Soil Compactor for Road Building SEM8222

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Reliable vibratory system

• Industry-leading pod eccentric mechanism, and dual frequency and dual amplitude design, provide higher reliability and excellent compaction effect. 

• Whole-piece vibration chamber design makes the service and maintenance more quick and convenient.

• 50mm vibrating drum (counterparts products are commonly 40mm) allows for a heavier drum, which enhances the compaction performance, improves work efficiency and achieves optimal compaction effect.

• Equipped with vibration frequency chart, it enables effective control of engine revs and monitoring of vibration system, and reduces fuel consumption. 

Outstanding power system

•The Weichai DEUTZ engine utilizes turbocharged and inter-cooled technology and meets the China Stage II Emission Standards.

• Two sets of refined filtration system effectively removes water and impurities in the fuel, extends engine maintenance interval and service life, and guarantees continuous strong power output.

Caterpillar patented cooling system

• Cooling system of Caterpillar technology provides separated cooling for the steering system and drive system, enhances the oil cooling for vibration pump and motor, and prolongs the service life of vibration system parts. 

• Professional engine cooling system enables the machine to work normally at ambient temperature of 43℃, which effectively prolongs the service life of hydraulic components.

• Humanized liquid trap design is more convenient for the inspection of coolant in the water tank, which effectively reduces excessive consumption of coolant.

Excellent drive system

• Standard Hangchielectronic controlled transmission provides more smooth operation.

• PTD (Proportional Torque Differential) improves the gradeability and pass ability.

Vibration parts

• Imported hydraulic parts for vibratory pump and motor, Sauer (or Rexroth) pump, motor and closed vibration loop system.

• 42MPa world-class high pressure tube, 24°cone seal technology and cutting-edge withhold technology greatly improves the reliability and service life.


• Engine hood can be turned open at large angle, which is convenient for he maintenance of the whole engine and hydraulic system.

• Unique cab upturning design ensures easy service and maintenance of transmission and electric system.

Driving comfort

• Rotatable seat and adjustable steering wheel improve the operator’s comfort.

• Professional cab design enhances the seal performance of the whole cab, equipped with imported vibrator, which reduces noise and vibration, providing more comfortable work conditions.

• Optimal front and rear view.

Optional devices

• Detachable pad-foot compaction device

• Imported luxury seat, audio system, air conditioner and heater. 

• Compaction tester, ROPS cab and sunshade, etc.


Operating Weight (Kg)22,000
Engine ModelWeichai Deutz Wp6g175e21
Rated Power129kw
Operating Speed (Km/H) 0-2.72
Max. Speed (Km/H) 8.73
Max. Gradeability34%
Big Amplitude (Mm) 2
Small Amplitude (Mm) 1
Vibration Frequency (Hz) 28/30
Max. Excitation Force (Kn) 374
Static Pressure (N/Cm) 507
Outer Turning Radius (Mm) 6039
Steering Angle (°) 35
Swing Angle (°) 15
Drum Width (Mm) 2130
Drum Diameter(Mm) 1600
Drum Thickness (Mm) 50
Optional AttachmentsDetachable Padfoot Compaction Device
Imported Luxury Seat, Audio System, Air Conditioner And Heater.
Compaction Tester, Rops Cab And Sunshade, Etc.

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