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Product Description:

Overview of product models:

Rule of product model designation


The product model of the mine truck consists of the company code, the product code and main parameter codes, expressed as follows:

X  D  M  100

Main parameter codes (payload: 70 tons)



Model structure and technical specifications


Manufacturer: Y&C Engine


Model: YC6K480-GT30


Rated power: 353kW/1900r/min;


Max. torque: 2200Nm/1100~1500r/min

Type:In line, water cooled, four-stroke, charge air cooling system, electrically-controlledhigh pressure common rail

Emission standardGB20891-2014GB20891-2014emission limit requirements in phase III


Optional: Weichai WP13G480E310

2.2 Clutch

Manufacture: Fast Eaton

Model: 430 dry diaphragm spring clutch


Manufacturer: SHAANXI FAST GEAR Co., Ltd.



8-gear dual intermediate shaftnon-synchronizertransmission, with 8forward gears and 1 reverse gear, is a product tailor-made for open pit mines and applies to vehicles at a low speed for a long period with large torque and strong overload capacity.

Optional: Eaton

Transmission main/auxiliary box has 10 forward gears with the high/low gear switching function; with the dual intermediate shaftstructure used, the device is mature in performance and reliable in quality. The oil cooler is equipped to apply to long-distance fully-loadedclimbing working conditions in mining areas.


The front hub and steering knuckles are made from iron castings and steel casting of high quality respectively, which make them durable and reliable.

The rear axle housing is made from high strength alloy steel, with all important welds (100%) subject to ultrasonic testing. The rear axle housing is connected to the frame by means of a knuckle bearing to ensure its enough rotational freedom relative to the frame and thus prolong the service life of the frame and the rear axle housing. A tie rod is adopted to limit the rear axle housing to achieve a simple structure featuring easy maintenance.

2.5 Frame

The frame is composed of a pair of longitudinal beams and cross beams, all of which work together to form a closed structure. The longitudinal and cross beams all adopt a box-type cross section structure, able to eliminate the source of bending stress and cracking concentration.

The frame is made of high-quality, low-alloy and high-strength steel, with casts adopted as the main parts to improve the strength of the frame. All important welds (100%) have passed ultrasonic testing.


It has adopted the computer aided design and finite element optimization analysis.



The body baseplate and side plate are made of high-strengthwear-resistant steel, enjoying a long service life. The lightweight design can bring customers with greater values.

The body baseplate uses a V-shaped structure, which is in favor of material integration and reduces the loading inhomogeneity; a big rounded corner design is used at the transition part between the baseplate and the side plate, so material pasting does not occur easily during unloading.

Lifting safety pins are equipped to provide security assurance for vehiclemaintainers.

2.7 Suspension system

The XDM80 rigid dump truck adopts a stiffness-variable independent candle-type front suspension symmetrical on the left and right sides to ensure reliable wheel alignment as well as steady and comfortable riding. The oil/ air suspension is hinged to the frame and the axles (front and rear) by means of an articulated bearing, with the exposed portion of the piston rod protected by a scalable sleeve, able to fit changes of the load and road conditions, absorb impacts rapidly, attenuate vibration and ultimately ensure smooth driving.

Front suspension: independent candle-type suspension, oil/air-suspending cylinders;

Rear suspension: With the four-bar linkage and anti-roll barmechanism used, the suspension cylinder equipped and dual-chamberreservoir installed in the middle and rear axles, the vehicle offset frequencychanges slightly in no/full load to ensure driving comfort.


It adopts a full hydraulic steering system with the steering oil supplied by an imported variable plunger pump, so the steering wheel can offer better road sensing, able to achieve high-precision and stable steering. The emergency steering is powered by an accumulator. Min. turning radius: 11.5m.

Divided steering trapezium applies to Ackerman geometrical relationship in large corners, reducing tire wear.

2.9Braking system

The vehicle braking system uses driving/parking integrated gas disc brake.


The body lifting movement is completed by means of a lifting valve group controlling the two two-stage double-acting telescopic cylinders.


Tires with large diameters and large ground clearanceare equipped to reach great pass abilities; tires with no overloading can realize long service life.

Tyre:                    16.00-25  tubeless all-steel radial tyre

Rim:                    11.25/2.0


Its cab in accordance with the ISO FOPS standards has a capacious space and an open visual field. With all kinds of display instruments, alarms, lighting devices, control switches, radio and relevant devices completely provided, including an adjustable air-suspending damping high-backrest driver seat, a front passenger’s seat, a vehicle computer, electric lifting glass, a tilting and telescoping steering wheel, electric windshield wipers, colored glass and air-conditioning system. The vehicle running data and fault alarm contents are displayed by means of a touch LCD display plus controllable instruments. The cab uses a composite structure with the bottom plate consisting of a thickened steel plate and rubber sponge to isolate and reduce noise, prevent tire explosion and thus ensure the safety of the driver.

2.13power system

The engine technology is advanced, energy-efficient and energy saving.

The imported filter, with a three-stage filter function, realizes a lower maintenance cost than that of the oil filter.

The exhaust system has short pipeline, uses optimized design and realizes small exhaust back pressure.

The split radiator has strong anti-seismic ability and is easy to maintain; the imported air fan has large air volume and low power consumption; the whole vehicle has a large heat load capacity.

The oil supply system uses a three-stage filtration function to fully protect the engine and high-pressure common rail injection system.

2.14Lighting system

The lighting system are allLED lamps, consisting of headlamps, steering lamps, clearance lamps, parking lights, reversing lights and maintenance lights, etc.

The lighting and warning lamps are reasonably located to meet lighting and warning requirements in all kinds of weather conditions during working.

Control and working voltage: 24V (DC)

2.15Automatic lubrication system

The automatic lubricating system can lubricate all parts on a regular basis to reduce maintenance time a

2.16Safety device

The cab is equipped with a three-point seat belt, an escape hammer and an emergency stop switch.The whole vehicle is equipped with auxiliary steering and braking accumulators, non-slip walking surface, ground emergency stop switch and reversing warning, etc.

2.17 Others

The handles with humanization designs provide convenience for going on/off the vehicle.

The turnoverengine cover provides good accessibility to the engine for maintenance.

Fenders with reasonable plan can prevent mud from swing to the chassis accessories.

2.18Onboard spare parts and tools

A set of onboard tools and parts are provided.


Main color: Engineering yellow.



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