2-in-1 Big powerful stick vacuum cleaner #S04

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Product Description:


Model: S04




 Big powerful 2-in-1 stick VC




800W-1000W nominal power

Cord length 5m

Dust bag capacity 1.5L

3pcs accessories on body

HEPA (with cover) filter


Product size: 280*200*1200mm

GB size: 680*250*180mm

Master carton size: 695*520*565mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 840/1752/2040 pcs



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Q:Vacuum cleaner went ka-put?
A Kirby is a good vacuum. It would be worth it to have it serviced, as newer vacuums just are not near as good, especially for as expensive as they are. Yes, there are shops that service and repair vacuums. I don't know where you are, but look in a yellow pages.
Q:are there any vacuum cleaners with the carpet shampooer built in?
I have a Kirby G10 that does both. You can also spray paint with it! Weird, huh?
Q:What were houses like in the 1950's in the USA?
Most homes from the 50's were pretty modest. The average one is probably about 900 square feet. They did have electricity. Rooms were smaller than today standards, Houses were kept very tidy, they had bleach and vacuum cleaners.
Q:Anyone here ever worked or is working for Kirby Vacuum cleaners?
I once, many yrs ago, went through the 'training' course for Kirby and on the first day on the job, a few of us drove to an apt. complex and headed for doors with 6 'free' steak knifes and our jumbo box of crap to show our potential 'victims' The poor elderly gentleman had hard wood floors throughout his place and we found something in common to talk about other than the Kirby. In short, my 'supervisor' came in and strarted to demand the man that he needed one no questions asked! Well, instead of me hitting my 'boss' I quit on the spot and the p**** made me walk home about 10 miles away! Don't work for these scondrels if you want to remain yourself and not some pushhy dirtbag!
Q:Automatic in ground pool vacuum?
i own a pool company and your better automatic pool vaccums would be either a polaris or a creepy crawly but you can get them cheaper online then in a pool store. look under pool companies
Q:Sears gave me strange advice about their Kenmore progressive vacuum cleaner inteliclean system. Heard of this?
Haven't okorder.com and see what you can find.....everyone reviews everything there....
Q:vacuum cleaner for cleaning car and baby car seat on regular basis?
we've had 4 hand held vacuum cleaners from the £100 dyson one to a £22.00 store brand and theyve all been rubish. youre better off buying a proper one with plenty of attachments and a extension lead.
Q:Are there any vacuum cleaners with built in lights?
If the power goes out, I wouldn't worry too much about vacuuming! No one will be able to see the dust anyway : ) But if you want a light so you can see under couches or the bed while you're vacuuming, I know Electrolux makes a few lightweight vacuums with a little light that aren't that expensive.
Q:i need a really good vacuum cleaner...help!?
Hi, okorder.com. I got my machine on phone special too.
Q:What is a central vacuum?
A central vacuum is one that has hoses in the wall and run throughout the house, usually there are outlets near your normal electrical outlets and there is one central collection point somewhere in the home. All you have to do is plug the actual hose into the wall outlet and that turns it on. There are brush attachments that come with it that need electricity which is why the outlets are near the electrical plugs in the house. The whole system is pretty convenient especially if you live in a multi-level house as there is no actual bulky vacuum, just a hose, to carry around.

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