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Item specifice

Fireproof Board Ceiling

 Aluminum ceiling prefabricated total plan  factory

Prefabricated ceiling


Ceiling good total solution (wenan) factory




ceiling prefabricated Structure total plan factory

Aluminum honeycomb panel




Aluminum dropped-ceiling total plan

Contain:air condition part

light part

heating part

Aluminum Profile beam 


Aluminum honeycomb panel ceiling


structural section of  Aluminum honeycomb panel ceiling




sheet material


Light steel keel


lightgage steel joist Aluminum joist Triangular keel, main keel, derrick, hanging pieces


Any style

 structural section

section bar; proximate matter; structural section


 Assembled ceiling system


Source factory

independent research

independent desigh

Independent produce

China unique total plan factory

you can not find same plan



Successfully supplied for China Construction Sixth Decoration engineering corporation

Successfully supplied for new campus of Tianjin Medical University


Successfully supplied for junlebao factory


Quick install

Ruduce noise

Ruduce dust

Ruduce waste

Make construction more convenient and efficient


Aluminum ceiling prefabricated total plan mu zefeng factory


T shape connection desigh Aluminum dropped-ceiling


 Hock and seat shape connection desigh


Plane surface figure



dropped ceiling/sprung roof/false ceiling/suspended ceiling


 Place of Origin:

Hebei, China

Brand Name:



Fireproof, Moisture-Proof, Sound-Absorbing, Soundproof


Artistic Ceilings, Integrated Ceilings, Perforated Ceilings

Surface Treatment:

Brushed, Film Coated, Roll Coated, Spray Painted

Ceiling Tile Shape:


Ceiling Tile Type:

Metal Ceilings

Metal Ceiling Material:



Ceiling Tiles


White 321,367,308; space grey


Galvanized Steel+Baking belt


3600mm,3660mm,3750mm, or customized avaliale


Ceiling Grid/T bar is usded for ceiling installation in indoors decoration in the construction of houses, hotel, offices and so on.

It has following advantages compared to other similar products:

1. Solid and durable

2. Easy installation and cleaning

3. Water-proof, shock-proof, rust-proof

4. Multi-size and customized

5. The design is new and all match with many kinds of ceilings


Never forget the original intention so that we can get the result we want in the end,but it was easy to have an initiative and

difficult holding on to it.

has been constantly insisting on the improvement of production and research

for more than 20 years, we accumulated the experiences of several generations of technicians, overcame numerous technical difficulties, and, consequently, each elaborately made product has stood the test of the global market, and has received good reputation from collaborated clients world-widely.

ooperated with top domestic equipment maintenance team, and built the most advanced ceiling grid production line in China, thus, the mold accuracy has reached up to 0.001mm level. and the product precision has been greatly improved.

As a result, the automation degree has reached top level in China, Hence, labor costs were greatly saved, and products quality were improved to an extreme.


Raw Materials

has the most integrated & mature industrial chain in China.

The high quality raw materials were supplied by the most professional factory in China,

Our high quality paint guarantees zero color difference and long-term stability in the surface color.

Besides, stable base board and zinc layer thickness has further improved the stability of product quality.


Supply Ability


90 Ton/Tons per Month


Packaging & delivery

Packaging Details

Packaging: Export standard Carton. 2.Q'ty/20'GP: 26000Sqm 3.Q'ty(Main tee)/Ctn: 30Pcs; Q'ty(Cross Long tee)/Ctn: 60Pcs; Q'ty(Cross Short tee)/Ctn: 75Pcs Q'ty(Wall angle)/Ctn: 50Pcs





Q:What is the connection between the ceiling and the gypsum board?
With stainless steel bar! If not with the button! But I suggest you still look good with stainless steel bar
Q:What is the effect of the material on the quality of the product?
It is certainly the quality of primary aluminum and aluminum recovery is certainly not the same as the latter part of the processing method or anodic oxidation can affect the impact
Q:Do you need to buy expensive?
As long as it is a molding. Not posted the pattern of the line. You buy the cheapest I promise as long as no earthquake you do not change this life you do not have to worry about it bad friends
Q:What is the difference between aluminum-plastic and aluminum-plated boards?
Aluminum-plastic plate, in fact, is the abbreviation of aluminum-plastic composite panels. Aluminum-plastic composite panel is made of aluminum alloy plate on both sides of the inside and outside, low-density polyethylene core layer and adhesive composite as one of the light wall decoration materials. As a new type of building materials, aluminum-plastic panels are widely used in building exterior decoration, signs, display panels, advertising boards, building partitions, interior wall decorative panels. Aluminum slab: a kind of new home furnishings in the 1990s, mainly used for kitchen and toilet ceiling works. As the entire process of aluminum slabs to use all-metal build, in the service life and the ability to surround, more superior to PVC materials and steel materials, at present, the aluminum plate has become a home improvement throughout the project one of the indispensable materials.
Q:Reason: my house top floor lovers afraid of leaking to want to shop a large area of aluminum plate, but after all, is the right angle of the aluminum plate is really hurt, they want to install a 120 wide gypsum line landscaping the following, I would like to ask how to install gypsum board gypsum Line, firm, pvc gypsum line is good, or gypsum material gypsum line is good, thank you
Generally worried about the water, aluminum buckle plate is not good to see around the dry aluminum or plastic plate or aluminum plate, the middle of the aluminum plate
Q:Alcohol gusset film is good or good paint
Both are not good. It is better and not expensive.
Q:Aluminum buckle ceiling ceiling labor costs how much
Aluminum plate also has a grade, generally not with the film of more than 30 yuan / square meter, with the end of the film should also be more than 60 yuan / square meter, the installation of 15 yuan / square meter, 0.6MM thickness. On the grade Fumo film even a good installation of more than 100 yuan / square meters above, 0.8MM thickness.
Q:Kitchen bathroom aluminum plate to the top of the original distance is generally how much?
If you want to follow the ventilator, Yuba, then, at least stay inside 15 high. Generally in accordance with the height of 2.2 meters -2.4 meters
Q:Bathroom ceiling with what material
General ceiling ceiling ceiling is generally used aluminum plate, plastic buckle board, gypsum board.
Q:3DMAX kitchen ceiling in the aluminum plate with what map? I am a novice
Mainly aluminum texture, texture with you set

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