Solution of Large-scale Ground PV Power Station System

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It is applied in coastal beaches, Gobi wasteland and suburban open areas without shade, and it is an important part of the distributed generation system.



The large-scale ground PV power station is composed of PV power generation system, inverter system and grid access system. Power generation system basically includes PV cells, PV array bracket, DC combiner box, DC distribution cabinet, grid-connected inverter, AC distribution cabinet, step-up transformer, etc. in addition to the power station monitoring device and environmental monitoring device.

In the large-scale ground PV power station, solar module array outputs the electrical power under the solar radiation, and the power flows through the DC combiner box into the DC distribution cabinet and is converted into AC by the grid-connected inverter, and then the power is stepped up by the step-up transformer and connected into the grid and finally transported to the end users by the grid.

Solution of Large-scale Ground PV Power Station System


Energy storage is unnecessary for the entire power generation system, and the maximum utilization of electrical energy may be achieved with the grid support;

Reliable system, easy construction and maintenance;

Centralized and large-scale power generation by solar energy, energy-saving and environmental, contributing to the national energy-saving tasks;

Help to protect the good ecological environment, and adjust the structure of energy consumption;


Solution of Large-scale Ground PV Power Station System

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Q:What are the relevant national standards for power equipment?
I don't know what to look for on the Internet
Q:What is the redundancy of electrical equipment
Disk duplex: a I/O controller is added to the mirrored disk to form a dual disk to improve bus contention.RAID: cheap redundant array of disks (Redundant array of inexpensive disks). As the name suggests, it consists of a number of disks, through a controller to coordinate the movement of a single data flow into the disk. The RAID3 system consists of 5 disks, in which 4 disks store data, and the 1 stores the check information. If a disk fails, you can replace the disk on the line, and through the other 3 disks and check the disk to re create the data on the new site. RAID5 will check the information distributed on 5 disks, so you can replace any disk, the rest with the same RAID3.
Q:What equipment is necessary on the list of electrical engineering equipment?
Take 35KV power engineering, the need for ZGF-400kV/2mA DC high voltage generator
Q:Definition of power equipment defects
Emergency defectEquipment or facilities directly threaten the safe operation and the need to deal with, at any time may cause equipment damage, personal injury, large area blackout,Fire accident.Major defectsSerious threat to the human body, power grid and equipment, but also to adhere to the operation, not timely treatment may cause accidents.General defect
Q:How to solve the short circuit of emergency communication equipment
Usually you see the white plate, marked with "national emergency communications," the license plate, if the following is the letter "B" at the beginning of the China Radio Association members
Q:Buildings, factories, institutions, power distribution room of the power equipment as required
And some equipment is required to use the 6kV power supply, voltage level and the load of the device determines the choice of power equipment rated voltage, current value. Building, there are generally important electrical equipment such as elevators, in the national specification clearly requires, a class, two types of load is not allowed to power outages, which long requires the use of dual power supply
Q:What is the good rate of equipment determined by the rating of substation equipment
The "system" can easily calculate the depreciation and repair costs of fixed assets in order to determine the economic life of the equipment, the best time to update. As a result of the "system" many functions of the set, so that enterprises can accurately grasp the technical status of the equipment, so as to determine the technical life of the equipment is very useful.
Q:Pre checking and checking of goods in power system
That is one of the effective means to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment. Over the years, the power sector and power equipment of large industrial and mining enterprises are basically in accordance with the rules of the preventive test of power equipment issued by former Ministry of electric power "(hereinafter referred to as the" Regulations ") requirements for testing, the timely detection and diagnosis equipment defects play an important role.
Q:What equipment is needed in the national grid project
If the grid equipment. There is a device: power transformers, switches, knife gate, bus, GIS, HGIS, voltage transformers, current transformers, high resistance, lightning arrester, bare wire, line hardware, insulators, towers, power cables, etc.
Q:What is the meaning of the station control layer in the power system
Through a new layer, control layer mainly refers to the monitoring of plant level, for example in the substation monitoring system, sub station system. The station control layer equipment mainly refers to the monitoring station, engineer station, sub station information and so on. The spacer layer mainly refers to the relay protection and control, recording.

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