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Product Description:



2)Standard sheet: 1,220 x 2,440mm,the length as buyer request


4)Special sizes available upon requests

5)Color:White,red,yellow,green,blue or as customers request

Technical Data






PVC free foam board




















1)Formaldehyde Free



4)Non-aging and insect-resistance

5)Light weighted,easy installation

6)Sound and heat insulation


8)Color film coated for direct use

9)Off-cuts recovering

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Q:Where can I purchase colored plastic sheets that have a thin thickness (~1/42)?
Not sure how thick that would be but how about shower curtain liners,
Q:Under the temp. probe, and under the heater, obv. And these go under the liner, right? Electricity and water together = bad deal!So have I found the right answer?Bed is in chilly room in cold house, soft-sided with wooden frame. Will of course be using woolen, polyester, blankets on top, or maybe put the fake eiderdowns under bottom sheet and use the wool etc. over top sheet. Point is that bed will stay covered with warmth-keepers just about all the time.Am thinking of running the foil up along the side-walls. I intend to tape the sheets together into a complete large sheet.Had planned to use insulating rigid foam but decided was too much work to replace the home-made frame. Am hoping that the foil will reflect heat back into the water, not out into room.Furnace is forced-air, and electric bill in winter is Awful! IMO, at least.
I doubt aluminum foil has much, if any, R-value, but I'm not an HVAC guy. I do know that pink styrofoam doesn't have much R-value unless you go several inches thick. Maybe try surrounding the bed in about 6 of the styrofoam on all sides. Use HVAC foil tape to seal any seams. Then mask it all in something like tileboard.
Q:A sheet of plastic, n = 1.5, 25 mm thick is used in a bank teller's window. A ray of light strikes the sheet at an angle of 45°. The ray leaves the sheet at 45° but at a different location. Use a ray diagram to find the distance between the ray that leaves and the one that would have left if the plastic were not there. mm
I think you will need a calculation to find a solution to this problem: The incident ray if it were to travel through the plastic without being refracted would emerge 25mm from the normal Use Snell's law to find the angle of refraction with the plastic present sin i / sin r = 1.5 So sin r = sin i /1.5 sin r = 0.7071 / 1.5 = 0.4714 Hence r = 28 degrees (angle of refraction inside the plastic) If the ray emerges at distance x from the normal then x is found from the right angled triangle Tan 28 = x / 25 x = 25 x tan 28 = 25 x 0.5317 = 13.3 mm Difference is thus 25mm - 13.3mm = 11.7mm separation
Q:What is aluminum plastic sheet?
Aluminum plastic board, also known as aluminum plastic composite board, the middle is plastic, outside covered with thin aluminum plate and hot pressed together with the composite board
Q:How do I get rid of the static in the stack of the clear plastic cover sheets? Every time I try to pull one, I get shocked viciously!!It's within the entire stack. Help!
You may want to look into an antistatic wrist strap, and anchor it to a metal table leg or something. Normally, they are used when working on electronics so as to prevent accidentally discharging static electricity into the device, but I don't see why it wouldn't work for this purpose.
Q:They use them a lot in Japan, but I can't remember what they are called (in Japanese) and I have no idea what you would call them in English. They are just a clear coloured piece of plastic that you slide under your notebook page as you write to stop indents from your pen going onto the next page. Does anyone know what these would be called??
Shitajiki, pencil board, underlay
Q:I am looking for a sheet that measures out to either 3'x5' or 4'x6' (1/8 thick). Anyone know of anywhere I can get it cheap?
However, because of the way UHMW-PE is manufactured, it might be difficult to find 1/8 thick UHMW-PE. Depending on your application, you could go 1/4 thick or try substituting for HMW-PE. HMW-PE has similar properties, will still last a very long time, and be a little cheaper than UHMW-PE.
Q:They need to be non-adhesive.
there are a wide variety of UV protective plastic sheeting in many hardware stores and online you do know however, just protecting the labels from UV light won't protect them from the actual light, which can still cause the labels to fade.
Q:My basement is absolutely horrific: 200+ pages of guitar sheet music sprawled out all around the floor and i really have to organize them some how. Any ideas? Thanks!
In the past I have organized my sheet music in photograph albums using the plastic sheet protectors that you can get at office stores. It protects them from being ripped or folded and allows you to organize them by name or type of music.
Q:Don't say lowes or home depot, I checked
Plastic Sheeting Home Depot

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