Steel plate for steel structure, what kind of steel plate is it
The grades of carbon structural steel are composed of four parts: the yield strength, the ...
Is cast-in-place concrete attic good or steel structure + ALC board good?!
If the span is large. Or choose ALC better, after all, compared to the weight of cast a lo...
In the steel structure, should be the first high-strength bolts after the end of the welding, or first screw, then welding after the end of the screw?
If it's a frame or a box type! Plug welding is a common practice! Most of the bolts are hi...
The position of the steel structure requires a spring cushion for mounting the bolt
Ordinary bolts: the bolts must be tightened so as to prevent the bolts from loosening. A s...
What are the advantages of steel structure houses?
Because of its advantages of light weight, good seismic performance, short construction pe...
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