The natural circulation system Forced circulation system

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Connecting pipe

The hot water from the collector is conveyed to the heat preservation water tank, cold water from the heat preservation water tank will be transported to the collector loopchannel, make the whole system to form a closed. Reasonable design, is connected with the circulating pipeline right of solar system whether can achieve the best work condition is essential. Hot water pipe antifreezing insulation processing must be done. Pipe must havevery high quality, ensure that there are more than 20 years service life.

Control center

The difference of solar hot water system and ordinary solar water heater is the control center. As a system, monitoring, operation, regulation and other functions of the control center is responsible for the entire system, technology is already available through the normal operation of the Internet remote control system.

Solar water heating system control center is composed of computer software and theelectrical box, a circulating pump which.

Heat exchanger

Plate type welded the advantages of detachable plate type heat exchanger efficiency,compact heat exchangers, making up the defect of shell and tube heat exchangerefficiency is low, covers an area of large heat exchanger. Plate shell heat exchanger heat transfer plate wavy oval, circular plate increases heat long, greatly improving the heat transfer performance. Widely used for heat exchange situation, the conditions of high temperature and high pressure.

3 Classification


Characteristics of the

The international standard ISO9459 XIX XX 15 put forward the scientific classification ofsolar hot water system, the classification that is according to the seven characteristics of solar hot water system, each of which features are divided into 2-3 types, thus constitutinga solar hot water system and rigorous classification system, as shown in the table.

Classification of solar hot water system, the international standard ISO9459 XIX XX 15.







Solar energy alone system

Solar energy preheating system

Solar energy with auxiliary energy system


Direct system

Indirect system


Open system

Open system

Closed system


Full system

Return system

Discharge system


The natural circulation system

Forced circulation system


The circulatory system

DC system


Split system

The compact system

The integral system

1 first feature representation relations in the system of solar energy and other energy

1.1 solar energy alone system --- no any auxiliary energy solar water heating system;

Before the 1.2 solar energy preheating system -- in the water entering into any other types of heaters, solar hot water system for water preheating;

1.3 solar energy with auxiliary energy system using solar energy and auxiliary energy -joint, and can not rely on solar energy and solar hot water system to provide the requiredheat energy;

2 second feature representation in the heat collector heat transfer fluid whether the user consumption of hot water

2.1 direct system --- a heat transfer fluid (water) was eventually system user consumption or recycle stream to the user water flowing through the collector, also known as single loopsystem or single loop system;

2.2 indirect systems -- heat transfer fluid is not ultimately be the user consumption, orcircular flow to the user of the water without flowing through the collector system for heat transfer fluid but other heat transfer medium, also known as the double circulatory systemor double loop system.

3 third feature representation quality and atmospheric systems transfer working contact situation

3.1 open system - the heat transfer fluid and atmospheric systems have a larger contact area, the contact surface mainly in the open surface heat storage device;

The 3.2 opening system - the heat transfer fluid and atmospheric contact only supply boxand the expansion tank of the free surface or the exhaust pipe opening system;

3.3 closed system - heat transfer fluid completely isolated from the atmosphere.

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