XS series sand washer

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Product Description:

XS Series Bucket Sand Washers is a bucketed sand washer,mainly used to washing and drying building material.Its novel sealing structure, reliable transmission device to ensure the cleaning effect of dehydration is in line with the use of a sand making efficient sand washing equipment.

Featuresand Benefits:

1.   Simplestructure,convenient to repair.

2.   Highprocessing capacity and low power consumption.

3.  Lowwear-parts consumption, low cost.

Model            Diameters of The      Wheel Buckert(mm)Speed of Rotor(r/min)    Feed Opening Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Motor Power(kw)Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)Weight(kg)
XS2600 (II)26002.5≤1030-705.53515×2270×26722900

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Q:Screw sand washer, who knows how to reduce the energy consumption of the machine?
General conditions in the same circumstances, the same concentration of the greater the density of materials, sand washing slurry viscosity will be smaller, so that overflow out of the material will be very fine. On the contrary, if the density of the material processed by the sand washing equipment is very small, the particle of the finished product will be coarser, so that relatively little sand can be obtained.
Q:What should be paid attention to during the operation of sand washing machine in machine-made sand equipment?
Safe production in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency of enterprises. The lack of work in the regular training and supervision, we need more positive attitude to face seriously. Consciously abide by the safety regulations, coordination of the security system. And the implementation of the premise is the safety regulations about sand production line seriously. Learning, pay attention to the accumulation of life safety knowledge, which is the manifestation of our life responsibility.
Q:What's the effect of sand washing machine on the quality of sand and gravel?
Bailing machine sand washing machine is an efficient large-scale sand and water cleaning equipment.
Q:What's the difference between sand washing machine and sand making machine?
First make the stone sand machine into sand, then use the sand washing machine to remove the impurities inside
Q:GX series spiral sand washing machine is better than the general spiral sand washing machine? What's the difference?
The driving parts of GX series spiral sand washing machine are completely isolated from water and sand, so their failure rate is much lower than that of spiral sand washing machine.
Q:I want to buy a sand washing machine to wash artificial sand, but I don't know what it works
At the same time, water is added to form a strong water flow, and foreign bodies with small impurities and small proportion are removed in time, and discharged from the overflow washing tank for cleaning.
Q:Large amount of mud sand which used sand washing machine manufacturers | high washing cleanliness sand washing equipment | sand washing machine
From the current situation reflected in the analysis, artificial sand there are still many problems to be studied deeply, in order to better play the advantages of artificial sand, overcome shortcomings, improve the quality of concrete, reduce costs. For example: why, under normal circumstances, the use of artificial sand than the natural sand, water, ash ratio of 0.05 amplification, the preparation of concrete strength not only does not drop, but also improved.
Q:How is the water leaking net of the wheel washer?
Sand washing machine adopts advanced technology, sand washing machine according to the actual situation of domestic sand industry developed efficient sand washing equipment, sand washing machine has washed height, reasonable structure, high yield, less loss of sand sand washing machine wash sand process, especially the transmission parts are separated from water and sand so the failure rate is much lower than the commonly used sand washing machine
Q:The technological process of quartz sandstone
The crushed stones are sent to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor for screening, and the finished sand (sieve material) is sent to the sand washing machine by the belt conveyor, and then sent to the finished product pile through the belt conveyor after cleaning;
Q:Years of building concrete with washed sand
Washed sand mixed concrete buildings, service life: 50 years.

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