Toyota Nissan / Dustan, Mitsubishi / Fuso, Isuzu oil seal

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Japanese car and truck ranged from Toyota, Nissan / Dustan, Mitsubishi / Fuso, Isuzu, Hino, Mazda, Honda, Daihatsu, Subaru to Suzuki.
You'll find full range of oil seals in SOG.

Test our prompt offer on your inquires of OEM no. or Size, e.g.
TOYOTA90311-38043UD38 x 58 x 11
NISSAN12279-D0100UE84 x 104 x 11 RHS
MITSUBISHI12020-29600UDS-9S70 x 122 x 12/30
ISUZU1-09625-006-0ACS-2S75 x 112 x 10/17.5
HINO1828-4504-00UDS-345 x 55 x 7.5
MAZDAB210-33-065UDS-952 x 68 x 8/14
HONDA91206-611-005UES-935 x 68 x 9/12.5 RH
DAIHATSU90043-11053-000UDS-670 x 112 x 14/20
SUBARU90625-0015UES-952 x 72 x 7.5/16
SUZUKI12311-67011S44 x 72 x 7

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Q:How do you determine the assembly direction of the cylinder seals?
The lip of the cylinder seal is generally facing the direction of the oil pressure, so that it can play a sealing role in the work process.
Q:Silicone seals should pay attention to what storage?
Do not open the sealing package when using, avoiding dirt sticking on the seal or scratching the seal.3, storage of non packaged products, do not stick or bring impurities, according to the original state of storage.
Q:What kind of equipment do you need to open a small seal factory?
If you don't have any technical support, you can only make some regular products, such as O rings, which are very low in profit.The last one advised you not to do it
Q:What are the main seals used in nuclear power plants?
Similar to thermal power plants or petrochemical plants.Seal depends on the equipment, in addition to nuclear island equipment, nuclear power and thermal power. Nuclear island equipment seals are also more than a radiation protection requirements.
Q:How are ceramic and metal sealed joint?
For rotational motion, the rotary shaft lip seal ring should be used.If the metal is in the outside, in the ceramic, then rotating sealing lip can be directly sealed ceramic surface, because ceramic material is hard enough, wear; if it is metal on the inside, outside is ceramic, then do some processing on the metal surface, such as hard chrome plating, plating ceramic. Or the sleeve, and the shaft interference fit, hot installation, the surface should also be hardening treatment
Q:Why is there no decent seal for domestic oil seals? What time can Chinese manufacturing resurgence?
Because it is domestic, cheap and convenient, can only be made in china. Import of expensive, there must be a process, but also fewer agents. The export made in China is good. Domestic quality to put up some other, Chinese too fraud, from the Party Central Committee to all civilians in the fraud and adulteration
Q:What are the material requirements of the valve sealing surface?
Table 29.2-2 characteristics of commonly used sealing methodsCategory material useLiquid polymer material, liquid sealant, anaerobic adhesive and hot-melt sealantFiber, plant fiber, cotton, linen, paper, cork gasket, soft packing, dust-proof seals, cloth rubber sealsAnimal hair fiber, felt, leather gasket, soft packing, molding filler, oil seal, dust-proof sealFiber, mineral fiber, asbestos gasket, soft packingArtificial fibres, organic synthetic fibres, glass fibres, carbon fibres, ceramic fibres, soft packing, cloth, rubber sealsElastomer, rubber, synthetic rubber, natural rubber gasket, molding filler, oil seal, soft packing, dust-proof sealing parts, fully enclosed sealsFluorine plastic, plastic nylon, polyethylene, phenolic plastic, chlorinated polyether, polyphenylene sulfide, oil seal, gasket, packing filler, soft hard packing, piston ring, mechanical seal and dustproof seals, fully enclosed seal
Q:What are the mechanical equipments for producing seals?
For mechanical seal words: lathe, grinding machine, drilling machine, polishing machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, if the sealing material of their own production, it also need silicon carbide furnace, graphite machine, rubber vulcanizing machine, rubber machine etc.
Q:Seal manufacturers as agents, how about money?
This and many external factors, not a good evaluation, Foshan City, Southern China Damansen seal is the largest professional seal manufacturing enterprises, can communicate with the conversation.
Q:What's the difference between a seal and a sealing strip?
In fact, there is no difference, that is, the name is not the same. The concept is that the seal is greater than the seal.

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