Wheel Barrow with Red Color WH0202 For Garden

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Product Description:


Application ofThe wheel barrow :


The wheel barrow has Comfort diverse blocks distribution upgrades softness while ensures tread strength, enhances shock absorption and increases driving comfort.


The wheel barrow has special bead design ensures closer contact between inflated tire and the rim, avoids flying up of tire toe, and enhances safety.


 Shred and pulverize the waste tire into the rubber power of 40-120mesh, and automatically separate the steel wire, fiber, Nylon compeltely through magnet separator and vibrating screen at normal temperature.





Specifications the Wheel Barrow:




Wheel Barrow with Red Color  WH0202 For Garden

The Inmages of Wheel Barrow:

Wheel Barrow with Red Color  WH0202 For Garden

Wheel Barrow with Red Color  WH0202 For Garden


The Wheel Barrow Available Sizes:


The FAQ:

Question1:What are your company advantages?

Answer:20 years' tire business experience,extremely famialer with the tyres market,cooperate with many tyres factory.

Question2:What abou the tyres?

Answer:Choose the best materials made by world's top class machines.Different size and types of tyres meet the clients all over the world.

>>Question3:What is your payment terms?

Answer:T/T(30%deposit,balance 70% against B/L copy), L/C

>>Question4:What is your tyre warranty?

Answer:Above 80000 kilometres in proper use.

>>Question5:Whre is your loading port?


>>Question6:How long is your delivery time?

Answer:Large scales of manufacturing and plenty of storage ensurs the delivery time,general speaking with 15-20 days after receiving your 30% deposit.

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Q:Do you use the wheel for baby strollers?
Mainly depends on the nature of bearings, if it is plastic bearings, it can not refuel, refueling will be a problem. If it is a metal bearing, you can add some lubricating oil properly.
Q:How to do the maintenance and dimension of the cart?
Metal skeleton and plastic parts (plates) can be wiped directly with a damp cloth.
Q:How to remove the child cart moldy?
My family is also a trial, many ways can not be removed, just a little bit of infiltration, it can not be eradicated
Q:What is the difference between the front wheel and the rear wheel of the robot shock absorber?
A universal wheel is a bracket that is mounted on the wheel of a caster and can rotate 360 degrees horizontally in a dynamic or static load.Omnidirectional wheel comprises a hub and a driven wheel, the outer circle of the Zhou Chu wheel is uniformly provided with 3 or more than 3 wheel gear, each two wheel tooth is provided with a driven wheel, the tangential direction from the radial direction of the wheel hub and the outer circumference of the vertical.
Q:What kind of material is the castor of the mute cart?
If it is such a place in the hospital on the high-grade, select TPR material, hardness and rubber are the same, but TPR material than ER wear-resistant, but the price is more expensive, the hotel is the place ER and inflatable wheel.
Q:What material is the best for a supermarket trolley?
We specialize in the manufacture of supermarket trolleys, and supermarket trolleys in general are made of metal wire
Q:How do you clean stainless steel trolley?
Stainless steel surface dust and dirt easily removed, can be used soap, weak washing to wash, adhesive ingredients, the use of alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene) scrub.
Q:What about the front wheel of the wheelbarrow?
Cart (wheel barrow; barrow; hand truck) is a vehicle that is pushed and pulled by manpower; it is the ancestor of all vehicles. Although the material handling technology of trolleys continues to develop, trolleys continue to be used as indispensable means of transport. The cart is widely used in production and life because of its low cost, simple maintenance, convenient operation, light weight, inconvenient use of motor vehicles can work in place items in short distance very convenient when carrying lighter
Q:About the wheels of a trolley
If you are not pushing the lighter goods, so the wheel diameter is about 120mm, with a foamed material can tire (of course, can also use PU or rubber materials, rubber and PU material is not more expensive), you can not install the bearing axis axis, but heart and butter, then push up more effort.
Q:Why use stainless steel tubes instead of solid poles?
This mainly considers the load question, generally uses the square tube to be many

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