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QT 6-15A fully automatic concrete block making machine uses Japan MITSUBISHI PLC system and human-computer interface dialogue system to control the production process. It is easy to analyze the fault diagnosis, set parameters and further to ensure the best operation effect. With wide adaptability, this block machine can change different molds to produce various kinds of standard blocks, planting bricks, slope protection bricks, pavement slabs, decorative bricks, etc. This fully automatic concrete block making machine also makes full use of a variety of waste ash, waste residue, slag, coal stone, volcanic ash, coal ash, stone chip and construction waste to produce various high-quality products. Featuring high technology, high quality and high efficiency, our block machines have become the most ideal choice for small and medium-size investors.

QT 6-15A fully automatic concrete block making machine is widely used for producing various bricks or blocks including face bricks, curbstone bricks,grass bricks, hydraulic blocks, hollow blocks, perforated bricks, standard bricks, and so on.

Features of QT 6-15A Fully Automatic Block Machine
1. Material stock hopper and material feeding hopper are separated from each other to realize quantitative material feeding and reduce the feeding time.
2. This fully automatic concrete block making machine is equipped with a special feeding unit including pendulum fork to remove the raw material effectively and evenly.
3. The automatic block machine is configured with hydraulic transmission unit that can assemble high-quality elements manufactured by world-famous suppliers.
4. It features low frequency condition for vibration and high frequency condition for forming so that products can reach satisfied density and uniformity.
5. QT 6-15A fully automatic concrete block making machine can produce blocks with different specifications by replacing different molds.
6. This kind of block machine is designed scientifically to guarantee the reliability and stability of machinery in long-term work and to reduce the failure rate.

Parameters of QT 6-15A Fully Automatic Concrete Block Making  Machine

Cycle Time (s)Pallet Size (mm)Power (kw)Weight (kg)Specification (mm)
12-18850 × 680 × 402986006670 × 2245 × 2780

Theoretical Output Table of QT 6-15A Fully Automatic Block  Machine

TypeSpecification (mm)No./PalletBlock/HourBlock/8 HoursRemark
Block400 × 200 × 2006144011520
Porous Brick240 × 115 × 9015360028800
Standard Brick240 × 115 × 5330720057600
Ground Brick200 × 100 × 6021378030240

We use engine oil to lubricate and clean this fully automatic concrete block making machine.

Packing and Transportation
Our company adopts nude packing and sea transportation for QT 6-15A fully automatic block machines.

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