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Features and Specifications
Cuts: Carbide and HSS rod and tool ends
Size Range: ⅛” to 1‐
¼” (3 – 32mm)
Flood coolant system
DRO measures up to 14” in 0.001” increments
Adjustable hydraulic feed rate
- Automatic cutting cycle return and cycle stop
- Override for manual feeding
Work piece V‐block with carbide insert at cut zone
- Pneumatic clamping on one or both sides of the cutoff wheel
- Cut lengths from either side of cutoff wheel
Full enclosure
- Safety switch lockout for operator safety
- Door locked until completion of cut cycle
- Plexiglass on all sides for visibility
- Keeps coolant contained
Waterproof LED work light
3 HP spindle motor
8” diameter diamond or CBN cutoff wheel
Dimensions: 46” W x 44” D x 57” H
Weight (Approx.): 700 lbs.; 800 lbs. crated 

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