Water Meter IP69 Dry Dial RF Card Prepaid from China on Sale with Good Quality

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Each Piece/ Inner box, 6-8 boxes/Ctn

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40 days after payment


1.Clear dial reading; 2.Fully sealed design; 3. water proof; 4.anti-ultraviolet, 5.Perfect performance in outdoor or underwater

Function: Measuring the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipeline
Technical Standards: ISO4064-2005, GB/T 778.1~778.3-2007, JJG 162-2009
3.Main Functions:

Water& Dust Proof--IP68
---Adopt fully sealed design, perfect water proof performance, suitable for damp & humid installation sites, perfect for outdoors and underground usage

4.Control Function
---Prepay water charge via water purchasing/rechargeable card, prepayment before usage, eradicate phenomena of water charges arrears.

5.Inquiry Display

---LCD capable to display the current purchased volume, remaining volume, accumulative consumed volume, facilitate user queries; Maintenance personnel and background management system can inspect and analyze the data which is read-out by using the inspection card.
6.Protection Function
---Valve will shut automatically under circumstances of battery under voltage, power supply interruption or external magnetic field interference.
7.Remind & Alarm
---Timely remind or alarm in the situations of battery under voltage, remaining volume insufficiency, misoperation or magnetic disturbance.
8.Automatic Statistics
---Automatically collect and analyze the monthly actual consumption situation of every water user, suit the operating department's management convenience
---Adopt anti system halted circuits & valve anti-blocking patent design, prevent dysfunction of water meter actuating mechanism

10.Automatic Maintenance
---Meter inner preset with self-checking function, check valve's flexibility and avoid lithium battery dormancy.

11.Data Retention

---User's data could be saved for over 10 years, no data loss in case of battery empty or cut off.

12.Extended Functions:
One Card
--- For the same user that holds multi RF cards for water, electricity, gas meters or more RF water meters, All-in-one-card management & control is feasible

Measuring Methods
---Able to conduct measuring methods in water volume or amount of money; In the case of amount measuring, flat rate tariff multiple tariff and ladder prices are feasible

13.Ladder prices
---On administrative department's request, ladder prices for different segment charging are feasible to be set, facilitate administrative department to execute "ladder price" policy easily


  Technical data

  Water Temperature

  1-30 ºC

  Working Pressure


  Head Loss


  Power source

  One built-in lithium battery

  Working voltage


  Working current

 <40ma< span="">

  Quiescent current

 <3μa< span="">

  Quiescent power dissipation


  Electromagnetic compatibility

  Accords with GB/T 17626.2/17626.3/17626.4

  Valve Performance

  Under pressure of 0.02 and 1.0MPa respectively, permanent flow rate(Q3), reliable open and close, flexible operation, no abnormal condition


Nominal Dia.

Metrological Accuracy

Permanent Flow Q3





Valve Permissive Linkage Volume
























Water Meter IP69 Dry Dial RF Card Prepaid from China  on Sale with Good QualityWater Meter IP69 Dry Dial RF Card Prepaid from China  on Sale with Good Quality


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Q:How to change the smart card water meter?
Of course, this method is not feasible, you purchase water information in the water are the background records, the records and correspondence in the water meter, a long time if you do not pay water charges, water will go to your home reading, unless you re black water background, or you put water down, change of course what procedures, water always know, that day
Q:What does "IP68" mean in the standard of intelligent water meters?
IP68 refers to the level of protection of the water meter.
Q:How often is the water meter checked?
In accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, with its first life meter compulsory verification of the effective period is defined as: the caliber of 15 - 25mm (15mm, 25mm), the use of the term may not exceed 6 years; the caliber of 25 - 50mm (25mm, 50mm), the use of the term may not exceed 4 years; diameter greater than 50mm, according to 25-50mm the requirements of the implementation. The qualified water meter shall be affixed to "calibration certificate" label and add after the first inspection sign seal "".
Q:How long will the 5000 water meters hold?
Better find the installation company or installation team, professional, efficient, reliable, but also indicates that the price is more expensive!
Q:The valve in front of the water meter is out of order and will be replaced by the owner or the property
Do not pursue so many, it is difficult to do property. Like this valve, you are the only one, you want to buy is normal. It's hard to say. You call the property engineer to buy one. How much do you pay for it?. Property companies do not pay wages on it.
Q:Who will be responsible for the leakage of water before the water meter?
This year, China promulgated the "property law" and clearly defined, water pipes before the leakage of water by the property responsible for the water meter after the leakage of water by households themselves
Q:What is the rate of installation of water meters?
Three level meter rate = (three level water quantity / two class surface water quantity) x100%. One or two, three class water meter measurement rate refers to the factory (company), workshop, class (section, equipment) water meter measurement rate
Q:What's the function of the water meter installing the soft joint? Do you have flanged connections or threaded connections?
For flanged and threaded connection, so the provisions of the water meter diameter less than or equal to 40mm is less than 40mm of the threaded connection, also called civil water meter water meter, water meter diameter greater than 50mm is greater than the flange connection, 50mm also called industrial water meter water meter
Q:Difference between internal structure of vertical water meter and horizontal water meter mechanism
Vertical and horizontal water meter water meter, both the internal structure and performance characteristics are the same, there is no difference, it is called vertical and horizontal just said water meter is a level of import and export, one is vertical.
Q:Will the water meter go slow when it's safe?!
Water meterAn instrument for measuring water flow. The cumulative flow of water is mostly measured. Generally divided into the volume of water meters and speed water meter two categories. The accuracy of the former is higher than that of the latter, but it requires high water quality and is easily blocked when the water contains impurities. An instrument for recording the amount of water used in running water is mounted on a water pipe, and when the user leaves the water, the pointer or wheel turns on the table to indicate the amount of water passed.

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