Rattan Adult Single Swing Chair Hanging Hammock Hot sale Egg chair for sale

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$80.00 - 200.00 / pc
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TT or LC
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300 pc
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1000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Rattan Adult Single Swing Chair Hanging Hammock Hot sale Egg chair for sale



1. Specification:



1)PE rattan : SGS certificated,UV-resistance,durable ,moisture resistance.

2)Cushion color are optional, easily removable and cover with high density foam.

3)Frame:Iron. 1.2mm thickness


1)UV-resistance,waterproof,durable,moisture resistance,easy to clean.

2)Whole handmade and delicate workmanship.

3) Excellent appearance and sturdy construction.

4)Products' design are changeable,can be customized according to the client's special request.

6)Perfect for indoor and outdoor.


2. Pictures:

Rattan Adult Single Swing Chair Hanging Hammock Hot sale Egg chair for sale

Rattan Adult Single Swing Chair Hanging Hammock Hot sale Egg chair for sale

Rattan Adult Single Swing Chair Hanging Hammock Hot sale Egg chair for sale


3. Other Models:

Swing Chair

Swing Chair

Swing Chair

Swing Chair

Swing Chair

Swing Chair


4. Delivery time:


1)Its subject to your specific order quantity,normally is 25-30days.

 2)The delivery time is depends on what kinds of products you ordered.


5. Trade Terms:


1) Payment term: 30% deposit, the balance to be paid before loading.

2) MOQ: 1X20GP container ( can be mixed).


6. FAQ:


Q1: What is your products’ advantages?

A1: Competitive Price,excellent service and timely delivery.

(1)We have a professional team making material market research to purchase the best raw material at the best price.

(2)All the products are directly designed and made by ourselves. It can save products’ cost well.


Q2. How do I know your product is high quality?

A2: (1)We use the imported equipment and the best material, professional technology and strict management to produce the fashion products.

(2)We have our own quality control system and professional quality inspectors.


(4)By the high quality, our products sell well in European, Southeast Asia and other area.


Q3: Do you have novel and fashionable design or various style

A3: Yes, (1)All the products are popular and modern style.

(2)Your own style requirements are also available. 

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