wheel loader 6 tons CMAX ZL60F brand new

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China main port
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1 set
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20 set/month

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A loader is a type of tractor, usually wheeled, sometimes on tracks, that has a front-mounted square wide bucket connected to the end of two arms to scoop up loose material from the ground, such as dirt, sand or gravel, and move it from one place to another without pushing the material across the ground. Commonly used to move a stockpiled material from ground level and deposit it into an awaiting dump truck or into an open trench excavation.



1. Reasonable driving system, big traction force, perfect axle and transmission distribution and good working performance.

2. The bucket has auto-leveling function. The sum of lifting, falling and unloading time is priority than GB standard.

3. Reliable spare parts, reasonable layout and powerful engine to make sure the high efficiency working performance and

powerful digging capacity.

4. This machine is equipped with hydraulic torque converter and power shift transmission, which makes machine easy


5. Hydraulic-pneumatic actived brake system which make sure the braking is safety and reliable.

6. Full sealing steel structure cab, with air conditioner, make sure the safety and comfort drive with nice field.




Rated bucket capacity: 3.3m3

Rated load: 6000kg

Overall operating weight: 19400kg

Engine: CUMMINS 6CTA8.3-C240/ WEICHAI WD61567G3- 29B

Type: in-line,water cooled, 4-stroke, direct-injection

Rated power: 176kw


Forward speeds: 42km/h

Tire type:

Specifications: 23.5-25 20PR(L3)

Hydraulic system type: Gear pump

Working pump: CBGJ3125 DOUBLE -PUMP interflow

Working pressure: 160kgf/cm2

wheel loader 6 tons CMAX ZL60F brand new

wheel loader 6 tons CMAX ZL60F brand new


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Q:Where can I find the Suppliers which sells used construction heavy equipments in China? as: used Crane, loader?
Q:Construction machinery, such as excavators, loaders and so on, belong to special equipment?
The 4000 code hoisting machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment is used for vertical lifting and horizontal or vertical lifting moving heavy objects, the scope of the provisions for the rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5T lift; rated lifting weight is greater than or equal to 3T (tower crane, or rated lifting torque is greater than or equal to 40t or m or greater than the productivity equal to 300t/h), and the crane lifting height is greater than or equal to the number of 2m crane; greater than or equal to 2 layers of mechanical parking equipment.
Q:what is a free loader (codejunkies) for the wii ?
Hi! This is software that lets you region free your Wii console. However, the better option is to softmod your WII and then use GeckoOS or Backup Launcher Gamma which does the same thing but is free and works a lot better :) Contact me at info (at) xl. trading. co. uk for more on this if you wish.
Q:Why do front load washers have to cost 3 times more than conventional top loaders?
I have no real positive answer for you, so this is just a guess. But I can tell you that the front loader that I have has computer chips within it that determine how much water to use to be efficient, thus saves on the use of water (which is less than a top loader to begin with). The normal front loader uses less water to begin with than a top loader. But the newer more efficient ones with the computer chips would seem to be more expensive to make no matter if they were front or top loading. Again, just a somewhat educated thought.
Q:What kind of loader/hopper and air system is best for a Planet Eclipse Etek Ego paitball marker?
you arent gonna get good ones in that price range. but for a loader get the halo, any of them. for the air, you would have to get a 3000 psi tank made of aluminum. but i would suggest upping your price range.
Q:I am looking for a compact wheel loader with 200 hp or more under 25000 lbs.?
Nobody makes a small loader with that much horsepower. Why the hangup on a number? Many available small loaders should be capable of what you need.
Q:What brand of loader tires are good?
Loaders, tire brands, large and small, is too much. General Chaoyang, forward, wind, and so on may be more famous, I heard, relatively speaking, relatively high prices, after all, is the big brand, the market price is relatively transparent. In fact, people do not think big brands of tires is a good person, previously used a Baoyi loader tire completely have not heard of the brand because it took the same price of 20 layers and 16 layers of Aeolus I try holding the attitude to buy two for two or three months is not what the problem
Q:Liugong, what's the oil in the gearbox of the 50 loader?
8# hydraulic transmission oil, suitable for Liugong machinery, domestic gearbox and hydraulic torque converter.
Q:should we keep our 20 something maytag top loader or replace it with a new front loader?
If its still working well, keep it for now. I had a repairman come and do maintainence check on my 14 year old Whirlpool W/D and told him I planned to get a front loader when I build my new house in 2 more years. He told me to just get a large capacity top loader because the parts in a front loader are easily damaged by loose things that may fall out of clothes pockets or if stuffing comes out of a bedspread. My mom's front loader had to be repaired 3 times in 2 years because when my sisters and I would all go home to visit and be doing laundry, in variably one of our husbands or the kids will have left coins in a pocket and they got in the spin mechanism under the tub. Fortunately, my dad knows how to fix them. THe repairman said that the problem is compounded by the fact that front loader parts are more expensive and also since more people own top loaders than front loaders, the parts aren't kept in stock by the shop, so when he has to replace them, he has to order them and it can be a week or more before he gets the part to bring back and install. My washer will need a new transmission before too long, but will hopefully hold up until I get my house built and buy new appliances. I'm going to go ahead and get a front loader then because I have a large family and I need to knock out more laundry per load run than a top loader will fit. I'm hoping that if I get one that is high quality and I keep on top of my family's pockets, I won't have to replace any parts for a long time.
Q:What speed loader will work on a Sig Sauer P239?
It is called a spare magazine. Speed loaders are for revolvers, not flat guns. With flat guns you just need extra loaded magazines. Pop he empty out and slap in a fresh one. Doc Hudson

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