220V Single Phase 0.75kw 1 hp AC Drive (Frequency Converter/Inverter)

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10 unit
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100 unit/month

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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Model Number:

EM9 series vector frequency inverter

Output Power:


Output Type:



As per product



Input Voltage:


Output Voltage:



DC/AC Inverters

Output Frequency:


Output Current:







All Model are Integrated IGBT

Control mode:

Vector control/ VF control

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

standard carton/crate package

Delivery Detail:

Within 3-5days after receiving the payment



Vector control frequency Inverter,

All model are integrated IGBT,  

Built-in RS485 card, and approved by CE,

and optional displaying 4 lines keypad.

Products Features:

Input Voltage Range:380/220V±15%

Input Frequency Range:47~63Hz

Output Voltage Range:0~rated input voltage

Output Frequency Range:0~600Hz

Overload Capacity:60s with 150% of rated current, 10s with 180% of rated current.

Self study motor parameter function

Control Mode: Sensorless Vector Control (SVC); Constant Torque; V/F Control.

Speed Accuracy: Sensorless Vector Control :±0.5% of maximum speed (SVC)

Starting Torque: 150% of rated torque at 0.5Hz (SVC).

Programmable Timing Running(Simple PLC)

All model are integrated IGBT, and optional displaying 4 lines keypad.

The malfunction ratio is 0.1% within 18 months warranty.

All the above items have been passed the CE-EMC and CE-LVD certificate; you will enjoy desirable using and a guaranteed after-sale service.

Which kind of voltages frequency grade we can provide?

1 Phase input, 3 phase output, 200-240V, 0.75-7.5KW

3 Phases input, 3 phase output 200-240V, 0.75-500KW

3 Phases input, 3 phase output 380-415V, 0.75-630KW

3 Phases input, 3 phase output 420-480V, 0.75-630KW

3 Phases input, 3 phase output 575-690V, 11-630KW


  1. What is the minimium quantity?

    10 units.

2. How many days do you need to produce?

   We can delivery the goods within 5 days after receiving your payment.

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Q:Is the laptop power adapter AC and DC?
Notebook power adapter is not AC and DC. Power adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electrical and electronic power supply conversion equipment, generally by the shell, power transformers and rectifier circuit, the working power for the exchange (China AC standard AC 220V), according to its output Types can be divided into AC (AC) output type and DC (DC) output type. General notebook power adapter are DC output, is the exchange of DC conversion equipment.
Q:Laptop power adapter bad what is the phenomenon?
Either the power is bad or the machine on the power supply module is bad to repair service
Q:Do you need to rectify before switching?
Need to rectify. The inverter is actually an inverter, which first turns the alternating current into direct current, then switches the DC power with the electronic components, changes to alternating current, and the general-purpose inverter is equipped with a thyristor and an adjustable frequency The frequency is adjustable in a certain range, and it is used to control the number of revolutions of the motor, so that the number of revolutions can be adjusted within a certain range.The frequency converter is widely used in the speed regulation of AC motor. Technology development direction, with the development of power electronics technology, AC frequency conversion technology from theory to practice gradually mature. Inverter not only smooth speed, large range, high efficiency, start current is small, smooth operation, and energy saving effect is obvious. Therefore, the exchange frequency control has gradually replaced the traditional traditional slip speed, variable speed control, DC speed control system, more and more widely used in metallurgy, textile, printing and dyeing, smoke machine production lines and buildings, Water supply and other fields. Generally divided into rectifier circuit, flat wave circuit, control circuit, inverter circuit, and so on several major parts.
Q:Short-term short-circuit converter DC link positive and negative will damage the inverter?
the switch signal Is the fan running up after the speed line is low, this can be shorted. Pulse is every turn a circle, send two pulses to the speed line
Q:Jd1a-40 motor speed controller and how to connect the motor
First, variable pole alignment speed method This method of speed control is to change the stator winding winding red method to change the cage motor stator pole pairs to reach the speed control target, the characteristics are as follows: This method is suitable for production machinery which does not need stepless speed regulation, such as metal cutting machine, lift, lifting equipment, fan, water pump and so on. Second, the frequency control method Frequency control is to change the frequency of the motor stator power supply, thus changing the speed of its synchronous speed control method. Frequency converter system can be divided into exchange - DC - exchange converter and exchange - exchange inverter two categories, most of the current domestic use of cross - straight - cross frequency converter. Its characteristics: This method is suitable for the requirements of high precision, better speed performance.
Q:A water supply project, how to choose electrodes and frequency converters, such as giving a 7-storey water supply
4. Set by pressure (0.3-0.4Mpa). Control the inverter can be.
Q:Siemens g120 inverter torque limit what is the meaning
Torque is a strain, the inverter can not actively control the output torque size, only according to the size of the load demand torque, the output of the corresponding torque.
Q:How to make the motor speed (control speed), can not use frequency
Do not use the variable frequency motor with the speed motor
Q:380V motor addition to the inverter, but also how to change its speed?
Rotary motor rotor series resistance adjustable speed. 4. Change the slip electromagnetic speed (slip motor)
Q:Inverter with 2.2KW 6 pole motor. 1 minute 8 times reversing often burn the motor, how to solve. For the 2 pole 4KW motor is the same.
3. Can try (the effect is not necessarily), for a large inverter and variable frequency motor, and the inverter installed braking unit, braking resistor.

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