30Tons High Quality Manual Chain Block Chain hoist

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Quick Details

  • Condition: New

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:CNBM

  • Model Number: VC-A30T

  • Usage: Construction Hoist

  • Power Source: Hand Chain

  • Sling Type: Chain

  • Maximum Lifting Weight: 45 tons

  • Maximum Lifting Height: 9M

  • Lift Speed: same with your speed

  • Certification: CE and GS

  • Warranty: one year

  • Rated Capacity: 30tons

  • Material: steel

  • Load Chain Diameter: 9MM

  • No. of load chains: 8

  • Net Weight: 220kg

  • Color: red or yellow

  • Description: 45 tons*3M VC-A chain block

  • Load chain diameter: 9mm


 Main Features

Superior rigidity makes the hoist dust-proof and water-pfoof;
Severe environment and work condition are acceptable;
Simple structure and few components
Adopt Janpanese FEC chain;
To greatly enhance the performance of the fatigue  and wearresistance.
Limit protection adevice can avoid overload occerring;
Hook bolt can prevent the rigging accidently from slip;
Moter is equipped with thermal protection device;
limit contactors are set in the machine.





 Parameter List


 30Tons High Quality Manual Chain Block Chain hoist




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Q:Which brand is better for imported rigging?
Germany's mechanical products are better, quality world-class, CarlStahl sling rigging is Germany's old brand.
Q:How much is the crane arm of the tower from the residential building recently?
(1) hook safety device: a sling that prevents the hook from slipping and is automatically slipped from the hook. A spring is arranged at the opening of the hook head to seal the opening; the spring sheet can only be pressed downwards and can not be turned upwards after being put into the sling to prevent the sling from falling off automatically.(2): reel insurance device is effective measure to prevent accidents caused by improper wire rope winding drum out outside. There are different ways to do this. The main reason is that a steel bar is welded outside the drum to restrict the wire rope to move within the reel range.(3) fixed foundation: the depth of digging pit is 600mm, the concrete is poured on the lime soil, the surface is smooth, and the waterproof and earthing protection measures are adopted.
Q:What are the precautions for rigging in hoisting works?
1. develop good hoisting habits and plan how to hang, lift and unload before lifting.2. prepare: determine the weight of the hanging object and its center of gravity, read the attached document carefully, mark the lifting point and weight data. Only when the center of gravity has been determined can the hook be hung at the right place!3. the crane operator shall be informed of the weight of the suspended object.4. the crane hook shall be hung vertically above the center of gravity of the suspended object.5. lifting heavy pieces, both to avoid damage to lifting objects, but also to prevent damage to the rigging itself. The following conditions shall be observed in order to avoid rotation or fall:(a) single leg rigging, the lifting point shall be perpendicular to the center of gravity of the lifting object.(b) if it is a two leg rigging, the suspension point shall be on either side of the lifting object, with the lifting point above the center of gravity.(c) if it is a three leg and four leg rigging, the suspension point shall be evenly located at the center of gravity of the lifting object, and above the center of gravity of the suspended object.Attention must be paid to the lifting angle, between the vertical and the leg): the greater the lifting angle, the smaller the lifting capacity. Lifting angles of more than 60 degrees are absolutely not allowed!
Q:They are used for slings, ropes, chains, suspenders, hand hoists, right?
A variety of commonly used wire rope phosphating coating steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire rope or coated steel wire rope.
Q:What are the installation steps for crane beams?
Crane operation is relatively dangerous, the installation of crane beam should be standardized to ensure the safety of crane operation. How many points should I pay attention to when installing the crane?:(1) the actual elevation of the corbel should be measured before the installation of the steel crane beam, so that the construction error of the elevation can be adjusted when the crane beam is installed, so as to prevent the error accumulation.The installation sequence of crane beam is as follows: installing crane beam, installing auxiliary truss and installing brake beam.(2) crane shall be used by slings, lashing or reliable clamps. The binding point shall be determined according to the weight and length of the crane beam. Generally, the angle of the sling shall be greater than 45 degrees at the ends of the center of gravity of the crane beam.(3) should be placed after the crane beam, the connecting plate is connected with the fixed edge plate and column crane girder structure, to prevent the crane hook loose after crane girder longitudinal and lateral movement of dumping.(4) crane beam correction should be performed in all bolts after installation, to prevent the installation of bolts when the crane beam shift change; prohibited welding in the crane girder under the flange and web on suspension and fixture.(5) adjust the elevation of the crane beam, correct the center line and span after titanium.
Q:Which sling manufacturer is more reliable?
Rigging is made of wire rope, plug or aluminium alloy head, and the key to the service life of the rigging is the quality of the wire rope.
Q:Why do not different kinds or different sizes of slings and slings are used together?
Or different specifications of slings and slings are used together; the carrying capacity of the sling shall not exceed the rated lifting capacity; the sling shall not exceed the safety load; the lifting crane shall check whether the connection point is firm and reliable
Q:What's the catch?
Slings are ropes made of wire or synthetic fiber, used for hoisting.
Q:Where should I pay attention to the formwork?
When the welded steel bar and the formwork are installed together, the following requirements shall be met:The formwork must be fixed on the joint of the load-bearing welded steel frame;When installing the reinforcing steel formwork assembly, the sling shall be tied up according to the hanging point designed by the template.
Q:Requirements and matters needing attention in hoisting
Hoisting tower tank by using rotary method or down method, wrist hinge at the bottom of the tower installation must have the ability level of the thrust generated resistance during lifting, the lifting process of the tower body around the ropes must be reliable, the tower height of the rotary position, slowly falling into the foundation, avoid accidents and deformation.

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