smoothie makerVT-02 smoothie makerVT-02

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10000 unit/month
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Smoothie maker    power:175W,50HZ  voltage:220V-230V      with three cup(460ml/270ml/155ml) working time:20 seconds


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Q:Ice machine does not cure ice, what is the matter, and sometimes only half cured
The heat dissipation of the radiating parts is not good, etc..Recommend professional maintenance personnel to come home inspection.I hope I can help you!!
Q:I want to use a juicer to squeeze watermelon water without using water or sugar
Water must not be added, because watermelon is a lot of water. Sugar?! It depends on your taste
Q:I need help in choosing a vacuum?
I have to second Elaina's vote for a Eureka Boss vacuum cleaner. I bought one two weeks ago and have already fallen in love with it. It has attachments to dust furniture, get in cracks/crevices, clean stairs, clean upholstery/drapes and more. The only flaw I've found in it so far is that it is difficult to maneuver the foot pedal that lets the vacuum recline. I think that might get easier after I use it for a while and break it in. My vacuum works great on berber carpet, tile floors, and split brick floors. Can't beat that!! It was also listed in the consumer magazine as a best buy. Good luck in your quest!
Q:What is the metal disk at the switch of the kettle?
The metal plate at the switch of the kettle is a bimetallic thermostat.
Q:I'd like to buy an electric cooker without nonstick coating. Please tell me the model and brand! Thank you
As far as I know, PHILPS's new "smart meal" series are non stick material, and it is still super thick aluminum alloy. It can be used much longer, and it is not easy to leave scratches on the liner when it is washed
Q:What should I do with an old vacuum cleaner?
I usually donate that kind of stuff to my local charity if it works at all or post it as the other writer said. Someone somewhere can use it as long as it works. Peter
Q:Hello, please tell me how much electric water heater a family of 4 uses
Rated capacity of 40 liters electric water heater, suitable for 1-2 consecutive bath use
Q:If the table is part of the parameters of a drinking machine nameplate, its internal simplified circuit
According to W=Pt, heating time:T1=QP heating=5.04 x 105 J1000W=504s.Answer: (1) when the water heater is in thermal insulation, the current is 0.2A when working normally;(2) the electric energy consumed by the water heater 50min is 1.32 * 105J;(3) if the heat loss is ignored, the water dispenser heats the water of 2L from 30 DEG C to 90 DEG C and requires 504s.
Q:Can tank water be filtered with a household purifier?
1 meters of the cylinder, if the density is not large, the filter can completely meet your needs, coupled with your stay of Rohan, Lohan are mostly monoculture. So the filter is quite enough, and the filter material is more suitable for you. However, you can also change second layers of biochemical cotton to ceramic rings for marine fish, because the efficiency of nitrifying bacteria is higher than that of biochemical cotton. Also to provide more effective nitrification in your limited filtration space. The last layer can be a combination of volcanic stone and medical stone, of course, volcanic stone and ceramic ring can also be. The gap lies in the fact that the medical stone has the ability of regulating the pH value of both directions.
Q:I cooked soybean milk is the first cooked soybeans, and then use the mixer to play with water
First boil, then beat, I am wholesale soybeans, I understand

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