The stone garden pavilion 4

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Hebei China (Mainland)
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Carved and Polished
marble, granite, limestone etc
white, yellow, pink, red
do custom size
loading port:
Xingang, Tianjin
wooden crate
TT, Western Union, Paypal
hand carved and highly polished
home and garden decoration
trade terms:
natural stone carved garden pavilion

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Outer Packing: 3CM Standard wooden crate with well metal junction and nails Inner Packing: Foam/Blanket to protect each carving part, especially for some of the exquisite parts.
Delivery Detail:

around 40days after your deposit for garden pavilion


The stone  garden pavilion


Do as the customer request.


White, Pink, Black, Yellow, Red are available for the pavilion gazebo


Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine...


Only One Piece is Welcomed.


Hand carved and highly polished

Payment terms

T/T, PayPal, Western Union. 40% deposit and the balance against finished pictures

before shipment.


Outer in wooden crate, inner in plastic or foam


Outdoor Decoration, such as home, garden, park, hotel, plaza....

Delivery time

Around 30 days after your deposit.


By sea in container.

How to buy

1. Client send us the picture or just your idea, we can give you some suggestions.

2. Decide the size and material, then make the offer for you.

3. Client accepts the offer and we send proforma invoice.

4. Client transfers 40% deposit and production begins

5. When the products finished, we will send the pictures to you for confirmation.

6. After client’s confirmation, then we will arrange the shipment.

7. After the balance payment, we will send original documents by express, and client will

receive the goods with original documents.

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- Self introduction

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Q:The artistic characteristics and the background of stone carvings at the tomb of
Artistic features: Stone carving concise, exaggerated, in the shape of a large turning point for a bold and simple chisel, and in the details of the performance on the use of relief and line carved way, making the whole sculpture more vigorous atmosphere, full of vitality. For example, the "horse riding the Huns" is the most representative of the stone carvings in the tomb of the most representative works, works in the horses and mighty, proudly stand up, the enemy curled up at the horse, dying, and the whole horse contour seamless, suggesting that the Huns The fate of defeat. The characterization of the Hun people in the horse has a certain significance, although the whole character image modeling concise, but in the hair and beard and other facial features on the treatment of exaggerated portrayal, reflecting the Han Chinese characters on the image Understanding and understanding. It is worth noting that the sculpture immediately did not the image of the general, and this is precisely reflects the beauty of the Han Dynasty sculpture connotation, meaning and not shape. Time backgroud: BC 2 century, is the era of Emperor Wu of the government, the national strength is relatively strong, technology, art level further enhanced. The powerful Western Han dynasty inherited and carried forward the excellent artistic tradition of the previous generation, boldly absorbing and drawing on foreign art, so that the Han Dynasty sculpture art has made brilliant achievements. Han Dynasty sculpture as a feudal society in front of the powerful dynasty art, with a deep and magnificent spirit reflects the full of confidence and vitality of the spirit of the times.
Q:Where is the four stone hills in China?
3, Zhejiang Province Qingtian stone Qingtian stone history has a long history, can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty, which has been unearthed in 1989, Dongjiang Xincheng County Shang Dynasty cultural relics "Yu Yu people" to textual research. Since the nineteenth century Qingtian stone since the Qingtian stone carving several times in the international exposition gold medal, silver medal, won a high reputation, after the founding of new China, many times by the party and the country was selected as a national gift presented to foreign heads of state. In 1992, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued four special stamps of stone, 1995, 1996 Qingtian were the relevant departments of the State Council named "China's stone carving art town" and "Chinese stone town."
Q:Zhengjue Temple Stone Carving Museum
In 1961, Zhenjue Temple was included in the State Council approved the national key cultural relics protection units, is now turned into Beijing stone carving art museum. This is the first museum to display the Beijing area stone carvings of the thematic museum, built in 1982, was formally established in 1987. The building covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters. The courtyard of the open field exhibition in the outskirts of Beijing unearthed in the history of the boutique stone, indoor exhibition, the main display of some information, photos and more fine stone crafts. There are 8 exhibition areas:
Q:Shenyang Palace Museum stone carving
Stone is a large species of Chinese stone, long history, large scale, mainly to the tomb stone statue, as well as stone coffins, stone and burial offerings and other class stone carvings
Q:"Wood plaque engraved", "lintel on the stone plaque engraved" and "door on both sides of the stone couplet" are inscriptions category?
Belong to the carving category. Does not belong to the inscription category.
Q:Wuxi water home garden inside a lot of stone, where to do ah?
Undertake the landscape of the garden. The city sculpture. The antique carving. The stone carving. The rockery. The fence. The archway. The pavilion. The corridor. The Buddha. The character. The animal. Relief.
Q:What is the largest stone statue in ancient China? Anonymous | View 161 times
The following are the same as the " Leshan Giant Buddha head and mountain Qi, foot step river, his hands kneel, big Buddha body symmetry, the gods solemn, mountain chiseled Riverside sit. Big Buddha 71 meters high, 14.7 meters high head, head width of 10 meters, hair 1021, ears 7 meters long, nose length 5.6 meters, eye length 5.6 meters, mouth and eyes 3.3 meters long, 3 meters high neck, shoulder width 24 meters, fingers 8.3 meters long, from the knee to the instep 28 meters, 8.5 meters feet feet, feet can be sitting around more than 100 people.
Q:How many squares of stone sculptures
Stone material or the use of the carving of the subject matter and use the point of view. Generally like Buddhism and other oriental religious places used in the carved stone to granite-based, especially in the main Buddha to the color requirements of dignity to bluestone and white marble-based materials, if it is the modern character carving more commonly used sesame white granite, Some animal themes are mostly rusty stone class, animal class of bluestone, sesame black, sesame white, Quanzhou white are regarded as very commonly used materials. Overall, good bluestone carved out of the works of the most flavor, personal preferences. Hee and stone industry.
Q:Stone carving and illustrations!
Zengcheng rich in Ukraine and white Lam, Wu Lam can be made in addition to salty horns, oil horns, Wu Xiang horn, etc., Lam Kua or the production of good material for the carving it. Zengcheng ol carving is a carving process, has been 300 years of history. Lamao craft was founded in Zengcheng Xintang town, in the Qing Dynasty is the calendar year tribute. The history of the most famous is the Qing Dynasty Xianfeng years Xintang old artist Zhan Gu Sheng carved "Su Dongpo night Chibi" flower boat, known as the king of carvings. In the bottom of the carved Su Dongpo's "former Chibi Fu" full text, a total of 537 words, while the character shape is very delicate, Today, this rare treasure treasures in the Zengcheng Museum.
Q:The relationship between the disease and the stone carving
Tombstone carving is the Han Dynasty carving art treasures, is the tomb of Huo Qubing disease. Emperor Wu in order to recognize the Huo Huai disease of the illustrious military exploits, in the eastern part of Maoling Huohu disease to build a shaped like Qilian Mountains of the huge tombs, meaning Huo Huazhi in the Qilian Mountains before the invincible, Megatron Huns. And in the tomb before the layout of a variety of giant-shaped stone, stone beast as a cemetery decoration. Those giant shaped stone, stone beast is the tomb stone.

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