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Iron Ore fines mineral Stockpile of 54,000 MT  63.2% Fe bulk ready for export through Saldanha Bay


Acting in accordance with instructions received from , on the 26th of March 2013, we,

NESOSYS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD performed the following;

  • Identification of a stockpiles

  • Sampling of a stockpile

  • Photographic evidence

  • Sample Preparation and Analysis

  • Results

On a stockpile said to be Iron Ore.

On a site of Potsmansburg, Northern Cape, South Africa

On which we report as follows

Identification of the Stockpile

On instructions received from our principal to sample a stockpile. Upon reaching the site a compact

stockpile situated on surface was identified, the quantities available of the current stockpile are

estimated to be approximately 52,000 metric tons.

Sampling of the Stockpile

Samples were drawn in compliance to ISO 3082: 2009/ SANS 3082:2011 for Iron Ore.

Sample Preparation and Analysis

The samples drawn, riffled, split and divided into a representative portions, one for analysis and the one

retained, reserve for testing physical properties if required.

The sample was submitted to an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for chemical analysis.  


Element      %

Fe    63.2

Mn  0.07

Cr  0.05
V  0.003

Ti 0.003

Ca 1.135

K  0.009

Cl 0.012

S 0.001

P 0.169

Si 6.7
Al 0.008

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Q:How much iron content in domestic iron ore has qualified?
The iron ore resources China has two characteristics: one is a lean, lean ore reserves accounted for 80% of total reserves; two is a multi element compound ore more symbiotic. In addition, the ore bodies are complex. Some of the iron poor deposits are hematite and the lower part is magnetite.
Q:What iron ore does the cement plant use?
The most common two kinds of iron ore used in general cement plants, the first type: used for rotary kiln. Second: the use of iron ore is the production of high-quality cement clinker one of the components. With what kind of iron ore, it is necessary according to specific circumstances to cooperate costs!
Q:WOW iron ore where more?
To 275, before the map you can easily dig, Su Silian skills especially in the fastest hope, you 70, into the hive not what difficulty, most of which are near the hive and fuse silver can be dug, everyone can improve 1 skill.Up to 300 go to Outland learn more advanced, then it does not look at foreign mine and you are envious, can put the map in the old mining skill up to 320 and then go to Outland dig
Q:Pyrite, chalcopyrite and arsenopyrite how to distinguish?
Arsenopyrite crystal is columnar, granular or aggregate into dense block. Tin white, metallic luster, Mohs hardness of 5.6, the proportion of garlic smell 6.2. struck.
Q:What's the use of iron ore slag?
Slag Portland cement, referred to as slag cement. It consists of Portland cement clinker, granulated blast furnace slag 20%-70% and a proper amount of gypsum.
Q:The color and hardness of hematite ore
The chemical composition of hematite is Fe2O3, and crystal is an oxide mineral of six square system. Similar to that of equiaxed magnetic hematite. Crystals are usually plate-like; aggregates are usually flaky, scaly, kidney like, oolitic, blocky, or earthy. A reddish brown, steel gray to black color, streak are cherry red. Metallic to semi metallic luster. Moss hardness 5.5 ~ 6.5, specific gravity 4.9 ~ 5.3. It is iron black, metallic luster, flaky hematite called Specularite; a steel gray, metallic luster, scaly called mica hematite, Chinese called "cloud" iron; reddish brown earthy luster dim called ochre, Chinese called "Dai zhe", and to "" refers to the ochre hematite.
Q:What do iron and steel have to do with iron ore?Iron ore prices 10%, then how much steel prices?
In addition, iron ore prices did not rise by 10%, steel prices at least 60 yuan / ton
Q:Hematite and magnetite iron, which is more suitable for iron smelting, why?
Magnetite (Magnetite) is an iron oxide ore, which is mainly composed of Fe3O4 and is a compound of Fe2O3 and FeO. FeO 31.03%, Fe2O3 68.97% or containing Fe 72.2%, O 27.6%, equiaxed system. The crystal body is usually eight planes, and is less rhombic than the twelve. In diamond twelve face, long diagonal line often appear stripe. The aggregates are dense, blocky and granular. The color is black, iron streak of black, semi metallic luster, opaque. Hardness 5.5 ~ 6.5, the proportion of 4.9 ~ 5.2, no cleavage, gangue mainly quartz and silicate. Having strong magnetism. Poor reducibility, generally containing harmful impurities, sulfur and phosphorus higher. In ore dressing (Beneficiation), the magnetic separation method is very convenient, but because of its fine structure, it is less reducible. After long-term weathering, it becomes hematite.
Q:How did the sedimentary pyrite form?
Pyrite is one of the most widely distributed of sulfide minerals in the earth, is the main component of two iron sulfide (FeS2), pure pyrite containing 46.67% iron and 53.33% sulfur industry called pyrite. Often crystalline or massive aggregates of cubes, five angles, twelve faces, found in a variety of ore and rock origin. The pyrite in the coal seam tends to be a nodule. Because of its pale brass color and bright metallic luster, it is often mistaken for gold, so it is also called "fool's gold"".
Q:Where's the biggest iron mine in China?
In terms of provinces and autonomous regions, Liaoning ranks first in proven reserves, followed by Hebei, Sichuan, Shanxi, Anhui, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia. China in iron ore, rich iron ore less ore reserves accounted for 2.53% of the total reserves, found only in Hainan and Hubei and other places of Daye city. From the point of view of iron ore genesis, according to Cheng Yuqi and Zhao Yiming's opinion, the main iron and basic ultrabasic magmatic intrusive magmatic deposit related activities, such as Sichuan Panzhihua iron ore deposit, and the acidic (including partial mafic and alkaline) magmatic metasomatic hydrothermal activities related to iron ore deposits such as Hubei, Daye, Fujian, Inner Mongolia Huanggang, Ma keng;

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