Radiant Linx Series Flexible Led Curtain Display

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$1,000.00 - 2,000.00 / pc
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10000 Pieces pc/month

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Linx-9 LED Curtain Information

Linx-9 full color led video indoor led display  for indoor stage, exhibition center, night club and outdoor Concert & Performance, music club use. Soft and flexible LED video display make all the indoor events become more colorfull & lively. The advantage of the Magic Cube LED panel is low weight, high transparent & low cost. The most common use  Linx-9 full color led video indoor led display is P9mm , P12mm, P18mm,P25mm, P30mm, P37mm. The large area LED display, full colorfull effect for the stage background make it be an ideal solution for stage, exhibition booths, interior & exterior events.

 Product Specification
Pixel Pitch9.375mm12.5mm18.75mm
LED Type3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD
Brightness(Nit or CD/m2 )2500(Nichia 3030)
1500(Silan 3528)
3500(Nichia 3030)
2000(Silan 3528)

4000(Cree 3435)

4000(Silan 3535)

Module Size(mm) W*H*D1200*300*281200*300*281200*300*14
Module Area0.36m20.36m20.36m2
Viewing Horizontal/Vertical160°160°160°
Color Depth16bit16bit16bit
Refresh Rate960Hz4000Hz4000Hz
Max Power/Module130W160W160W
Working Temperature-20 to 45°C-20 to 45°C-20 to 45°C
Pixel Pitch25mm31.25mm37.5mm
LED Type3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3 in 1 SMD
Brightness(Nit or CD/m2 )2500(Cree 3435)
2500(Silan 3535)
2000(Cree 3435)
2500(Silan 3535)
1500(Cree 3435)
1700(Silan 3535)
Module Size(mm) W*H*D1200*300*101200*300*101200*300*11
Module Area0.36m20.25m20.36m2
Viewing Horizontal/Vertical120°120°120°
Color Depth16bit16bit16bit
Refresh Rate4000Hz4000Hz4000Hz
Max Power/Module120W80W80W
Working Temperature-20 to 45°C-20 to 45°C-20 to 45°C
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Q:LED lighting energy-saving transformation really good?
Energy unit production workshop is originally used 36 watt fluorescent lighting, a year about 627 thousand yuan electricity; energy saving lighting, replace the original fluorescent lamp 2460 using 2460 LED 16 watt fluorescent lamp; a year is about 369 thousand yuan.
Q:Do you want city lighting?
I am professional to do this, in fact, the concept of city lighting China is not deep, because the industry was founded only 15 years, but we already have a mature operating system, and LED lighting now have replaced the traditional light source, LED power consumption is only the traditional source of electricity consumption 15/1, light effect is also higher than him.
Q:Jiaxing Shenghui lighting treatment?
lots Shaopian dorms not convenient to go out 9, for love comfort for people, occasionally playing soy sauce
Q:Building lighting in lighting, lighting should pay attention to what details?
Like the direction of lighting, we should design a particular direction as the main direction of view in the design.
Q:How much does LED lighting save more than regular lighting?
If the design is reasonable, the luminaire of the same brightness, using LED as a light emitting element, can at least be more energy than incandescent 60%~70%
Q:Zhengzhou Chuangxing for Lighting Design Co. Ltd?
When lights represent cities and buildings, we become bridges to owners, architects, and luminaries.
Q:Notes on installation of lighting for 105W high power energy-saving lamp factory building
, after all, the market is mixed with many products, uneven quality.
Q:About the brightness of LED lighting
The first is the internal circuit problem. 1 Section 7 should use constant current drive circuit.
Q:What are festivals fireworks?
With the development of science and technology, fireworks and fireworks have become a subject.
Q:Festival lights are connected by a number of light bulbs connected to the lighting circuit
When the lighting voltage is 220V, 10 "12V" and "10W" series connected to the lighting circuit, the voltage of each bulb is 22V, over the rated voltage of the bulb, the bulb will be burned out. Therefore, A error

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