Stainless Steel Door Knob Lock 607 PC/BK

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China Main Port
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100000 Pcs/Pc per month pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Name:  Stainless Steel Door Knob Lock 607 PC/BK

Product Information






AB/AC/PB/SB/SS/PSS/WR/WH (other finish is also available)

Door Thickness

35-50mm, other thickness available upon request




Brass cylinder


Normal/Computer key (brass/steel)


60/70mm adjustable tubular latch



Quality Standard

ANSI Grade 3


Box package, 24 Sets/Carton

N. W. per Ctn

12 Kg

G. W. Per Ctn

13 Kg

Payment Terms

T/T (30% deposit, 70% pay before shipment)


40-45 days upon order confirmation

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Q:How to repair the car door lock
Central locking, look at the main electric lock block, in the main driving the door. Take off the electric lock block hook, manual return and then try to use the remote control, if the mechanical lock is a good problem, if still not good, with a universal meter to measure the electric lock block, if there is no problem, check the circuit , There must be a short circuit. Central control generally bad! , There is no way, in the back of the controller and a grain size of the concave button, press the 3 seconds, try! Hope it helps you!
Q:Yue Ma lock small padlock What are the characteristics of ah?
Yue Ma lock features: 1, the use of mutual dislocation of the blade design structure, breaking the traditional concept of the structure of the ball cylinder The following are the same as the " 2, the use of bar card keys, in the unlock must be all the keypad of the shrapnel in order to unlock. The following are the same as the " 3, is the dislocation of the arrangement, the establishment of the key key amount. 4, in the non-original lock key to open the lock, the lock cylinder with the key turn, lock cylinder jacket does not turn, the lock cylinder can not be opened, can prevent the lock cylinder was pickle lock.
Q:Activate iPhone, account password. Have forgotten what to do
Very simple, get the apple shop 50 dollars you say brush machine. It can be. It's that simple
Q:What is the difference between A and C? How to see what is your home lock?
What is B-level anti-theft lock? To prevent technical unlock time of not less than 5 minutes Class B anti-theft lock to prevent destructive opening time of not less than 60 minutes
Q:Office furniture password lock how to solve, 82.32.53
What password lock? Is it mechanical? Or electronic?
Q:Apple 5 id account forget, cell phone locked, how do?
Holding to prove that the phone is your thing to the sale
Q:Asked me to rise to 99 do not want to rise, in addition to membership card lock experience, what way
It can only meet Laojun answer when not answer, and then Laojun very angry, the consequences are very serious, confiscated you reward chant
Q:Ask you a very urgent question, I forgot my QQ number password, I set up a device lock, but my phone lost, how to do
This situation can only be through the computer side of the landing safety center complaints to re-set the password, confidential information. Complaints: Security Center - Password Management - Appeal (pictured below), the complaint page will prompt the complainant to re-set the password and the second-generation password protection after passing the account complaint. As far as possible to provide this number of earlier use of records, the staff is based on the applicant submitted by the evidence of the adequacy, primitive and correctness to determine the comprehensive, as long as the applicant submitted more evidence and consistent with Tencent's record , Will be able to pass the complaint. After successfully submitting the application form, Tencent will be in 72 hours (24 hours fast) will be sent to the complainant to fill out the contact email. Members complain only 8 hours. After the complaint will be received, Tencent will be sent to the complainant's success message, through the mail in the receipt number, the success of the complaint by e-mail prompts can re-set the password, confidential information.
Q:How to open the padlock in the case of no damage (keyhole in the next golden kind of copper lock)?
The locker will not destroy your lock. This lock is best to open, side knock on the lock to open you this lock probably not a minute, but you are uncertain, to practice for a long time can be.
Q:Why do people bounce after the public car door lock
Hello, look at whether the four doors are tight, whether the back box is tight. Close after the next test, if also rebound, that said the door sensor is broken, can only repair the repair shop [car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To

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