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Product Name: ZE65-8A Excavator


Operating weight6,200 KG
Travel speed4.0/2.5 km/h
Bucket Capacity0.25 m3(SAE)
Tracking force49.3 kn
Engine power45KW@2.200RPM
Swing speed10 RPM
Bucket digging force36.7 kn
Ground Pressure34 KPa
Arm digging force26.1 kn

Boom Length2,050 mm
Arm Length1,600 mm
Upperstructure width1,785 mm
Undercarriage width1,880 mm
Overall Height with cabinet2,650 mm
Rear swing radius1,700mm
Clearance under counter weight780 mm
Tumbler Distance2,000 mm
Ground clearance400 mm
Overall length for transportation6,070 mm
MAX digging radius6,245 mm
MAX digging radius at ground lever6,100 mm
MAX digging depth3,875 mm
MAX vertical wall digging depth2,900 mm
MAX digging height5,785 mm
MAX dumping height4,905 mm
MAX dozer cutting depth595 mm
MAX dozer lifting height300 mm

ZE65-8A Good Quality Excavator Cheap ZE65-8A Excavator Buy at Okorder



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Product description:

Imported engine CUMMINS B3.3
Power 45KW/2200RPM
In conformity with the EU III emission control regulations, a guarantee of super power
Japan made KYB hydraulic load sense system, automatic hydraulic pressure and power replenishment, stable and high efficient work performance
Guarantee for 3 yrs under normal and maintenance
Imported hydraulic components, Japan made KYB main pump, multi-circuit valve, swing motor, walking motor, Japan or KYB made gasoline tank
On-line digital monitoring and control system
GPS satellite position and remote diagnose system(optional)
Cold&warm air conditioner supply under different kinds of weather conditions
Light and handy pilot operating system
Steel pedrail

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