifier
LED is a dc device, and the driver must be different. If you do not remove the rectifier, you may not install the LED lamp.
Q:Sales LED T5 T8 daylight lamp tube ask how to seek customer on the net
I also do this, and now the market for leds is not very big, only companies that are looking for engineering, energy efficiency projects. Don't search for an agent.
Q:20wled bulbs are more energy-efficient than 20w fluorescent bulbs
LED power, which USES electricity at the same brightness, is 80 per cent of other appliances.
Q:The LED light bulb is more efficient than the daylight lamp
If you have to do the right thing to protect your eyes, you won't be able to complete the test unless the national instrument gives you the test. Save electricity, let alone the affirmation is LED lights save electricity, and fluorescent lamp power, also LED to light a lot, the brightness of the fluorescent lamp 20 watts, LED 7 watts around as long as can achieve to about 20 watts of fluorescent lamp, can save electric energy 50%.
Q:The lamp tube of LED lamp is full plastic lamp tube good or half plastic half aluminium tube good?
The whole plastic lamp tube mainly USES the non-isolated power source, in order to avoid the electric shock problem, so adopt the whole plastic lamp tube. It USES a phi 5 hat tube LED. The biggest problem is that the cooling problem, because all the heat sealed in tube, don't spread out, the light failure is severe, plus straw hat tube original life is very short, less than 2000 hours it broke. And half plastic and aluminum tube is the market sales of the LED fluorescent lamp is essentially the half PC alloy, in need of pervious to light the plastic, half without pervious to light and the need to adopt aluminum alloy heat dissipation of the half. The power is placed inside the aluminum tube, so the heat from the LED and the heat from the power supply is quite large, since the power of the lamp is usually around 20W. The power is larger, and the semi-aluminum tube doesn't solve the heat problem. Leds are English light emitting diode (LED), its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor chip, silver white glue or adhesive curing to the bracket, and then use silver or gold wire connection chip and circuit board, and then sealed with epoxy resin around, protect the internal core, final installation of the shell, so the LED of the seismic performance is good. The area of application involves cell phones, lamps, electrical appliances and other household appliances and machinery production

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