2-in-1 Big powerful stick vacuum cleaner #S04

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Product Description:


Model: S04




 Big powerful 2-in-1 stick VC




800W-1000W nominal power

Cord length 5m

Dust bag capacity 1.5L

3pcs accessories on body

HEPA (with cover) filter


Product size: 280*200*1200mm

GB size: 680*250*180mm

Master carton size: 695*520*565mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 840/1752/2040 pcs



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Q:how many watts does a vacuum normally use?
If you mean a vacuum cleaner, it depends on model and manufacturer. I would doubt that most domestic ones use more than 750 watts, though. But there should be a nameplate with that information on it. Now, industrial vacuum cleaners can be a bit bigger and use more power - like hundreds of horsepower.
Q:survey - why do vacuum cleaners suck so much ?
there's a narrative for this, yet i in my opinion think of Yahoo might provide me a contravention for it! enable's merely say.... my step dad replaced into an fool and that the vacuum cleanser replaced into undesirable. My mom had a hilarious tale approximately it! LOL i think of it sucked! Haha!!
Q:Are Styrofoam peanuts bad for vacuum cleaners?
agree with alex
Q:what do i do with my dog?
If dogs can get around after a leg is amputaed I'm sure a dog will get along fine without a tooth.
Q:Vacuum Salesman?
Good for her.?!
Q:Vacuum cleaner problem?
I interpret your description to mean that the motor that drives the beater brush stopped running. If that motor is really an electric motor (and not one of those turbine brush drives), and the problem of it shutting off when you hit the height adjustment is related, then it would seem reasonable to look for a broken wire. One other possibility is that maybe the brush dug into the carpet (did you adjust it downward?) and stalled the motor and that might have caused it to burn out (usually a fusible link in the motor windings), or with luck, it's just a breaker that you can reset. If it was a thermal protection device that tripped, it would had to have been quite a coincidence, because if it tripped from an over-temperature condition, it would not likey happen so instantantly after you hit the adjustment control.
Q:Can fleas really escape a vacuum cleaner?
The OSU study, partially funded by the Royal Appliance Manufacturing Co. and detailed in a recent issue of the journal Entomologica Experimentalis et Applicata, involved vacuuming up groups of 100 adult fleas at a time, as well as groups of 50 pupae and 50 larvae, from a tightly woven kitchen-type carpet. Six tests on the adult fleas killed an average of 96 percent of adult fleas, and the three tests of pupae and one test of larvae resulted in the deaths of all the fleas. Study team member Glen Needham and his colleagues are researching non-toxic ways to kill insects, because though bug bombs have sent fleas on the run, the fleas could develop resistance to these chemicals. Needham thinks that the brushes, fans and powerful air currents of vacuum cleaners are what's responsible for killing the itchy insects. Needham and his colleagues have suggested that the vacuum brushes wear away the cuticle, a waxy outer layer on fleas and most insects that holds water in and keeps them hydrated. Without this protective layer, the adults, larvae and pupae probably dry up and die, Needham said. We didn't do a post-mortem, so we don't know for sure, Needham added. But it appears that the physical abuse they took caused them to perish.
Q:Why are vacuum cleaners so expensive ?
Because they suck and blow Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week long, thank you, thank you
Q:Are there any types of food that dogs CAN'T eat?
Grapes, raisins, avocado skin/pit, onion, cooked bones (exceptions are bones in sardines, canned salmon etc), fruit seeds/pits, anything with xylitol, coffee/anything with caffeine, walnuts, macadamia nuts, large amounts of garlic, yeast dough, alcohol.
Q:how much did the iRobot Roomba cleaners cost?
Looks okorder.com/... Note they were refurbished, not brand new.

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