2014 Popular Office Chair A027 from Fortune Global 500 compoany

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30000 pc/month

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 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Export packing carton:5-ply


packing carton size: 96*38.5*58 cm

Carton N.W:13.8 kg  G.W:15.5 kg

Delivery Detail:30-35days


metal office chair/manager chair/office chair 
1. PU or cow split leather cover seat cushions
2. mesh material also is feasible
3. Soft padded chrome armrest

4. Butterfly mechanism or multi-function mechansim also is feasible meets EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard 
5. EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard Gas-lift tested by TUV

6. Top quality chrome base meets EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard

7. Nylon castors EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard


PRODUCT SIZE: W60*D58*H117-127cm



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Q:What's the best chair for reading?
I read on a sofa couch but my back is to the arm rest and my knees are up. That's comfy.
Q:how do you adjust a steelcase chair 430312?
Sledge hammer
Q:Best potty chair for a boy?
i agree that simpler is better at this stage, but a nice trick for when he gets a little older to help with his aim is to put a cheerio in the bowl as a target. never fails.
Q:I lost weight and my office chair is suddenly very uncomfortable?
Get a new chair. A good chair is important. Do NOT skimp on a chair if you plan on working in it. Don't break the bank, but don't skimp. Same is true for shoes, flooring, kitchen knives or anything you need on a daily basis. Cheap things are cheap for a reason. My parents taught me long ago to get nice things, keep them a long time and spend the money once. You'll be happier and it is less expensive in the long run. That said, price can be indicative of quality, but it is never a MEASURE of quality. A $60 chair probably won't fit well or last long. A $500 dollar chair is a rip off or some art-deco thing that doesn't aid your comfort any. Shop around and you'll find something.
Q:Help with Maplestory chairs?
There is a quest that gets you the big blue chair, but you can't do that quest till level 50 or 60 I think. Yeah, if you left the island, you can't go back. There's also an iTCG chair but I don't know how to get it.
Q:how do i recover chairs?
Your question needs to have more information provided in order for me to assist you better. When talking about chairs, have you looked on the underside of the seat area to see if it is screwed down and removable? Or are they like parsons chairs that are completely covered with fabric from the seat to the back of chair? You need to be more specific on type of chair before I can tell you how to do this. If the seat portion of the chair is removable(look underneath, and unscrew screws holding it on) Take seat off. Place seat of chair faced down onto fabric of choice, cut out fabric using chair seat as guide. Draw up side of fabric to be sure you have ample fabric to come to bottom of chair. Wrap seat as of you were wrapping a gift and staple with heavy gage stapler. Screw back on seat. If this is a solid fabric chair, consider buying slipcovers or making your own out of sheets.
Q:Decorating metal chairs?
I am answering off the top of my head... but could you go to Wal-Mart and buy cheap fabric and make a little cover that just goes over the top of the chair? (you can probably even just sew 2 pieces of fabric together and slip it over the top of the chair and have it just long enough to cover the back... I may not be explaining myself very well. Dollar store - big bows, or some bridal ribbon and a pretty silk flower, and scotch tape it on the back of the chair If you choose to go with a flower, maybe you can get some magnet tape, cut a couple little pieces for each decoration... then it'll be easy on and easy off and won't ruin the paint on the chairs. best of luck!
Q:Do you know where I can get a gaming chair?
u can get one from argos and i only think its only in the uk
Q:Sex in a chair good or bad?
you are sick, get a life you minger
Q:Are yoga balls better than office chairs?
those little green balls? oh you ment YOGA NOT YODA

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