sunscreen motorized outdoor roller blinds curtains/rolling shutter windows

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Item specifice:

Type: Roller Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Material: Fabric
Pattern: Vertical

Product Description:


1. high quality and good price in the curtain industry.

2. morden, classical, magnificent, characteristic and various other designs

3. color, size, shape and all can be customized.

4. hot-sale not only in China markets many years, but in many foreign countries.

5. practical and multifunctional desigh.


Product Name

Roller   Blind Curtains for Indoor Window  


Fabric, 100%   polyester or plastic


Acrylic coating





Light Fastness

>4.5 Grade

Roller Tube

Aluminum alloy 17/25/28/32/35/38/40mm

Bottom Rail

Aluminum alloy, flat   shape/arc shape/round shape


Bedroom, Hotel, Balcony,   Sitting room,Hotel,Office etc.


Modern simple


Shading, heat insulation




L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P

Shipping Port



ISO9001, SGS



1.We can make any requirements in design, pattern, color and size;

2.We can make customer's logo on the surface of products;

3.The dimention tolerance of our products is controled within 0.03mm;

4.Our products are child safety, pet safety and environment-friendly;

5.Our products are exported to America, Europe, India, west Asia,etc., and conforms to the standard test.


1.How long is the sample lead time?

--Sample lead time:5- 7days if you don't need customized. 

---If you need the products be customized,the sample lead time will be 7 days.  

2.How long is the production lead time? 

-- Production lead time: 20-30 days for 10,000SQM-100,000SQM   

3.How many colors available?

--Color available:White,Ivory,Nutmeg,Cream,Super white,Medium to Dark, Light to Medium.

---We can also do the color according to your requirement.

4.What's the MOQ of the products? 

---MOQ is 50 SQM.

5.Which kind of certificate would you have?



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