Split Solar Water Heating System (Standard )

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Split Solar Water Heating System(Standard)

    Our Split Solar Water Heating System has two versions: standard and luxury. Compared to compact type solar water heating system, split solar water heating system can offer enough water for need and manage to supply hot water to divers spots like in kitchen, bathroom and so on. Then split solar water heating system can be installed in  the balcony, on the wall or rooftop, which can avoid the difficulty of installation on high building.  Split solar water heating system is a kind of synthetical energy saving system, suitable for different kinds of architectural style, and as  a technology indenpendent to urban energy saving requirment, it is ideal supporting facilities for real estate developpment. Morever, we have obtained produts certificate as follows:

Split Solar Water Heating System (Standard )


2. Main Features of Split Solar Water Heating System(Standard)

  •  large wter tank to ensure enough water supply

  • adopt multiple modularized insulation technoloty

  • seamless integration with modern architecture

  • split water compression system and induced force circulations to increase heat exchange rate


3. Split Solar Water Heating System (Standard) Images


Split Solar Water Heating System (Standard )

Split Solar Water Heating System (Standard )



4. Split Solar Water Heating System (Standard) Specification


ModelVolume(L)Tank Dimension(mm)Solar Collector Model


Area (m2)


pressure expansion tank,

 controller, water pump


pressure expansion tank,

 controller, water pump


5. FAQ

(1)  Do you have operation and installation manual for guide?

     Yes, we have booklet with the products in the package. If you still have problems, you can email us for help.

(2)Can the prducts be modified?

     Yes,  the products can be modified according to specific requirement , and we would like to suggest you contacting with our technicist for more details.

(3) How long can the customer get the goods?

     Honestly speaking, it depends on the quantity of your order, the way of delivery and other factors that concerns about it. But if your purchase for a large amount, it is possible to give the customer some discount in price. 

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Q:Excellent 800 solar water heater how to adjust the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius and intelligent mode
Solar water heater brands with different instruments are different, so the operation is also different
Q:Solar water heater in and out of the water pipes are connected to the home with the above?
Solar water heater is the first to enter the cold water storage tank, and then through the heat collector to heat the water tank. The heat storage water tank is connected with the indoor cold and hot water pipeline to form a closed loop. Reasonable design and proper connection of solar energy pipeline is very important for solar energy system to reach the best working condition. Solar energy pipe insulation must be done, the northern cold areas need to be laid in the pipeline with a tropical outer wall, in order to ensure that users can also use solar hot water in cold winter.
Q:Solar water heater for Hotel
To meet the basic needs of the solar installation of 11 sets of 30 branch basically belongs to the fixed assets of durable goods suggest you learn to use, installation and maintenance, no need to choose the local product quality, can withstand cold test will have no problem
Q:How long do you need to deal with solar water heater in summer?
In this case, if the water tank is in a state of high temperature and high pressure, the sealing ring will soon be aging, and the material of the heat preservation material will also be aging and shrinking
Q:Solar water heater is water riot or anhydrous riot
Blowout prevention in several situations:1, the summer heat, it is best to ensure that the solar water is full, the water temperature will not be too high. If the dry air and dry hot air will be damaged pipes and water tanks. Note that the water 2 hours before sunrise to the sunset or in the future, in order to avoid the hot and cold stimulation caused by pipe burst.
Q:Solar water heater tube or tube good
To see the water capacity of the vacuum tube collector efficiency and the water tank is reasonable, in addition to concern whether the water temperature is high, should pay more attention to water capacity, some deliberately tank barrels do small, leading to the high temperature, low water unreasonable phenomenon
Q:Solar water heater in winter should pay attention to what?
Solar energy water heater winter use matters needing attention:1, daily use of antifreezeThe solar water heater can be normally used in a winter day, when the temperature is below 0 DEG C, the best day of small, repeatedly used in water heaters, especially before going to bed at night and second days after getting up, put a small amount of water to make the water flow inside the pipe, depending on the water temperature to increase the pipeline temperature, the lower the temperature more than water, with water pipe freezing.
Q:Solar water heater in the end do not use electricity
Auxiliary heating solar water heater.I do not know how to calculate the above users: solar water heaters, power consumption and the cost of the machine - electric water heater --10 years?!It's not so bad, is it? Low solar energy utilization is a reality. However, when the solar energy is good, there is no running; and the electric water heater as long as the heating power consumption, it can be no matter your cloudy sunny day!Moreover, the same capacity as the solar water heater but the number of solar energy, you may not pay attention to it?I don't like solar energy, but I think you say that there is a loss of authenticity and fairness.
Q:How to use solar water heater heating by electricity
2 hot water bathWhen the water temperature in the water tank to bath temperature, open the hot water valve, regulating valve, spray head to warm water outflow for bathing, if the spray head out of the water is too hot or too cold, adjusted by the temperature regulating valve and cold water valve, water spray to head out of the appropriate date
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of solar water heater
Post cold phenomenon.4, in addition to rainy days, the use of solar water heaters do not need other costs, such as gas costs, electricityIn rainy weather, it is necessary to use auxiliary electric heating device, then you have to pay the electricity bill, in factIn rainy days, solar water heaters are still working, but the temperature of hot water can not reach the user washBath needs, but the water in the tank is warm, higher than ordinary tap water temperature, therefore, even ifIt is rainy day, it is also more than ordinary electric water heater.

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