1.5T chain hoist/chain block high quality

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Quick Details

  • Condition: New

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: CNBM

  • Model Number: SK-1.5T

  • Usage: Construction Hoist

  • Power Source: Hand Chain

  • Sling Type: Chain

  • Maximum Lifting Weight: 1.5ton

  • Maximum Lifting Height: 12M

  • Lift Speed: same with your speed

  • Certification: CE and GS

  • Warranty: one year

  • After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided

  • Rated Capacity: 1.5ton

  • Standard Lifting height: 2.5M

  • Test Load: 2.25t

  • Port: Tianjin

  • Description: 1.5t coffing chain hoist

  • No. of Load chains: 1

  • Fall chain diameter: 8mm

  • N.W: 16KG

  • Color: red or as your opitions



Main Features

Superior rigidity makes the hoist dust-proof and water-pfoof;
Severe environment and work condition are acceptable;
Simple structure and few components
Adopt Janpanese FEC chain;
To greatly enhance the performance of the fatigue  and wearresistance.
Limit protection adevice can avoid overload occerring;
Hook bolt can prevent the rigging accidently from slip;
Moter is equipped with thermal protection device;
limit contactors are set in the machine.











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  1. We can make special sample according to the customer’s requirement.

  2. We have more than 60 professional technical team, provide best after-sales service

  3. Fast delivery time

  4. We have CE, ISO9001 and GS certification.




1.What’s your product range?
Electric Hoist: electric chain hoist , electric wire rope hoist, mini wire rope electric hoist, mini electric chain hoist.
Manual Chain Hoist and Lever Hoist Chain , Trolley , Jack,Lifting Strap,Cable Pulley, hand pallet truck,etc.
2.When Can I get the quotation?
We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry . If you are very urgent to get the price , please tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry priority.
3.How can I get a sample to check your quality?
After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality. If you need the samples, you need pay the express fee ,
4.What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
1. Lifting capacity.
2. Lifting height.(hook center to ground)
3. Power supply: Voltage.
4. Span(rail center to rail center)
5. Working condition: which material to lift? temprature?
6. Would be better if you have drawings of your plant.



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Q:Which brand is better for imported rigging?
CarlStahl set up Chinese branch in Hangzhou in 2006, mainly engaged in CarlStahl brand heavy duty crane, lifting fixture, spring balancer, hoist, crane beam, lift hook, rope, wire rope, tie, round sling hoisting products etc..
Q:They are used for slings, ropes, chains, suspenders, hand hoists, right?
The steel rope, chain and sling belt can be directly used as slings, and the hand chain hoist can not be used as slings.
Q:What are the dangerous sections of the crane hook?
B -B and A-A section section of the same, B -B section in the sling tension loading, have been straightened and cut off the trend here, shearing stress is maximum, it is also dangerous section.
Q:What are the connections and differences between hooks, slings, rings and heavy truck rings in cranes? What are the hoisting designs?
Chain lifting sling series: high strength chain sling, single leg sling, double leg sling, three leg sling and combination sling.5. traction rope series: synthetic fiber traction belt, wire rope, traction rope, trailer rope, high tension wire, traction rope, silk rope.6. ladder series: nylon rope ladder, rope ladder, ladder, climbing ladder, closed sea rescue ladder.7., metallurgical spreader series: C spreader, bending hook, billet clamp, round bar clamp, metallurgical special sling,
Q:Which sling manufacturer is more reliable?
A variety of commonly used wire rope phosphating coating steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire rope or coated steel wire rope, the use of atmospheric environment, patented technology to produce manganese phosphating coating of steel wire rope has the longest lifespan, heavy corrosion environment optimization of hot galvanized wire rope double - phosphating coating.
Q:Why do not different kinds or different sizes of slings and slings are used together?
Choose proper slings and slings according to the specific conditions of the heavy loads; no heavy weights are allowed to be attached directly with the hooks, and no different kinds are allowed
Q:What does the inspection of rigging involve?
The crane used in atmospheric environment, preferably manganese phosphide coating, steel wire rope, heavy corrosive environment, preferred hot-dip galvanized double phosphating steel wire rope, priority wire rope in sea water. Please note that at the time of purchase, in the purchase invoice must indicate the name of wire rope, such as phosphate coated wire rope or 316 stainless steel wire rope, prevent illegal infringement of their legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, to counterfeit products in addition, patent products are generally in the rope on the outer packing is patent spraying mark, warranty book should be the main technical indicators, such as the phosphating film type and weight (film has an important influence on the weight of phosphating film size, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the service life of the wire rope, for reference only)
Q:What torture refers to the lever and the sling
The sling hanging and torture half pig "(only one side of the body hanging victims), pawn (tied hanging arm and feet) and so on, all belong to the suspension of torture throughout human skin nerve endings, the feeling is very sensitive, in the daily life of people on the outside of the pain, is the nerve end suspension shoot at work. Some nerve endings, such as fingers, toes, sexual organs, etc., are more acute and abnormal. The distribution of the human nerve network also forms many subcutaneous sensitive areas, such as the two sides of the spine, the armpit, the medial thigh, the two rib, and so on. Therefore, the users of torture also torture people according to these physiological characteristics of the human body, and bring great suffering to the sufferers with more labor-saving means. The vast majority of the torture we know fall into this category, and the torture against women is basically the same.
Q:What is the name of the wire above the train?
The catenary provides 25 thousand volt power frequency alternating current for the locomotive, according to the locomotive model difference, adopts the direct step-down, the frequency conversion power supply or the AC and DC conversion power supply, this is mainly for the speed regulation convenience.
Q:Requirements and matters needing attention in hoisting
We often encounter equipment installation, transport and installation work, whether the derrick is lifting or hoisting machinery should pay attention to the following points: (1) the indigenous construction equipment for handling mobile rolling method, the rolling rod thickness should be consistent, should buetow annual row width is 50cm long, no gloves in rollers. While loading and unloading piping shall not be greater than 20 degrees slope, raceway erection should be smooth, solid, joints staggered, the rolling speed is not too fast, when necessary to use ropes.(2) in the course of installation, if problems are found, measures should be taken in time, and then continue to be hoisted after treatment.(3) large tower equipment for hoisting derrick, hoists joint operation, the hoist hoisting speed must be roughly the same, to ensure that the tower body of each suspension force roughly uniform, avoid the tower stress uneven deformation.

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