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Ordinary air conditioning louvers, one square meter of louver aluminum consumption is good?
High-performance capture cards typically have a composite video interface and an S-Video interface
What is the name of this plastic buckle? Since the US military used to replace handcuffs, it must be very strong, what is the plastic? More
Such as concealed in the installation did not set enough, then the sale is more difficult to deal with
In the elevator, on the installation of video lines and telephone lines to go and installation tutorials?
Hello, thank you for choosing HP products. Trouble you to provide specific models I can help you lack of reminders of the United States to find you hope that the above reply can help you.
How about the vertical installation of the bridge, cable, What fixed? It is best to look at the fixed pieces of pictures, thank you more
The building has a dedicated atlas, and you can view the local. The vertically mounted bridge, the large cable in the bridge has a dedicated fixed clip (usually installed in advance), small cable can be directly tied, and the vertical installation of the bridge is also dedicated (Internal for a fixed cross).
The use of composite heat - shrink tape
one end of the heat shrink tape adhesive surface heating, according to 1/2 lap winding shrinkage, while the side of the heating side of the heating shrinkage; or winding finished and then the overall heating shrinkage (note the heating , the beginning of the winding, the front should be overlapping two layers; you can use the fire (or electric gun) for heating, to the edge of the plastic surface can be exposed; contraction of the same side of the winding two layers, with a tie or wire fixed; After the completion of the tie or wire can be removed Long garden of the world
The police station asked to install a small hotel to monitor the camera, do not know how to choose the camera, you need to prepare what materials, cost about how much money?
Choose the general in the camera probably more than 100 dollars can be materials: camera, cable, tape, hammer, transmitter, pliers, hard disk recorders general hard disk recorders 500 dollars labor costs according to the number of installed the number of different cameras!
Gehua cable TV antenna, that is, home that root plug set-top box behind the TV antenna is particularly long, I put the coil up with a cable fixed a bit, will not affect the TV signal? More
Digital TV box on the S-Video and video terminals did not fight the difference, where do you want to pick up where to pick up
I would like to ask you friends, merchandise residential house inside the cable how to arrange, I saw in the weak box has a fiber optic cable home, that is, I do not know how to lay, I do not understand, I think you look, if the light cat and router can Placed in the weak box, the router from the router to the network assigned to each room, if the routing into the weak box will not be wireless signal attenuation, the younger brother is a novice, do not understand, please heroes branch try to jealousy Spring but Shanghai move, very grateful, no wealth value, I am sorry. More
Do the map, you can, the key is the price is not good, the selected accessories are not very good, it is recommended to take several