thermal overload protection relays JZC1-71.80 thermal relays magnetic overload relay overload relay

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Product Description:

JZC1-71.80 Thermal Relay

Product Description:

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100 pcs


40 PCS in one carton.

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JZC1 contactor type relay for AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage up to 660V or 600V DC,

rated voltage control circuit to control a variety of electromagnetic coils, so the signal is

sent simultaneously to expand or to signal to the control components.



The technical parameter of JZC1 series Contactor type Relay as follows:

Place of Origin: 

Zhejiang China(Mainland)

Brand Name: Shaman

Model Number: JZC1

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated operational voltage: Up to 660V

Rated current(Ie):AC-15: 5DC-13:0.25


AC 50Hz, rated voltage up to 660V, rated insulating voltage up to 690V

Control various kinds of magnetic coils, amplify the signals, electric interlocking or transmit the signals to the controlled element

Long-distance connecting and breaking circuit, for frequency start,stop and control small capacity ACmotor 


CCC, RoHS certificates


IEC 60947-5-1/GB14048.5

Technical data

Auxiliary contact: 4sets,8sets

Auxiliary structure:     single ply           double ply

Auxiliary combination:  NO    NC          NO    NC

                       1       3            4       4

                       2       2            5       3

                       3       1            6      2

                       4       0            7      1

                       0       4            8      0

Operating frequency: 3600time/h

Electric life: 1*106

Mechanical life: 10*106

Coil voltage: AC 12~660V    DC 12~250V

Coil pull-in voltage:80%~110%Us

Coil release voltage:20%~75%Us(AC),10%~75%Us(DC)

Weight(kg):  0.5(AC  single ply)   0.44(AC  double ply)

            0.7(DC  single ply)   0.69(DC  double ply)


Direct-action structure of Double breaking points 

Sealed auxiliary system structure

Terminal with protective covering 

Also can Handle check 

Fixed mode: Screw-up and 35mm TH Rail mounting 

Using sort 



Rated working voltage V







Rated working current A 







Working conditions:

1.The ambient air temperature:

a).The ambient air temperature is up to 40 °c Celsius. 

b).The average does not exceed 35 °c Celsius within 24 hours.

2.The ambient air temperature is below to -5 °c Celsius.

3.The altitude of the installation sites do not exceed 2000m.

4.The pollution degree of installation sites is level 3.

5.Installation category is class II.

6.The tilt with  the vertical is not more than 5 °c.

7.No space of significant shake and shock and vibration

Control circuit:

The standard value of the rated control power supply and voltage (Us):


AC (50Hz)36V,48V,110V,220V,380V 


Overall and installation dimension(mm):

thermal overload protection relays JZC1-71.80  thermal relays magnetic overload relay overload relay

thermal overload protection relays JZC1-71.80  thermal relays magnetic overload relay overload relay

thermal overload protection relays JZC1-71.80  thermal relays magnetic overload relay overload relay

Detailed Images:

thermal overload protection relays JZC1-71.80  thermal relays magnetic overload relay overload relay

thermal overload protection relays JZC1-71.80  thermal relays magnetic overload relay overload relay

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thermal overload protection relays JZC1-71.80  thermal relays magnetic overload relay overload relay

thermal overload protection relays JZC1-71.80  thermal relays magnetic overload relay overload relay

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thermal overload protection relays JZC1-71.80  thermal relays magnetic overload relay overload relay

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thermal overload protection relays JZC1-71.80  thermal relays magnetic overload relay overload relay

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Q:Time relay delay range is generally how much
Time relay delay principle: When adding or removing the input signal, the output part of the delay or time limit to the specified time to close or disconnect the relay line is the time relay relay. When the coil is coupled with a signal, the time delay relay is called the electromagnetic time relay by slowing the magnetic field of the electromagnet. The time relay constituted by the electronic delay line composed of discrete components or the time consisting of the solid delay line Relay called electronic time relay; by electronic or solid delay line and electromagnetic relay combination of time relay called hybrid time relay. Their role is the same principle, that is, in the time relay coil to join or disconnect the power, after a given time after the action, to control the main line of the connected and disconnected. 1, air damping time relay, also known as the airbag type time relay, it is based on the resistance of air compression to delay, and its structure is simple, cheap, long delay range (0.4 ~ 180s), but the delay precision Low degree 2, electromagnetic time relay delay time is short (0.3 ~ 1.6s), but it is relatively simple structure, usually used in power-off delay occasions and DC circuit. 3, the principle of electric time relay and watch is similar, it is driven by the internal motor to slow down the gear and get the delay. This relay delay high precision, wide delay range (0.4 ~ 72h), but the structure is more complex, the price is very expensive.
Q:JYB714 electric discharge type liquid level relay works!
when the water level rose to When the water is full of electrodes, the 5 and 6 ends of the electrode through the water resistance through the current to the first transistor base, transistor saturation conduction, the collector was low, the second transistor base without current through the cut, the collector was High level, relay power failure reset cut contactor power supply, pump stop. The above operation is repeated only when the water level falls below the yellow line terminal.
Q:Human body infrared sensor module to connect the electrical method
2 then the transistor 8050 B your relay's normally open contact one end of the transistor C transistor E pin connected 0V
Q:Forward, the hair, three friends which relay is good
Three Friends of the relay is better. Oaks. beautiful. Gree and other major brands are selected three Friends of the relay.
Q:Relay what is normally open and normally closed?
Relay in the normal (coil is not energized), the closed contact called the normally closed contact, also known as dynamic contact. Disconnected contacts are often open contacts, also known as dynamic contact.
Q:Briefly describe the structure of time relay
I have also seen a small motor control, as well as washing machines, electric fans are controlled by the winding and gossamer.
Q:Why the relay coil at both ends to parallel a diode
In general, when we connect the circuit, the relay coil and switch are connected separately (ie, connected to different branches). We can simply use a transistor to control the coil conduction (of course, the other can). When the coil is energized, the relay switch is closed and the circuit is in operation. When the coil is de-energized, the switch disconnect circuit does not work. But this time there is a problem, the coil can store energy (the coil will prevent the current mutation, that is, upstairs to mention the electromagnetic induction, that is, the current can only slowly increase and decrease), if then let the coil power, It will produce a large voltage at both ends, so that it may damage the coil, connected components breakdown
Q:Is the car's fuse in front of the relay's wiring or behind?
General is the switch control relay, the relay to the electrical power transmission, that is, the fuse is the relay line of fire. There are individual insurance tube relay outlet. Want you to say that the switch is down insurance, it should be installed with electrical appliances should be a line or a relay. my thoughts.
Q:What is the purpose of monitoring the working principle of a relay?
In fact, it can not be called it (monitor the relay), a little bit of its human nature, and its working principle and the general working principle is very similar to its principle: when in a composite circuit inside, if the first-stage circuit power, And the relay can continue to power the second stage of the circuit (the premise: the rest of the circuit are closed), and the relay inside is equivalent to the battery, before the first level is not disconnected, is equivalent to charge it, when the first Level off, this time you are talking about monitoring, monitoring to the first level off, so when it began to work for the second level to provide power!
Q:Voltage relay working principle and wiring
Voltage relay is an electronic control device, it has a control system (also known as the input circuit) and the control system (also known as the output circuit), usually used in automatic control circuit, it is actually a smaller current to control more Large current of a "automatic switch". So in the circuit plays an automatic adjustment, security protection, conversion circuit and so on. Mainly used for generators, transformers and transmission lines of the relay protection device, as over-voltage protection or low-voltage lock to start the original. The relay coil has only two heads, plus the rated voltage after the coil flows through the rated current, the resulting electromagnetic force to overcome the spring force, through the electromagnetic mechanism to normally open contact closure, normally closed contact open. Usually only the contactor is divided into main contacts and auxiliary contacts. Relays are usually used when the general contact in series or in parallel with the main circuit and control loop to complete the control task.

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