TUV Solar pv cable 2x10mm²

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Solar PV cable

1.Used in photovoltaic system.

2.Comply with TUV and UL 4703

3.Wildly use in solar system

Application Solar PV cable

Used in photovoltaic system. Comply with TÜV 2PfG 1169/08.2007 and UL 4703

Product Description

Double core:

1.Rating:Voltage: 600/1000V  Temperature:-40°C-- 90°C

2. Description: (1)Conductor:  Tinned annealed  copper

                     (2)Insulation:120°C  XLPE , black

                     (3)Jacket:120°C  XLPE , black or red

3.Marking:TÜV  2  PfG  1169  PV1-F  2×**mm2

4.Application: Specifically designed for connecting photovoltaic Solar system Power

Packaging & Shipping

1 1*4 mm2    12500 Meters/Pallet  

2 1*6 mm2    10000Meters/Pallet    

3 1*10mm2   6000 Meters/Pallet

4 1*16 mm2  4000Meters/Pallet

5 2*4 mm2    6400 Meters/Pallet

6 2*6 mm2    4000Meters/Pallet

One 20” Container can load max 20 wooden  Pallets or Boxes  

Load :1*4mm2  solar cable 250km,1*6mm2 solar cable 200km

         2*4mm2 solar cable 128km, 2*6mm2 solar cable 80km

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